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Thoughts Become Things

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posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 03:11 PM
"You know the truth,
even if you havent yet given it words,
instinctively you know that youre powerful worthy deserving of all that your heart longs for and
instinctively you know that youre a divine magnificent spiritual being in whom all things are possible."
~Thoughts Become Things~

We live in our own dreams.

For some of us its like an unconscious script that perpetuates a daily unchanging routine
while for others this unconscious script, or programming, runs in a less than positive manner, reflecting back to us our very own less than positive impressions of the world.

While still other realize this dream and take it for what it is...a material reflection of and energetic expression...and further, choose carefully their thoughts throughout the day, realizing that these are the things upon which their dream is guided and built.

Granted yes; each one life is vastly different from another, and so too are the circumstances experience, some harsh, some less so, and some excitingly happy...
so yes; there is a greater energetic dynamic at play in this grand dream than merely our thought.

However, for practical purposes involving the general direction of your life -
you thoughts do become things.

This occurs immediately for very few, because in this greater unknown energy dynamic we weave a web of karma, mission, and feelings transcending thought...none the less, with proper application of combined thought and feeling energy, the intention will come to fruition!

Believe you will Achieve


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