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What if GOD was all of them?

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 02:30 AM
reply to post by JOINTHERESISTANCE

it is almost impossible to shematize all gods and truth but it is a challenge i take for what truth is obviously for me nothing of gods

there is a lot to say then but i would put here some points i just thought about

first god as i relativize it to truth then truth as i see it of being true totally out as way above while the only source of all inn senses

if you see some glamourous guys having conversations and owning a place while you the observer looking at them thinking how stupid they are what that make you feel despite of it
my means are not stupid, i try an image to explain how god is all
i for myself feel so little when there is noone around that think like me and see how any comfortable expression is all then source of what is around seeming positively existing

so my point here is to say how easy it must be to justify what you are not dependant on for whatever you want

there is truth only for what it is one and it is one only for what it relates you all as one reality with objective certainty concept life

so when you are meaning being a creator or inventor then you are puting yourself out of your means so there cant be any truth and that is why you can invent anything to relate everything
and it is not anything that would dare say that it is not true, that barely can breath out of living source lies means

now why truth life justify god wills creations,

here another image, how what an american want is achieved while what a zimbabwe will is also achieved, and lets say they are both completely ignorant about anything existing objectively
because truth relates them to objective realisations since there were being true to themselves, it is the same with god or gods same concept even if it doesnt look the same thing

so it says that what god do is not what is truly objectively realized, like the kid from zimbabwe is living from what objectively is else, it is the same with gods they are happy but objectively it is something else always

now apparantly what god meant by religions to justify his souverainty on all universe and humans ends, is his will to grasp the title of being the king of nothing concept life, and i guess that this is new meaning the need of one god concept and sorry to say it this way but god i guess his excitement to be that one

so it proove how nothing exist and how concepts are primary to become free alive

nothing is not the unexistence of a thing, when there is not a thing it cant be nothing then that way
nothing is of certainty concept life, the equation result of plus and minus making zero as absolute living reality of certainty source

it is like from the begining when there were really nothing not even a concept point, it was a concept at its back coming out, it says how maths apparantly is the first source as the beyond maximal, so beyond work through maths alone
that what surely explain how things are so complicated to simple awareness lives, the maths as the source generated a lot of different powerful living sources but that stay connected to maths beyond to justify itself life realisations, so it cant rescue poor awareness life like us
which the justification of abuses such as god saying meaning something positive by hurting ones, this is the truth of abuse life not what ones are wrong in using others

the absence of justice system of all life sources realisations is abused

for what surely i guess like that powerful living sources are connected ultimately to what is not alive and would never be alive and must stay connected to it, that dark face of maths the language of beyond as nothing at all there and ever would be even when the clarity of nothing would become very real

for what truth life is all senses source, i would mean true awareness despite all gods powers and wills

like i said before sense of free existing is simply from being aware of objective source to positive reality sense
so it is that relation between objective and positive subject in concept life

so whatever is objectively touching something is creating a free awareness sense for sure

that is why if i talk to walls while im nothing but meaning it truly walls are aware in a dimension for sure
that is why we surely sense attachments to walls of our houses we lived with, we sense their positive awareness to us and attachments to us as their source relatively too
that is maybe the sense of attachments to lands even if it is related to others means such as objective individual sources

so my means here is to describe how i sense our resistence to powerful sources touching us of their definitions to us according to their wills

the awareness is for sure because of objective source touching it as real, but this certainty is because of truth source itself being of maths nothing as objective source making truth alive of its reality with from itself most positive sense being freedom certainty life

so truth as subject living is also the source of all subjects living sense, so acting like a source on something can reveal a reaction of that thing awareness life as truth
moving loving future certainty freedom life to realize

so it would be positive to gods touchs but still meaning what and why and keeping itself free out

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 02:36 AM
what proove also that god is not all of them, is what god as master of nothing kingdom life creations and generations, is then never of positive freedom moves
his moves are of nothing moves and nothing of course never mean to move positively anywhere it is a static fact fundamentally source ends

so that is why god even in religions seem illitrate concerning positive nature, and reduce any free will to the sense it receives as its only means

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 05:30 PM
Well I guess that would work if I believed in a man that sits atop a cloud and judged our every action.

But I like to be realistic, and know that the only God that lives is within us. We can either be good righteous person, climb the ladder of power, and then help our human race.

Or you can do everything the Bible warns against, rise to power, and become the Antichrist...bringing humanity with you.

Crazy to think all of us possess the power of being God if we just fully believe in everything the Bible teaches us. It's crazy to think that the only person who judges us when we die is what we left on this Earth...our species is the true God. It's crazy to think that prayer has a certain overwhelming power if you believe in it.

It's crazy to think that I don't go to church, but I understand the Bibles contents than any Christian does.

I'll tell you here and now: If you believe in yourself, your abilities, and the power of the mind, then everything you ever want will be yours. Don't try to act nice and expect niceness back in return, don't intentionally be an a**, and don't judge everything you come across, and you will have the happiest person on the Earth.

If you believe in telekenesis, then work at it. Belief is reality. And it only becomes fact when people have the chance to witness your reality form themselves. Don't let anyone else tell you you can't do something. That's just like biting into the red apple. It's a sin to let that negative energy enter your body.

Crazy how metaphorical the Bible is, but the only way people listen in this world is if it's in a cool story form. Hell, even Moses could tell a good story.

If you don't believe in the Bible, then just read its message. There is a reason it contains hidden cryptic messages about histories past events. It's the answer to just depends that if your so shallow, that if you have to nitpick and find a lie in the most amazing book ever written, just so you can feel individualistic.

Do what you want, but don't do it for yourself. Do it for all of us, believe in what you want...and I guarantee it will come true.

[edit on 31-3-2010 by Nostradumbass]

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 04:16 AM

Originally posted by blupblup

Originally posted by james2009

What if God was one of us?
then what?
if we was a slob, a stranger or ...

What if god was all gods? and not just the one which many worship, what if they were worshiping the many, which was only one?

Then we would never know would we?

Would you honestly believe a guy who said he was god?
Or The second coming of Christ?

If Jesus came back, then he's in a mental asylum right now, jacked up on meds... rocking back and forth, strapped in a Jacket.... that's what happens when you start telling people that you believe you're god or christ.

But I think if there is a god or gods or holy spirits and so on.... that It's all us and all in our minds.


But jesus wouldnt come back like that, because we do not know the hour or time he will return.

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