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The Spark: my condensed research over TK (beta)

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posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 07:55 PM

I´ve been studying the subject of TK for almost two years now and constantly
rewritting my notes and articles (just for myself).

I wish to share the first half of it with you, and perhaps I can assist over the
proposed exercises (A1,B1,...) and the mental struggle to overcome the burden
to change perception.

Here it is:

I tryed my best to not be presposterous and boring... I used metaphors (story
telling) where concepts where impossible to transmit through step-by-step

The last part (3) will exceed TK, going through OBE, but im still through alot
of karma to be resolved to be "stable" enough to convey that into any work.



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posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by RobertPaulsim

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 02:52 PM
Interesting research.

Do you understand the neurological significance of your results Mr. Paulsim?


posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 02:30 PM
A very interesting document/article. I've run through the excercises and they seem to work for me. Very intuitive.. I'm looking forward to the remainder of the document when you can finish it. Also - would you be able to delve into more exercises that develop TK? As I realise the current exercises are more like building blocks.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by RobertPaulsim

Good to see you're still writing these robert. I only skimmed it but will have to take a look later. I've just been doing the traditional exercises and taking a very relaxed and more patient approach to all this. I have more time to do Qi Gong in the morning every day and a deep trance meditation at night if I feel like it, where most of the time i just stay in a light trance because i remain grounded from being aware of the body. Feeling the arms and legs the flow. It's pretty interesting, it sort of happened over night where I just gained a lot more sensitivity in the nerves. If I raise my arms very relaxed I feel the entirety of them now rather then just my hands or something. And my hands are starting to feel pretty strong like the muscles are twisting and like they are touching an exposed wire, that strange electric feeling and I've noticed some pretty interesting results though like i've said, i gave up that certain aspect of regular training and instead just focus on the cultivation.

If I get my hand in this state and hover it over my other arm and try and bonebreathe the energy from that sucking it up into my hand, I will feel minor pain / discomfort in that area. I was able to do it to my mother too, though only for demonstrational purposes!

Well there have been many other things too but when is any kind of meditative routine every centralized on only one thing?

I'll give this a read later. I got many ideas that I don't know how to express right now and i'm just putting them into practice. I'll write em out later perhaps as I think you may find it interesting.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 07:27 PM
Hey fellas!


I hope you have the results [ neurological significance]..
Yes, im a little
crazy and weird for most (if not all) my friends.


This is just another read for Qigong... Can you share with us your results on A1,B1,C1 experiments? Im begging for try-out responses.


Hey! I know exacly what you are saying... I keep an hour charging/discharging like that... sensing everything... I call 'bathe in chi'

I placed my hands around my wife head, and she said after a while
that the sensation was almost like a very soft massage... I guess with
good links to the person, you can acchieve excellent results with
chi sharing... I once throw a Chi ball at her and she said it hurted a
little... hehe

Im sensing a LOT of chi in the tips of my fingers lately!! Serious, this is
something new... I was thinking in creating a new thread asking opinions
but if you can sort me on this i will be very thankfull..

About your writtings, plz mail me... i will read them.

Just to cut shortly on the last part of the thesis...

My current (condensed) theory revolves around:

-Just like OBE projects full consciousness into a vessel, TK projects
partial consciousness into an “effect” area;
-This effect area could be readed as projected PSI;
-Projected PSI is like the mind-split effect Robert Bruce defends on
his astral dynamics book, it is a copy of consciouness and has a
time limit AND psychic connection AND a ‘life’ of its own;
-IMHO projected psy is supported by belief and this belief integrity
holds the link functional through the whole energy body, but its not
bound to distance limits;
-As a side effect of a copy of consciousness is the process continues
its INTENTION after the commands are prompted by the person, almost
like a different ‘entity’, or poltergeist.

To me, its like a miniature shell of conscience running by the belief
and the intention from the psychic charge into an area, started by
a left-brain mental command that will acchieve a purpose.

The fact that strong mental process block TK is somewhat my proof
that belief and intention are in place, but the mental command
(reasoning) must be in the mix to ignite and form this projected
shell of PSI. Too much commands kills the cumplicity as the right
dosage must come from both.

Thats my current perception. I was checking again PSIPOG and thats
closely what the consensus of articles say, as you leverage intention
with contemplation in the sweet spot where TK happens.

I know its hard to understand in this very condensed way, I will
try to explain at full length in the last part.

Also.. im having OBE inside of dreams! Its crazy! I feel lucid and then
I just say "I want to go..." and I feel enormous chi around my body
with a certain burst of awakeness... I see images (flat 2d)... but
then I freak out and just wake up.

3 nights in a row already.

Thanks for the replies! I was thinking about cancelling my ATS
account for the "cold" shower responses.



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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 03:33 PM
Hi Robert,

A bit of background from me first - I used to do some sitting QiGong exercises a while back, but stopped for some reason that is not entirely obvious to me! I have since been working through the early chapters of Robert Bruces’ Astral Dynamics. So I’m somewhat familiar with feeling energy flows and the ideas behind tactile imaging.

A bit of feedback on the document, I found the section on human self awareness very interesting and important. As you are correct, that the mind attempts to shy away from certain things - as it has been programmed consciously or subconsciously to reject certain realities and therefore restrict what you think you can do. And only when you can shake off those limitations can you actually do this kind of stuff with any chance of success - or self doubt will defeat you before you’ve begun.

A1: Is a slightly different approach to Robert Bruces tactile imaging - as I’ve done similar before I found it quite easy to keep a hold of the feeling of pressure - after I’d lifted my finger off my arm. In fact - as I moved the pressure point around, it actually kept it around longer that in would have if I’d done nothing and just let it fade. I also found that if I left my finger hovering over the my arm just above the pressure point, as I moved the pressure point I felt a ‘tug’ on the end of my finger which I wasn’t expecting.

A2: This one I found the most difficult - as the feeling, for me, is very slight. I think it is due to my mind considering gravity and therefore thinking it shouldn’t be spinning around there and therefore reducing the effectiveness. However more practise helps.

A3: This exercise I found amazingly easy. Normally I spend time energy raising up through my Dan-Tien into my arms and then hands. This takes me time to concentrate enough chi for me to feel it build up and actually do something with it - like make a psi ball or other kind of hand/arm work. However using this bone breathing technique I can have a fully charged psi-ball up and running rather quickly.

B1: I used the bone breathing technique to ‘charge up’ both my hands in under 30 seconds (which is quick for me). I can easily generate a psi ball. However one of the problems I had was keeping it stable, and getting it to grow. After reading your article I finally ‘got it’ that I had to almost put a part of me into the construct and ask it to solidify and grow, as you say in your document. As soon as I did that - it got a lot more stable and I can now (after quite a bit of practise) get one the size of a tennis ball. However one thing I don’t do is the kaboom
I instead pull it back into myself when I’m finished... no point in wasting it.

I’m afraid I haven’t tried the other exercises yet due to lack of time. I generally concentrate on B1 as I really enjoy doing it - and afterwards I have such a sense of calm and accomplishment. However I do plan on doing the other exercises soon.

I hope that helps.


posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 03:41 PM
Looks interesting

Have saved it

growing quite a collection of saved good threads re: these topics now

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by Keeval


Thanks for the reply! I know that getting a psiball to induce kinetic
movement is alot, but anyone can do it... This was my first strat to
learn TK: learn to move your own body, then the outside.

Crazy note: I once tryed to get myself up from bed only with chi. It
took 2 hours (i was alone in the house), and the whole thing was.. very
'disturbing', as I felt the shaking from the abdomen and completely
rested... i never tryed again... I dont known if I was doing right, but
it was never really a physical fatigue, but something truly weird.

The B1 exercise is really 'out of here', even in terms of Robert Bruce,
but it is awesome the feeling... it is TK at best (kinetic movement) and
you get the hang of it quite quikly if you feel the inspiration to go after
the 'mind borders' with just a flashlight....

Glad that you enjoyed that part... It was really hard to put those words
out, since i speak portuguese as natural language. The whole chapter was
to point out that science IS part of the process, and is a big one normally
used AGAINST awareness, but the truth is out there.

@ Dock9

Hey man, feel free to ask anything... im writting the last parts, but will take a month or two.


posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 07:22 PM
It's not perception that is the problem, it's in the perception that there is deception, in the perception.
But when two understand the deception, then a confirmed deception will become a perception.

IE: Two Witness's sss lol not sure how to spell that sorry

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