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The Good-looking, The BIAD And The Ungainly.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 10:49 AM
Part XX.

Raud and BIAD ran towards the injured Mods and finished them off,
a bullet in the head without a second thought. Kyo hurried through
the main door and slid into the kitchen, the rifle banging his shin hard
enough to make him curse.
Raven cocked both hammers of the huge shotgun and through the
side of her mouth, hissed "language, Mr. Zero!", her eyes locked on
the area of the shack.

Then he came.
BAID and Raud were carefully making their way back from the meadow
and Raud had seen the wound in BIAD's arm. Though the Swede's eyes
never left their scanning task, he patted his friend and hissed "You okay?"

BIAD grimaced as he moved the arm to see if it worked and nodded, Raud
smiled towards the ranch and whispered "good"

The two Gunslingers only saw the vision from Hell as it appeared above
the Ranch roof, the flying horse turned and flew back towards the Moderators.
Chad had seen the equine Angel coming from the south from the start.

The laser beams shot out of the instrument in the hand of the long-haired rider
with such ferocity that the squeals and screams of the remaining Moderators called
to our heroes souls for compassion, but their kindness larders were bare.
Zazz's smile told of sunshine and champagne, the Tazer forgotten, she raced
to the kitchen door. Raven reached to stop her, but the blonde-haired beauty
was too quick.

Chad thought that he'd seen this flying figure before, the horse with wings
belonged to an imagination beyond this gun-toting Antipodean's mind, but
he recognised the man.
A couple of years ago, Chad had come across a homestead that had been
abandoned, the weeds and creepers had practically covered the shingles
of the house. He had looked through the deserted building on the off-chance
of some ammunition or even some clothes.
In a small tin box, he had come across some old magazines... comics, they
were called years back.
On the mouldy cover of one of these tracts was the image of a long-blond
haired man with a magical hammer. The hero went under the unlikely name
of Thor.

It was Thor who circled the ranch's back yard now and it was Thor who
brought lightning to their enemies from his celestial stallion.
He could also see Zazz dancing and clapping at the champion's antics
and hoped she wouldn't take a stray bullet.

BAID and Raud scrambled into the yard, their pistols shouting death at
the fleeing Moderators, in unison they hailed the words "It's the Hungi!"
The blonde man on the horse, smiled and delivered another beam of
carnage to the running group, his blonde locks shining like silver in
the afternoon sun.

The horse treaded air in a hover and Chad believed he could feel the
downdraft from it's wings. He went to the loft ladder and climbed down.
The Moderators... what was left of them, ran out into the open grasslands
and as Chad walked out into the rear yard, he guessed they'd be in
Talishar before nightfall.
He leaned the rifle against the kitchen outer wall.

In a eye-gritting cloud of dust, the horse landed in the yard, it's hooves
scraping purchase as it's wings gave in to the terrestrial heritage.
Karlhungis smiled and dismounted, his eyes never leaving Zazz's face
and ran across the yard to his love.

Raud and BIAD trotted towards the lovers and then slowed when they
realised it wasn't there time... yet.
Kyo took the huge gun from Raven's small hands and arm in arm, they
stepped out from the kitchen and into the sun-parched yard.

It was over.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 12:40 PM
Part XXI.

She kissed him and his mouth welcomed her, Karlhungis picked
the small girl up in his muscular arms and held her close.
Time looked on and waited with the rest of the resilient friends
for the couple to finish their meeting.

After some quiet words to each other and a star-sparkling smile
from Zazz, they turned to face the onlookers in the yard.
Karl flicked his long silver hair back and BIAD copied him, the smiles
and grins were everywhere.
With a flair that only superstars have, Karl slid the laser sword into
it's sheath, the crackling weapon quietened.
Raud beamed and stepped forward to shake the hero's hand, Karl
reached out and pumped the strong man's hand with vigour.
"You saved the day" Raud said and dared to pat his friend on the
shoulder. Karl's eyes showed thanks and shook head, "No... the
ones who saved the day..."and glanced at Zazz, "... and my heart,
were you folk, you're the heroes today"

The horse whinnied as if to agree and Kyo frowned as he thought
the sound was familiar. The rancher in bib and braces looked over
at the huge horse and a smile broke his face as the memory dropped
into place.
"It's Pegasus... it's him!" he shouted and clapped his hands at the
startled creature. Kyo stepped to the horse and carefully held his hand
out for the animal to smell. Pegasus eyed warily the man's outstretched
limb and sniffed it cautiously.

Karl and the others watched on as the horse relaxed and Kyo hugged
the strong neck of his long-lost friend.
Through tear-filled eyes, Kyo looked at his wife and said "you remember
Raven?... the mutant foal?" BIAD and Raud watched the interaction
between Kyo and his wife, like tennis spectators and it took all of Karl's
might not to break out in laughter.

Raven approached Pegasus and patted his nose, "hello my friend" she
whispered lovingly. The horse stamped a foot and his feathered wings
shook in excitement, both ranchers hugged him.

Later... much later, Zazz stood in front of her two guardians and told them
of Karl and her plans for the future. Karlhungis stood a few feet away and
waited with respect as she explained why they couldn't come with her.
Raud and BIAD stood rock-still and nodded with the sense of it.

Chad sat on the wooden fence at the front of the ranch and watched the
goodbyes, his eyebrows showed his surprised by his friend's unemotional
acceptance. Kyo and Raven were also in the front yard and gave lengthening
shadows to the packed earth.

Zazz reached over and kissed both men on their cheeks, she patted each
face with care, the men remained silent.
Stepping back, Zazz showed her misery of leaving her men and it was Karl
who placed an arm around her to ease her mind.
Karl looked his friends up and down and smiled into their respective faces.
"You know, you'll never leave my thoughts... you are truly my friends" he
said softly, his kind eyes showed his affection.
"The hotel is safe, I used a few favours and we've bought the premises from
Mr. ScepticOverLord... Barabbas is a wealthy man" Karl watched to see if his
men understood the outcome.
Raud nodded and BIAD followed suit. Chad couldn't believe their spirit.

Zazzafrazz went over to Kyo and Raven and thanked them with hugs for
their bravery and hospitality. Kyo blushed bright red as the young girl
kissed his lips. Raven smirked, but hid her happiness behind her hand.
Then the tears came, Zazz's eyes filled with water and the jewel-blue
colour became even brighter. Raven held her and whispered in Zazz's
ear not to cry, she should be happy.

Zazz sighed and pulled slowly away from Raven and looked into the
rancher's wife's face. "I'm not crying for me, I'm crying for them..."
she hitched, "they can't cry, so I cry for them" and then set off with
deep sobs.
Raven looked at her husband and showed her sadness, these were strange
people indeed. She held the frail girl in the housemaid's dress.

Karl walked towards Chad and the Gunslinger climbed off the fence to
meet him halfway. The tall long-haired warrior held his had out for Chad
the dark-haired gunman left it and hugged the Karl instead.
Karl stood surprised for a couple of seconds and then hugged him back.
"Thank you for keeping my lady safe" Karl whispered and the Oz-lander
nodded to say that he'd heard.
Zazz wandered over to Chad and thanked him for everything, her eyes
showed her happiness.

Then they were off... Pegasus pawed the ground as if he wished to be away
and Karl helped Zazz onto the stallion's broad back. Kyo and Raven patted
the horse's neck one more time and stepped back.
Chad wandered over to stand with Raud and BIAD, the two men still stood
without emotion.
Karl vaulted onto the mount with athletic agility and waved his hand to say
final goodbye, Zazz blew kisses at her friends and her sobs still escaped
every now and then.

Pegasus unfurled his wings and a blast of air stirred the dust again. The
animal lifted from the ground with an ease that showed it's strength.
A white feather fluttered away in the eddys and BIAD caught it in his paint
-chipped fingers, he looked at it as if he'd never seen a feather before.
Everyone waved as the lovers and their steed flew away to the south...
the darkening blue sky framing the scene beautifully.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 12:41 PM
Part XXII.

The sun raced to rest it's head on the western horizon and the three
Gunslingers leaned on the fence, two of them enjoyed a smoke.
Kyo and Raven had told them that they could stay as long as they wanted
and added they were going to set the supper ready, Raven warned them
not to be late for the meal, the tone was light and amiable.
Chad let the quiet lay across his friends and soaked in the dusk-red sky.

It was Raud who spoke first, he stood to his full height, he stretched his
arms out and yawned. "How much would a hotel cost?" he asked and
shook the tiredness from his head. BAID flicked the cigarette towards a
passing Dewbug, it's course changed forever as the embers urged it
north. "Can't cost that much... why? BIAD responded.

Raud whet his lips and pondered his two friends with sharp eyes.
"If we chip in together, we could buy a hotel just outside of Boomtown,
we'd be rich within a year" he said and raised his eyebrows to show he
was open to suggestions.
Chad smiled into the peaceful evening air and said softly "what would you
call it?"
Raud grinned from ear-to-ear and rasped "why, I call it after BIAD, here...
it would be known as The B.T.S Hotel" Raud looked proud at his statement
and set off for his supper.
Chad turned to follow and then stopped when he realised the wig-wearing
weirdo beside him was smiling. "What?" he asked, his eyes scanning the
long fringe.
BIAD stood up and faced Chad, "not a bad idea, yer' know" he whispered
and lightly punched Chad on the arm.

Our camera pulls back, the scene expanding from one man entering the
ranch, to two others hot on his heels. Now, to the whole area with the
swaying grass and the lantern-lit windows of the house proclaiming to us
that there's no place like home.
A keen-eyed viewer may have seen Chad punch BIAD back... on his gunshot
but we'll move onto the credits, heh?

Thanks to Raud, Zazzafrazz, Chadwickus, KyoZero, his spouse Raven,
Karlhungis and The Moderators for the use of their names.
BAID smiles and nods... he's happy.

[edit on 3-4-2010 by A boy in a dress]

posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 05:27 AM
Great story BIAD.

Thank you very much for sharing!

posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by A boy in a dress

I've said it to you goddess knows how many times...but thank you...thank you SO much for including me and has always been a dream to have some story character written off of me and not only did you pull it off in fine did it with a clarity and perfection that I envy...this won't be forgotten by me...I promise that

with your permission of course I would like to copy it and save it just for myself...I promise you I won't give it to anyone...but of course if you'd prefer not I won't touch it

thank you so much


posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by KyoZero

Please enjoy it and keep it... it belongs to all
who were involved.
On a personal level, I enjoyed writing it!

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 04:35 AM

The wind blew BIAD's fake hair back over his shoulders as he finished his toil.
Sweat dripped and cooled by the moving air from BIAD's face as the last hole
was dug.
His long fringe gave nothing away as his head turned to the north, he knew
his friend was never wrong with his radar... they were close.
Then BIAD saw the dark shapes come around from a small copse of trees
and the man/girl grinned into the prairie wind... "come and get it" he muttered.

You sir a incredible writer, besides your not succumbing to my request to kill me off in the first chapter...forget ATS, get writing BIAD, you are talented!

*Hops on Pegasus and flys away....lmao!

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 01:25 PM
uhhhhh riiiiiiiight,

dude in pants

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 05:09 AM
not entirely sure what to say......

I'll just say the story gets

"BIAD had made his own chemtrail" gets

times 25

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