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The Good-looking, The BIAD And The Ungainly.

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posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 06:45 PM
BIAD rasped his hand across his stubbly chin and wondered where he would be this time- next year and following that thought was that these two were taking too much time.
The noon sun had moved off it's apex and was racing West as the 'Boy-In-A-Dress'
finished packing his saddle bag.
Through his long fringe, he eyed the reins and saddle... "no use now the horse was dead"
he whispered to nobody.
The afternoon heat held sway, making necks gritty and bras unbearable, BIAD remained stoic.
The two silohettes came closer and BIAD noticed that their pace had increased, he also noticed the dark shapes behind them. Time lay on the desert floor and baked with everything else.
BIAD checked his canteen and mused that there was three days of water for him and his
onrushing companions. He placed the canteen-strap over his shoulder and flicked back his hair, they were almost here.

Through skin-peeling lips, Raud called "It's bad, BIAD... they've been on our trail since yesterday" the last word sounded cracked and dry. the other one, a blonde-haired beauty in a dusty torn housemaid's uniform smiled weakly and pointed at the canteen.
"Please BIAD... I'm thirsty" she said, the sounds hoarse and brittle. BIAD smiled and tossed her the canteen, the lady, known to many as Zazz, caught the container with ease and BIAD admired the way she turned in mid-catch, her eyes searching the horizon behind her.
Raud wiped his brow with a ragged piece of his shirt, his breathing was laboured and BIAD watched with hooded eyes as Raud quickly tucked the shirt back over his well-muscled abdomen. The sun watched down on all of them.

After Raud took a couple of sips from the canteen and passed it back to BIAD. he too peered out at the hazy shapes... the shapes were becoming more defined... maybe the shapes were a group of eight to ten men.

"We've gotta make some time between us and them..." BIAD said softly, he rolled a cigarette with his nail-varnished fingers. "... we gotta find us some height" a tongue flicked out to wet the gum.
Raud waited until two were made and after nodding in thanks at the strange half-man/half-woman, he struck a match against his denim pants... both men lit with the same flame.

Zazz tied her hair back, the dark stains under arms and the tear of the hemline telling of the hazardous journey from that ATS hotel in the boomtown. If Zazz was thinking of what happened there, her face showed no trace of it.
Her blue eyes... some of the old-timers had commented they had mined turquiose that showed the same blue as Zazz's eyes, stared hawk-like at the oncoming strangers.
"Do you think it's them, BAID?... can Moderators come out this far?" Zazz's voice cooed and both BIAD and Raud knew that she must be answered.

"They're Mods alright" Raud hissed and folded his huge arms, "Do you have my gun" he tossed over his shoulder at BIAD. The morphadite grunted and reached under his short red dress, in one movement, he retrieved it and passed it to his companion.
Raud smiled out into the desert and showed a row of even teeth, his hand spinning the colt and then deftly tucking it into his belt. "I won't ask where you stashed it" Raud sneered.

The trio were quiet for a whole minute... the only sounds were the hot desert breeze on their ears and the faraway call of a buzzard.
"I guess we could hold up near that butte... but it's a good night's walking" BIAD said and knew no answer would be vocalised, he gingerly touched his reddening shoulders.
Raud nodded at no one, took point and set out across the scrub towards the butte, Zazz followed indian-file with BIAD covering the rear.

It was going to be a long night.

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 02:18 AM
It's like you known me for years!

Great work!

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 06:51 AM
Part II.

It must of been around two in the morning, when BIAD first saw the flickering
lights and guessing wrongly that the Moderators would set camp for the night,
BIAD spat angrily into the darkness .

Zazz and Raud slept on, the day's journey had exhausted them and BIAD
knew they would need all the rest they could get for the next part.
The butte towered over the trio, giving only limited cover from the chilly
wind that had blown in just after dusk.
The desert was always cold at night anyway, this damned wind lowered
the temperature even further. BIAD pulled the horse-blanket tighter and
continued his vigil, the lights danced on in the distance.

It would be another hour before Raud stirred, the embers of the hidden fire
glowed weakly in it's pit showing Raud's tired features to BIAD.
Zazz muttered something in her slumber and pulled her blanket over her head,
the two men watched, smiled at each other and wandered back to where a view
of the posse was easier.

Raud hunkered down, rolled a cigarette and hid the match's flame from the
hunters and the wind,
"Yer' think they can follow our trail?" he whispered to BIAD.
BIAD shrugged and kept his eyes on the moving lights, " I thought they'd stop
for supper, at least" he said and Raud noticed the bitterness in BIAD's tone,
his friend hated being wrong.

The two men sat in silence and watched the oncoming Moderators.

The sun brought a welcoming warmth to the desert and the band of three,
BIAD and Raud busied themselves putting their blankets and the worryingly low
amount of ammunition into the saddle bags. Zazz went off around the butte to
her ablutions and was glad on returning to a mug of hot coffee.
"you guys... you spoil me" Zazz said in her sultry voice, she knew the dwindling
supplies of water didn't really stretch to having coffee, but she also knew these
two would go without to see her smile.
Raud grinned coyly and the happiness reached his eyes, BIAD brushed his fake
hair over his right ear, Zazz knew that meant the half-man was also embarrassed.
They finished their packing as Zazz sang a love song.

The way west showed a scrubland and some grey-looking foothills, our three
heroes focused on getting across the desert floor quickly, they did not want to
be caught out in open ground.
The pace was brisk to begin with, Raud's long gait carrying him ahead, his muscular
arms swinging out like steam pistons. BIAD and Zazz hurried after him, man-sized
high heels and house-maid's pumps carrying them through the sawgrass and

About an hour later, the desert floor started to change, the foliage becoming lusher
and more and more animal tracks could be seen in the red-brown dust.
BIAD and Zazz had also seen the change and their pace quickened to close the
gap on Raud. "There's water close by..." Raud said over his shoulder, "... I can smell it"
Raud charged on, his walk shifting into a trot. BIAD and Zazz glanced at each other and
though BIAD's face couldn't be seen under the weird fringe, Zazz guessed if BIAD had
eyebrows, they were raised.

"Race yer'" Zazz hissed and sped past Raud with a pace that implied she'd been holding
back her energies, to the two dusty men, she looked like a gazelle.
BIAD glanced to see if there was any sign of the Moderators and saw nothing but a new
day's heat haze, Raud had checked it a few minutes ago.
"Can you out-run a man-girl, my Swedish meatball?!" BIAD chided and suddenly burst into speed.
Raud laughed out loud and grinned into the bright blue sky, considerating the circumstances,
he was happy. He pushed the Colt revolver further into his belt and took off after his friends.

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 06:51 AM
Part III.

To say it was a river would be an understatement, the water sped through smooth boulders
at an alarming pace. Zazz already had her shoes off and was giggling at the coolness of
the wide-foam water that eased her sore feet in a rockpool.
BIAD leaned over a large rock into the torrent and filled the canteen, the spray making his
wig full of clear jewels.

Raud stripped to his waist and dove into the raging current, BIAD looked shocked and then
his features eased as he saw his friend emerge from the whiteness with a grin, the droplets
gleamed on his muscles in the morning sunlight. Zazz clapped and hooted at
Raud's athletic endeavours to out-muscle the river.

The three enjoyed the water for twenty minutes and in that time, they regulary checked
the scene they'd left, for any movement... but nothing stirred.
Raud fashioned a fishing pole from a branch that had washed down-stream, he picked
thread from his shirt and wandered off in search of a fish dinner.
BIAD collected the makings of a fire, while Zazz washed her clothes behind two large
boulders, she knew her friends would never dare to venture that way, so she chanced
a quick bathing session too.

As she lay on a warm dry flat rock, her drying clothes hanging on a nearby alder bush,
she felt the weariness off the previous days slip away... and then it happened.

Zazzafrazz was known for her ability to sense change... some Gunslingers have it,
Raud would be found sometimes staring out into space and some folk would assume
he was daydreaming, but they'd be wrong.
BIAD would find himself pulling his fingers through his wig in a combing movement,
this was his sign that something was out of his control, with Zazz, she would hear a
high-pitched whine.

So it was that the tinny-whine began and like a predator, she pounced, grabbed the
damp maid's outfit and quickly dressed. Zazz's eyes panned around her, something
was wrong... someone was near.

The dark-haired man smiled and showed a lupine grin, his features showed that he
was an outdoors man, the burnt neck and the deep-lined eyes indicated he endured the
desert regularly.
The sight of this beauty enjoying the vista was a rare treat, but any amourous thoughts
quickly fled his mind, when the barrel of a pistol touched his forehead lightly and an
easy-going voice hissed "can we help you?"
The raven-haired man stood up from behind the rock and raised his hands to show he
meant no harm, the gun followed him.

"Just passin' through, fella... just collecting water" the tall man said softly, he chanced
a glance to his left.
The man, a handsome man, ladies would say looked dumbfounded. There stood a thing
he'd never would imagined even back in the days when he travelled with the carnival.
The Boy-In-A-Dress smiled back and nodded, "quite a view, nuh?" BIAD hissed and kept his
pistol trained at the stranger's head.

Zazz came around the boulders and faced the tall lean man, he wore a long black
leather coat and she also saw the two sidearms, in a low-slung gunbelt.
"So, who's your new boyfriend, BIAD?" Zazz said, the words fired like single bullets.
She put her hands on her hips to show her annoyance, yet her face showed that she
didn't seem too upset.

A small noise came from behind BIAD and the stranger could see a well-built man
with a rather large pistol in his hand, he knew he had to quickly introduce himself.

"You guys runnin' away from those?" the man said and hooked a thumb towards
the desert, his eyes showed inteligence and his stance showed he held no fear,
BIAD steadied his aim. Zazz also eased her stance and said " we maybe are, but who
are you?"
The lupine smile returned and he mock-bowed at the blonde temptress.
"Why, I'm Chadwickus, ma'am and I think I can help"

Raud, Zazz and BIAD looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 09:08 AM
Part IV.

Chadwickus looked at each of his captors, an odd bunch, he thought,
but with this strange creature holding the gun on him, he made sure his
tingling fingers kept away from his gun belt.
"I was passing through, when I saw your dash for the river... that desert
certainly saps the strength" this said as a comment, nothing more.

BIAD looked at Raud for advice and found the bare chested hero of
many encounters like himself, lost for words.
Zazz smiled at the darkly-clothed cowboy and turned away, the whining
had stopped, telling her the danger was gone.
"So Mr. Wickus... what do you think we should do... with you?" Zazz's
words tossed over her feminine shoulder still held a tone of menace.

Chad smiled the smile of a charmer and a rogue and offered "well, for
one thing, I could lead you to a safer spot" he glanced again at the two men,
or at least one man and something else.
BIAD lowered the pistol and waited for Zazz's lead, the interloper didn't
seem to be a bushwhacker, though BIAD still watched his hands for any
sudden movements.

Zazz placed the maid's bonnet on her head, she flicked her blonde hair
to show her graceful neck and inside, she knew all eyes were on her.
"Then, we'll be happy to accept your invitation..." she said and focused on
buttoning her bodice, "... but I can assure you... 'Chad' that we will not
accept any inappropriate behaviour" the last part was followed by the Zazz's
famous snake-grin, she didn't tolerate deceivers.

"You're from Oz?" Raud asked and gathered his rag of a shirt, "you're accent
says you're from that land" Raud held the damaged garment up with a saddened
expression. Chad nodded and turned slowly to face the young man of the troop.
"Originally... though I've been out here in the deserts for a long time" BIAD noticed
a slight tone of loss in the tall man's voice.
BIAD came to the same conclusion as Zazz and crouched down to collect their
baggage. Chad averted his eyes from the scene, he suddenly realised he was looking
at a harrowing front view of a boy in a dress.

"I have some food and I may even have a spare shirt for you... my gear is just on
the other side of the stream" Chad announced, this said, to move further away from
The three stopped what they were doing and in unison said "stream?"
Chad smiled and in a light voice he said "in my land, we call that..." he nodded to the
passing water "... a stream. Our rivers seem like seas" he followed this with a light sigh.

A few minutes later, our gang were following Chad to a place in the 'stream' where they
could ford across. The sun was high, but with the moving water, the air here seemed
cool. Raud watch the agility of the newcomer and was surprised by his sure-footedness
across the slippery stones.
Zazz followed Raud and a few times grabbed for his strong arm when the rocks
promised a fall. BIAD clambered behind them in silence and twice Chad had glanced
back, only to wonder how this odd being could manoeuvre through this terrain in those
outlandish high heels.

The fallen column of rock that made for a make-shift bridge, looked like it should belong
in those eon-old tales of Egypt, the remains of some sort of creeper plant that adorned
it's sides gave the impression of etchings and hieroglyphics.
Without incident, the four crossed to the other side and even though, they occasionally
glanced back to check for their enemies, the area seemed empty and quiet.

After a plate of beans, three cups of coffee and Raud's showing of his new denim shirt,
Chad asked them what they were doing fleeing from Boomtown. BIAD focused on making
cigarettes for Raud and himself. It was best if the others did the talking.
It was Zazz who stepped up to the plate first.

"About five months ago, I found something changing in Boomtown. We..." Zazz waved a
slender arm towards her companions, "... were all working at the ATS hotel, not far from
where the Moderators hung out."
BIAD offered Chad a cigarette and the black-haired man declined, his eyes never leaving
"Raud worked in security... the hotel would've fell foul to some of the Trolls many times,
if it wasn't for him" she favoured him with a smile, Raud nodded and lit his cigarette from
the crackling flames. Chad adjusted his position near the fire and stretched his booted
legs out in front of him, his arms held his body upright from behind.
"BIAD here... well, BIAD worked in entertainment... I think we'll leave it at that?" Zazz
glanced over at the fringe-hidden enigma. BAID remained stone-still.

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 10:47 AM
Part V.

Zazz went on to explain how the three of them uncovered a plot to take
over the ATS hotel by the Moderators, who in Boomtown were becoming
more and more powerful.
She went on to show how after the Great War, the few walled cities that
had survived intact had learned of Boomtown's successful hotel and had
contacted the owner Barabbas SkepticOverlord and sought to assist in
it's growth.

The ATS hotel sought a higher profile, through certain media outlets and
coverage from TV networks, the original owner, an old guy who was rarely
seen outside of the hotel, also pondered the idea of selling his valuable asset
... an asset that The Moderators wanted.
Staying off the Moderator's radars and providing services to them, gave one
an opportunity to listen in on their conversations... of course, the trick is not
to get caught.
Zazz sighed at the end of her tale and said "...and that's why we're running"

Chad listened intently, the day was aching to move towards evening and
Zazz could see by BIAD's constant checking of his weapon and the saddle
bags, that he wanted them to be on their way.
When Zazz had finished, she waited for Chad's response... but he just studied
the dry earth around the dying fire. Raud had moved off halfway through the
report and now scanned the boulders and the riverside for any impression
that the Moderators were close by.

"I'll tag along, if you don't mind?" Chad said and raised his eyes to Zazz's
"I lost someone close to those outlaws a few years ago and I think it's time
I came back from my self-exile" Zazz saw the pain residing in those eyes and
reached to touch Chad's hand.
Chad glanced at Raud, who watched from the top of a large boulder, he turned
his face east and looked for the enemy. BIAD had his back to the couple and
was quietly humming a tune from his dance hall days.

"We will need your help Chad, of that I'm sure... I'm sorry for your loss" Zazz
spoke softly and her voice fell like velvet onto his ears. Chad's Adam's apple
gulped once and he managed a smile. "Thank you" were the only words he

They broke camp ten minutes later and after Chadwickus had assured them
that the faint path between two small hills would take them further from their foe,
they set off towards the blazing sun.

The heat of the day came and went, BIAD's shoulders seemed to glow a dull
red around where his dress straps were and Zazz asked him if he would like
something to cover them. BIAD shook his head and pressed on to catch up
with Raud, the saddlebags bumped about as he trotted away.

"These guys..." Chad said quietly to Zazz, "... they're okay with me, aren't they?"
Zazz smiled at the backs of her two companions and said "they're jealous, that's
all. They see you as a 'norm'..." she looked quickly into Chad's face, "... you're
different to them"
Chad wore a puzzled expression as he and Zazz walked on in silence.

The path led away from the sounds of the river, the hills dropped back and infront
of our crew lay a forested area, the four were grateful for the oncoming shade.
The trees were tall and not much could grow beneath the canopy, Raud looked for
the spoor of animals and anything that could be used as a trap.
BIAD struggled to keep his compulsion to touch each passing tree at bay, Zazz
also struggled not to break out in laughter.

After about fifteen minutes, Chad asked Zazz about her friend's odd behaviour,
the jerking of his arm and the constant strange head movements were growing
ever-alarming to the tall Antipodean.
"It's his way Chad, he's damaged goods alright, but his heart is in the right place...
he means no harm to you" she said quietly as BIAD continued his fight.

They pressed on into the forest and the cool leaf-dappled shade without
anymore discussion. Raud continued to search for a supper, while his
hermaphrodite colleague persued his torment.
Zazz and Chadwickus followed this unlikely pair, hand in hand.

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 07:06 PM
Part VI.

The temperature started dropping as the four companions came to
the other side of the forest, the eye-aching blue of the sky gave off a
darker tone now, the evening was waiting in the wings.
Raud strode out of some bramble bushes with the swinging body
of a rabbit, his stained lips showed that he'd sampled the blackberries.

BIAD had been assisted by Chad in making the fire and Chad had been
impressed with the faceless man-girl's gift of camping.
"You spend a lot of time outdoors BIAD?" Chad asked cheerily as he
brought some more wood, there was plenty already, but idle hands
and all that.
BIAD's head looked up from his task and Chad saw a smile come to the
lipstick-covered lips. "My Pa used to leave me out in the woods as a
punishment for being the way I am..." BIAD rasped and looked around the
immediate vicinity "... I spent many nights alone in places like this"

Chad looked down on the poor soul before him and wondered how the
hell he'd made it this far. The burnt shoulders, the odd behaviour and the
strange wig... all seemed out of place here in the leafy glade.
Chad's thoughts were interrupted by Raud's giggles, the dark-haired
Oz-lander turned to see the muscular young man waving the freshly -cut
skin of the rabbit at the shying Zazz.
The only lady of the troop (not counting BIAD) feigned mock fear at the
dancing fur and the amused Raud enjoyed every moment.
The four settled down to a treat of stew and a few handful of blackberries,
a nice supper indeed.

The night sounds started up around an hour later and after a cup of steaming
coffee, BIAD and Raud wandered off into the growing darkness.
Zazz finished cleaning the metal plates Chad had provided, with some water
and a cloth, a sweet song hummed from her lips.
"Where are they going?" Chad asked as he unfurled his blanket, he brushed
a passing Ladybird from the linen.
Zazz flicked her blonde hair back and looked at Chad with a small smile.
"I know what you're thinking, fella... but you're wrong" the smile stayed, but
her eyes looked for her companions.

The plates were put away in Chad's gunna, a large leather bag that seemed
to have everything in and then Zazz settled down near the fire. "Those guys
won't sleep tonight..." she said softly, "... it's no reflection on you, it's the way
they're built" she faced the palms of her hands towards the flames.
"This forest limits their view you see?, they'll wander around most of the night"
Zazz said from the corner of her mouth and glanced again into the gloom.
"We can sleep safe tonight" she finished and watched the dancing sparks.
Chad raised an eyebrow to no one and peered out into the darkness...
strange folk, indeed- he thought, but didn't vocalise his musing.

Chadwickus woke around midnight and without a flinch, his eyes scanned
the forest before him. The animals of the night had settled down to an
occasional hoot or a low peeping, they were too hungry to waste time on
Chad watched for any movement, he wasn't too happy having those two
wandering about out there... what were they up to?
Slowly, he left his bed and quietly slipping on his boots, he tip-toed away
into the bushes. After relieving himself of the evening's coffee, he crept further
into the blackened forest.

With all his might, he attempted to pass through the foliage without any sound,
no snapping twigs or swishing branches and crying out at a thorn-raked face.
He was good, a long time ago he had taken up with a Cherokee woman he had
met out near the Badlands. The tanned-faced beauty had taught him many tricks
on how to sneak up on your prey, Chad bit his lip and concentrated.

But as the long-bladed knife settled under his chin, he knew that the Cherokee
woman hadn't shown him everything. Raud whispered into his ear "howdy" and
the pair peered sideways at each other in the gloom.

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 05:39 AM
Part VII

Raud's expression changed has he felt something lightly touch his
midriff... "I gotcha" Chad said softly and raised an eyebrow.
Raud's face clouded with a confused look and he whispered into
Chad's ear, "but I've gotta knife?"
Chad broke a tight smile and responded with "yeah... but I've gotta
Smiles became grins as both men said together "Mexican stand-off"
and stepped away from each other.
It took all their powers not to wake the forest with their laughter,
Chad was doubled-up behind a rotting log with mirth, and tears
rolled down his cheeks, he guffawed into the sleeve of his coat.
Raud slumped against a gnarled oak, his breathing hitched through
his muffled giggling... Chad was one of them now.

After what seemed a long time, the two stood to their true heights
and stifling their snorts and giggles, they surveyed the surrounding
"Where's BIAD?" Chad said, wiping spittle from the side of his mouth,
his sides ached and his vision was blurry from the laughter.
Raud sucked in a deep breathe and hissed out "Oh... he's a-hunting"

The answer hung in the damp air, while both men gathered themselves.
Chad checked his pistol and dropped it quickly into it's holster, Raud
watched the fluency with interest. "You a Gunslinger, Chad?" he asked
as he slid away the knife and adjusted his own Colt.

Chad smiled into the night and looked back at Raud, "Used to be, my
friend... used to be" he whispered and Raud saw memories flash across
the lined face of his new-found compadre.

Then Raud's head swung east, Chad didn't hear anything that way, but he
knew that something must be out there... it was spooking Raud.
"What's wrong?" Chad said and let his hands wander towards his pistols,
the forest was silent... maybe that was the clue.
Raud's brow furrowed and there seemed a faint glow in his eyes, Chad
thought of a wolf for some reason... a fellow night creature.
"It's BIAD... he's found something" Raud hissed and moved off without
a sound, Chad dropped behind him and like two night creatures, they
went a-hunting.

The grove of green ferns and young juniper bushes seemed out of place
among the straight branchless larch trees that populated the forest,
an island in the sea of wood. Raud kept low as he made towards it, Chad
copied the stance and checked their rear every few metres.
A faint glow of a campfire could be seen and Chad saw that it was built
so that limited light was given off.
The two guardians of Zazz settled behind a outgrowth of ferns and a frail
gorse bush and looked into the scene.

Four men in long-dirty bounty-hunter dusters hunkered around the fire, the
faint aroma of coffee and beans wafted into Chad's nostrils and he turned
to Raud and mouthed the words "where's BIAD?"
Raud showed a line of even teeth and pointed with his eyes to the other
side of the clearing.
There, only a few feet from the men, BIAD's smile could be seen in the
undergrowth, the firelight occasionally showed their friend's face.
The men continued either their very late supper or very early breakfast
in silence, only the sound of fork on metal plate could be heard.

Raud jerked a thumb to ask Chad to move further back... Chad guessed
he had something to say.
A few minutes of mute shuffling brought the two men to a large log that
looked like it been blasted several times with a laser. Chad or Raud didn't
comment on what this might mean.
"The guys..." Raud hissed, "...they're not the ones who are after us, I don't
think they're from Boomtown" Raud looked pained as he processed this
information, it was all confusing.
Chad patted his shoulder and whispered back "maybe they've been hired
by your bad guys?... maybe they're being paid to find you?"
Chad saw the anger roll into Raud's eyes and he quickly grabbed Raud
as he attempted to stand up.
"Tell me Raud, what the hell's goin' on here?" he spat out, his grip was firm,
yet it showed concern for Raud's safety.

Raud sighed and sat back onto the dry leaves, "It's Zazz... we've gotta get
her back to her man" he said and watched for any sign of emotion from
Chad frowned a little and whispered "tell me it all".

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 07:00 AM
Part VIII.

Raud told Chad the story of how Zazz had met a guy, while she
was working in the ATS hotel. She took to him straight away and
when she, Raud and BIAD found out what was really going on,
it was this guy she'd gone to for help.

Raud went on to say how he and BIAD had their doubts, but with
Zazz's earnest request, they had met him and discussed the situation.
"He's a big-noise back in the cities" Raud said and glanced back to the
where the bounty hunters were camped, " BIAD trusted him straight
away, he has that sorta gift for seein' through folk" Raud allowed and
turned back to face Chad.

"The guy explained that he would help us, but he needed to start the
plan away from Boomtown... he's clever like that" Raud looked at the
mossy ground and thought over what he'd said and then finished with
"But, we have to get Zazz back to him"

Chad nodded and followed Raud's gaze, it was obviously an important
quest for him and his misshapen friend, Chad patted Raud's shoulder
to show his concern.

Then the surreal happened.
A loud blast of music suddenly rang around the forest and with wide eyes,
Chad looked at Raud, what he saw didn't help.
Raud was grinning from ear to ear and his eyes seemed to show early
tears. The tune was from olden days, the beat and the lyrics belonged to
another time... but Raud recognised it and stood erect, his gun already out.

Chad shouted at Raud, as he stood up and called "what the hell's goin' on?"
Raud looked into the rising face of Chad and said "It's BIAD, he's gonna flush
them out!... this is his song"

The noise was deafening and Chad could see the startled bounty hunters reaching
for their rifles, he pulled both his own pistols ready.
Raud's gun bucked in his hand and Chad saw one of the scrambling men fell onto
the fire, the duster coat catching alight immediately.
Chad followed his friend's actions and fired into the clearing, another one dropped
onto the ground.
The other two bounty hunters darted for cover into the forest, Raud grabbed Chad's
forearm and stopped him from following. "Leave 'em... they belong to BIAD now"
Raud hissed through his grin.

The noise continued for another couple of minutes and then snapped silent,
the forest seemed shocked by the loss of the sound. Chad and Raud watched the
"What was that music, Raud?" Chad whispered, even that seemed loud now.
Raud pushed the smoking Colt back into his pants and focused the smile at Chad.
"It's his favourite... Liza Minelli's 'Losing My Mind'... he can't get enough of it!"
he said and rubbed his chin in thought.
Chad had never heard of this Leaser Manly, and guessed it was someone from
before the Great War. He holstered one of his pistols and waited in the gloom with

A minute later, two shots rang out and Raud hissed "come on, it's over" and trotted
towards where the sounds came from.

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Part IX.

Chad and Raud found BIAD a few minutes later, he was sitting on
a rotten tree stump, smoking a cigarette in his bright-red fingernailed
hand and contemplating the coming dawn.
The two fleeing bounty hunters were no nowhere to be seen,
Chad glanced around, wondering if they had escaped, then noticed
that BIAD was wearing one of the hunter's long coats.
BIAD saw him looking and smiled, smoke coiled from his teeth.
"It'll keep the sun off these poor shoulders" BIAD whispered and
looked away towards the slow early light.

Raud lit a cigarette with a match and fingernail and the three were
quiet for a while. When the burning coal of BIAD's cigarette was
crushed on the stump, he stood up and titling his head slightly,
he said "They weren't the guys following us, but they were kind
enough to let me in on some of their secrets"

Chad reloaded the empty chamber of his gun and slid the weapon
away, BIAD's head followed the movements. Raud smiled at his
strange friend and queried his music. "Liza?... again? hasn't that
disc worn out yet?"
BIAD pulled a metal box the size of a bullet from his new-found coat
and showed his two companions, "never leave home without it!" he

Without consent, the trio left the area and moved quietly back to their
own camp, the woodland animals were waking to the new day and
Chad felt the night's tension slipping away with the increasing daylight.

As they neared where Zazz slept and the embers of the fire fell softly into
each other, BIAD held his arm out and stopped Raud and Chad.
"There's no need to alarm her, but the guys back there, told me that
the other Moderators knew of Karl's part in all this, they are supposed
to be pressing on to get to something called a 'Zero Ranch'... I dunno."
BIAD lips twisted with concentration, but noticed the interest in Chad's
eyes. Raud saw it too and asked softly "does this mean something to

Chad stepped back and seemed visibly shaken, the usual hooded eyes
gone and a fearful boyish gaze lay there now. "Aw no... "Chad muttered
"... they're going after the Zero Ranch" this came out as a short bark.
Raud glanced over to see if Zazz had awoken, but her small frame lay still
under the blanket.
"What does this mean?" Raud asked and placed a heavy hand on Chad's
Chad's eyes refocused and told them that a couple of days west of here,
was a settlement, a family that raised horses and cattle out here in the boonies.
After the Rad Scares, most went back to the cities, but KyoZero stayed and
managed to raise horses without too many problems with mutations.

Chad went on to say that he'd stayed a few days with them... Kyo and Raven,
his wife. The ranch would provide fresh horses for the Moderators and Raud
and BAID agreed that payment for the horseflesh would be in bullets.

Raud frowned at the forest floor and pondered how to make up the lost time,
The Moderators would be on horseback soon and this would leave Karl
Chad watched the two mulling over the situation and asked "er, this Karl-guy,
who is he?"
BIAD swung his head towards Raud and hissed "you told him?" Raud showed
that devil-may-care grin to his friend and said "heh... easy, man... he one of us"
Raud assured BIAD by patting the side of his tangled wig.

"So who is he?" Chad asked again, he kept his tone light.
Raud looked to BIAD, but guessed that he should answer... "Karl's the man
Zazz is in love with, he's the guy from the city"
Chad nodded and turned to enter the camp, BIAD dropped in beside him and
said "we know him has Karlhungis"

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Part X.
Zazz woke as the three men slipped back into the camp and after
stretching and yawning her dreams away, she watched her trio
with slitted eyes... something was up.
She took BIAD out first with : "How long will it be before you tell
where you got the coat from, BIAD?" Her face was stone, her words
coated in acid and her blue eyes tracked the hermaphrodite like a laser,
the poor bastard didn't stand a chance.

BIAD stirred the embers with a hickory stick and even though he used
all his powers to ignore the question, Zazz knew he would break as easy
as the twig he held.
"I... er, I found it?" the last word put as a question, hoping she would let
him off the hook. Her gaze bore down harder and he crouched to focus
on resurrecting the fire. Even the birds were quiet and Chad, who was
amazed by her power over BIAD, smiled, but stayed silent.

"Okay... I understand..." she said and stood up, she kept the blanket
around her as she made for some undergrowth.
"I'll have some coffee ready for when I get back," she threw over her
shoulder and Raud and BIAD jumped to get things prepared.
Chad hunkered down and leaned his back against a tree, he had picked
his long black coat up and was rummaging through the pockets as Zazz
The blonde-haired beauty slowly sat down and reached for a battered
tin mug that Chad had given them earlier. Raud raced over with the coffee
pot and BIAD was on his heels with a plate of luke-warm beans.
No words left those ruby-red lips as she took her breakfast, the two men sat
behind her putting blankets and things into the saddle bags.

Chad watched fascinated by the way that BIAD wouldn't think twice on
slaying two bounty hunters and yet, cowered in the shadow of this woman.
He would also gamble that the lean strong Raud was the of the same vein.

"Well?" Zazz chirped and the laser show began again, BIAD glanced over at
Chad for help, but the grinning Oz man waved him away with his hand...
"No my friend, you're on your own with this" he offered.

BIAD shambled over to where his mistress sat and like an obedient hound,
he sat, letting Zazz run her soft fingers through his false hair.
The voice was small to start with and Chad noticed that Raud never once
looked over his shoulder to see how his friend was faring.
"There were four men hiding in the woods Ma'am..." BIAD's lips showed the
relaxing combing motion was easing his fears away. "... I think they were
bad men" he said.
Zazz pouted and kept her eyes on her task, "and you thought they may try
to hurt little Zazz, didn't you?" her tone was of a spoiling mother.
BIAD nodded and waited for the next cue.
"So you killed them and took their coat, heh?" she chided and cupped BIAD's
chin in her hand. Again, BIAD nodded... there was a chance she'd miss the
important part.

Zazz straightened the collar of the duster and all her attention seemed to be
on making BIAD's appearance respectable, BIAD sat as a willing model.
Then it happened.

Chad pushed his body forward in surprise and Raud's sortings speeded up
as if to drown the scream out.
Zazz had suddenly grabbed BIAD's ears from under the wig and pulled... hard.
"Now my boy..." she said through gritted teeth "... what did these men say to
you, before you carved them up?"
BIAD flopped like a fish, the sound from his lips was high and girl-like, "you
want more?" Zazz asked lightly.
BIAD sang like a bird, he told Zazz about the Moderators plan to forge ahead
on new horses attained from some ranch ahead, he told her the ranch owner's
name and Chad guessed, if Zazz wanted it, he would tell her what he REALLY
did with those two bounty hunters.

Then in a flash, her fingers released poor BIAD's ears and he rolled away across
the dirt, rubbing his red appendages.
Zazz brushed her hands as if to clear any remaining BIAD skin, her eyes flashed
fire at the amused Chad and she rose to collect her things.

Under a quiet cloud, they left the forest and set off across a large meadow and
presumably, the Zero Ranch.

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Part XI.

The prairie breeze moved the knee-high grass like waves on water
and apart from the odd gorse bush, the land was a green sea.
Our four intrepid heroes trudged on towards the horizon and
it was Zazz who first asked if they were going the right way.

Chad, who had been quiet since BIAD's scolding, noticing the
atmosphere of the group change, looked back to the blonde
girl in the beaten-up housemaid's dress and smiled tightly.
"You see the hills ahead...?" he pointed towards the horizon,
"... as long as we aim for the dark hill, we'll get to Kyo's place"

Zazz squinted her eyes and could just make out the faint change
in the grey line faraway. "Can you see it BIAD?" she asked softly
and the man/girl looked up from his thoughts and peered ahead.
"Just straight ahead and slightly left" he muttered and Zazz raised
her hand to shield her eyes from the blazing sun.

Chad glanced back and saw Zazz lean near BIAD and kiss his cheek,
"you're marvellous" she cooed to him and BIAD's manner changed,
his stance straightened and he even flicked his hair back to show
his sunny smile.
Raud felt the change too and revealed two cigarettes, one for his friend.
The pace quickened.

They walked until around late afternoon, they had eaten some bread
and berries earlier while they walked. BIAD handed to each of them
the food and then passed the water canteen.
Chad explained what he thought was going to happen, but was
careful to only comment that the Moderators MIGHT only know that
this Karl Hungis character was involved.
Zazz nodded as he spoke and asked about Kyo Zero's horse ranch.
Chad told her what he could, she accepted the information and fell
into silence, Chad wouldn't have known, but Raud and BAID knew...
she was creating a plan.

Raud guessed it was around two-clock when they finally rested, the
wind moaned across the meadow and the calmness of it all washed
their aches away... nobody spoke for a couple of minutes.

Then Raud's features changed and he stood to his full height, BIAD
followed his friend's actions and stood with his head tilted oddly.
"What is it boys?" Zazzafrazz asked and slowly got to her feet.
The grey-blue colour in Raud's eyes changed almost to violet as he
concentrated towards the north, Zazz could also see his nostrils twitch.

Chad scanned all around, but the moving grass showed nothing.
"It's coming low and fast..." Raud snapped "...I'll wager it's a spy
drone" Raud's eyes never moved from something he was tracking far
out and BIAD tilted his head to both sides trying to get a view of it.

"He's like a damned radar" BIAD hissed to no one and checked
his pistol, he flicked the long coat out of his way.
Chad pulled the rifle from under his leather cloak and he smiled as
BIAD showed surprise. "Where the hell..." he half-asked and then realised
that Chad must've went back and retrieved a rifle from the dead bounty
Chad knelt, aimed into the northern blue sky and waited.
Zazz stood between Raud and BIAD and whispered unknown words
into her vigilant guardian's ears. Raud slowly reached for his Colt and
Chad knew that was the cue that the drone was near.

A small metallic glint gave the machine away and Chad gripped the
rifle stock ready, BIAD and Raud raised their pistols as one and Zazz
jammed her fingers in her ears.

Chad saw the dot and took aim, the rifle barrel rested just below the
oncoming shape. The dark-haired Oz-lander sucked air in through his
nostrils and turned to stone, he had a bead on the spy craft.

Raud squeezed his trigger and the roar of the Colt rolled across the
grassy plain. Through a slitted eye, Chad saw the machine blow apart
in the air and he looked over to where Raud stood.

His arm was still out in front of him and the wind was blowing the
gunpowder smoke away to the east... he looked like a statue.
Then Raud's face relaxed and his shoulders slightly sagged, Chad
guessed that the danger was over.
"One shot this time, heh?" BIAD chuckled and went to his saddle bag,
no doubt, Chad thought, a cigarette was to be the reward.
Zazz stood on tip-toes and kissed the broad man's cheek, a blushed
rose appeared there immediately. She also patted his strong forearm
and mouthed the words "thank you" then she turned back to where she
had been sat and waited for the discussion.

Who had sent the drone?

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Part XII.

A wispy cloud passed west to east across the sky as Zazz, Raud
and Chad pondered the owner of the spy drone. BIAD had trotted
off in a northern direction to see if he could recover some of the
flying camera's parts.

Chad suggested that it belonged to the Moderators, the heading
could be correct, he was sure that the Mods would use the Baltan
Bridge that lay north of the desert. Raud asked if it could be something
the Zero's would own, but Chad shook his head, saying the family
had only limited technology.

Zazz wondered what may lay north, another faction that had interests
in not allowing them to make it to Karl Hungis, her voice warbled slightly
when she mentioned his name.
The man from Oz said, though he had only once visited the northern
regions of the big meadow, he couldn't recall any towns or villages that
could afford to send such an expensive piece of equipment this far out.

The purple-blue sky showed small pinpricks of light and promised to
reveal the galaxies soon, most of the clouds scudded the hills on the
BIAD came back around an hour later, his panting and muttering
complaints about his shoes, let his friends know he was coming.
Raud had watched his movements throughout the man/girl's search.

With varnish-chipped nails, his hands revealed what debris he had found.
Four pieces of metal, a cracked fragment of a lens and a tubular structure
that Chad recognised as part of the propulsion system.
BIAD kneeled down and told them that he unable to find the cobalt slug.

Each turned the parts over in their hands, BIAD rolled a cigarette and
awaited their views.
Chad saw the 'Velton' logo, but he knew that implied nothing, but it was
Raud who saw something positive.
"Here... feel that?" he said softly and handed the dented chunk of metal
to Zazz. flecks of soil and grass stuck to the jagged edges as Zazz gently
placed her hands onto the surface, she frowned and the fury-face of earlier
returned. "No... no, I'm picking nothing up" she said and passed it back to
Raud, her mood calmed and a puzzled expression now showed.

Raud placed his big hand over the metal and Chad saw the light in his eyes
change again... ever so slightly. "it says... wait... there, it says A-dot-T, yes,
it's A.T.S" the last part said in delight.
Chad reached for the metal and stared at his surface, the scratches and
dimples showed impact signs. True, there was a darker tone to part of the
silvery-grey metal, but certainly no letters.

"You sure, Raud?" he asked and dropped it into the middle of the circle they
had formed, Chad had always thought his eyesight to be excellent.
Raud remained silent and it was Zazz who spoke up. "If he says so, then it is
and at least we know who's north of us"

BIAD checked to see that his gun's chambers were full and hissed "So, I think
we should get along on our trails li'l pardners" the western drawl held no mirth.
Zazz nodded at her brightly lip-painted friend and got to her feet.
"Let's go guys" she muttered.

The temperature dropped, but the wind didn't and as God's jewels were displayed
above them, the four travellers barely took any notice.
Zazz shivered and pulled a blanket that was tied to her saddle bag, BIAD had offered
his coat earlier, but the blonde temptress had stroked his face and shook her head,
she thanked him for his kindness.
BIAD had smiled and turned to catch up with Raud.

Chad kept pace with the long-legged Swede and wondered if his friend ever tired.
The pace was strong and he could hear BIAD trotting just to keep up.
The stars looked down.
Around ten minutes later, Raud announced that there were two stationary pinpricks
of light ahead of them, he also added, that they were lantern lights.
Chad peered out into the darkness and gave up... he could see nothing.
He glanced at BIAD who was smiling at him, "I gave up years ago" BIAD hissed.

Raud, Chad, BAID and Zazz pressed on towards the Zero Ranch.

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Part XIII.

The nigh-sight showed that the eldritch-green figures approaching the
ranch had weapons and Kyo would guess by the low read-outs, that
the guns were old pistols.
But what was their intent? a machine couldn't answer that.
Kyo placed the instrument on the barn window ledge and turned to his
wife for advice. Raven watched from the hay bale and smiled at the
silhouette at the window.
"Do you recognise any of them" Raven said softly and Kyo's darkened
shoulders shrugged.
The rancher turned back to look out onto the prairie, he loved this land.

Ten years ago, he and his young wife had moved out of the walled city to
the south to start a new life where the air was clean.
Kyo had seen an article on the PanSony coach that had taken him for the
last five years to his nine-to-five job and it spoke of a wonderland of freedom.

'A Chance To Begin Again' the holographic advertisement proclaimed
and showed hundreds of miles of rolling greenery.

What the Kato Enterprise-sponsored advert didn't mention, was the
mutation problems in both animals AND humans.
Kyo and Raven took their chance with both hands, sold the apartment
and set off in a newly-bought wagon and four horses.

The ranch was finished two months after they staked their land.
The deeds were filed a year before, Kato Enterprise assured them that
this would be a life-altering decision... and they weren't wrong.
The 'Muties' attacked a week after the main building was finished.

Two young kids, twenty-freshly delivered horses, no experience of
the outside world and a swarm of disfigured, meat-hungry half-men
attacking almost every night... Chad had said when he was last there,
that he'd have given 'em one day.

Kyo killed eight Muties the first night, Raven took out four on the late
afternoon of the next day and her stubborn husband dispatched twelve
more before the week had passed.
The Zeros lost two horses in the whole of the encounter, but Kyo would
not let go of his dream, Raven wanted this just as much.
Four months on and the raids ceased, whether the Muties, with their slow
learning processes finally realised that easier quarry could be found
elsewhere or Kyo and Raven had just killed them all, we'll never know.

The main thing is that the Zeros could settle down to horse ranching...
and they did.
Kyo had been lucky, the family over near the forest edge, started to have
foals born with five legs or two heads... that sort of thing, The Kramers who
lived over the rise to the east, their foals were born dead every time and it
was nine years ago today, since they pulled up stakes.
Kyo's were born fine, the herd now ran at three hundred and apart from
the one instance, Kyo touched the wooden ledge of the barn, it had remained
that way.

Raven touched his shoulder and brought him out of his memories, his strong
arm sweeping around her waist. "Well...? what are you gonna do, Farmer Bob?"
she chided and ruffled his stubbly hair.
Kyo showed kind eyes and shrugged again. He picked up the night-sight and
continued his vigil.

"They're not Muties..." he whispered and glanced at the Kinsman Pulse rifle
leaning against the barn wall, "... at least I won't be diggin' graves in the morning"
he finished.

The four shapes came closer.

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Part XIV.

A nightjar cast it's haunting cry across the prairie as the four tired runaways
entered the dusty yard of the Zero's ranch and Chad could see that Zazz was
all but done in.
Twice, he had asked her if she was okay and both times, she had straightened
her posture and declined the offer to carry her.
BIAD and the leading Raud, trudged on without words.

Passing under the lych-gate, Chad asked Zazz if he should call out for the couple,
Zazz whispered that if what he'd said about the mutant humans roaming the land
was true, then it might be prudent to remain quiet.

The windows of the main building cast orange-stained rectangles onto the yard
and the rusty plough that sat morosely near the barn. That building looked lost
and lonely, yet the three men knew that's where the bullets would come from.
BIAD held his pistol in the dusters' pocket, while Raud strode towards the barn

Chad had stopped near the plough with Zazz and he noticed the relief on her face
as she leaned against the dull blade.
The stars passed by over the Zeros' ranch as Chad checked the roofline, Muties
had a penchant for attacking the roofs first, but all looked okay.
Raud stood in the barn doorway and scanned the confined darkness, if they'd
looked down, the sleepy doves in the eaves would see two faint violet lights
where Raud's eyes should be.

Chad touched Zazz's shoulder lightly and called out towards the house, his voice
startling BIAD and making Raud spin around. The farmhouse remained still, but
Raud thought he heard movement above him in the barn, he pulled his pistol

"That you Chad?" a male voice rang out, the voice came from the dark rectangle
near the barn roof. BIAD looked up, which made Chad ponder on whether the
strange man had eyes, and Raud moved to lean his back on the barn roof,
he shuffled along the wooden planks to arrive under the barn window.
"Yeah it's me, Kyo... how yer' doin'?" Chad responded and strolled towards
the barn, "Come on down and meet my friends"

Muffled noises were heard and then a tall young man appeared at the barn door
with a rifle slung easy in his hand, a smaller frame came after.
Zazz looked at the rancher and considering his young years, she saw a resolute man
who didn't shirk from hard work on a hard land. The mousy-haired young woman
who followed Kyo from the barn, may have looked just at ease in a ballroom.

Kyo strode to Chad and pumped his hand vigorously, a big smile lit up Kyo's face.
Raven eyed the two shadow-men near the barn wall has she waited to see their
friend again, the blonde-haired woman at the plough looked exhausted.

Raven kissed Chad on the cheek quickly and stepped back, Chad smiled at
the little woman and turned back to Kyo's questions.
"Well, you old scally-wag... what you been up to?" Kyo asked and pushed his
weapon-less hand into his back pocket of his bib and braces.
Chad smiled with his eyes and patted Kyo's upper arm with affection.
"I think I should introduce my friends first" Chad said and checked the Zeros
to see if that was okay.
Raven put her hand to her mouth and gasped, "what am I thinking, come on in
and get around the fire, you folk must be starving" she said and went to help
the woman in the housemaid's dress.
Zazz smiled weakly and put a arm around the woman's neck, "thank you" Zazz
muttered and moved towards the front door.

Raud and BIAD glanced at each other and followed the others towards the house.

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Part XV.

Chad sat back in the wooden chair and focused on not belching, the
meal they had just eaten was possibly the finest meal he'd ever had.
The group around the table carried on with their gossip and Chad
smiled inside as he believed he was truly among friends.

When they'd first entered the rustic lantern-lit room, the initial task was
to fuss around the exhausted blonde girl. Zazz had swooned as she
passed over the threshold, Kyo had caught her and he and his wife had
carried her to a large couch near the stone fireplace.

The room was fairly large with a long strong-looking table in the centre.
A number of stout farmhouse chairs accompanied the table and a flickering
lantern sat at it's middle.

The fireplace was wide and a couple of deep black pots hung off hooks
over the small flames, the warmth came from the strange glowing bricks
that settled in the middle of the hearth.

The couch that held the wide-eyed Zazz, looked like it had been made from
four cows and two trees, it was massive.
Zazz accepted the glass of water that Raven had offered her, a damp cloth
soothed her forehead.

Opposite the wall where the fireplace resided, was a large cabinet with many
different plates and saucers parked on it's shelves. The ornate wooden
cabinet belonged to another time, Chad believed.

Raud and BIAD stepped into the room and it was then that Raven screamed.
She had glanced passed the reclined Zazz as Raud had entered the room and
saw a young man who looked hard because of a hard life. She double-glanced
at the tall man and went back to cooling the blonde-haired girl's forehead.

Then she saw BIAD and Raven couldn't hold the cry in and vented it, Kyo
whirled and grabbed the pulse rifle from the table in reflex, BIAD went into
a Gunfighter's crouch and slipped his Colt free.

"Whoooaaah, whooah!" Chad shouted and placed a hand on Kyo's shoulder.
His other hand shot out and grabbed BIAD's duster, he stepped in between the
two men and smiled broadly.
Raven had eyes the size of the plates across the room as she stared at the strange
gun-toting creature. Kyo's stance eased, the days of his service in the Air Force
had nurtured his reflexes, the muties had honed them.

BIAD looked at Raud with confusion and Raud shrugged at his friend, he continued
his browsing of the room. BIAD put the pistol away and stood to his full height,
a smile broke on BIAD's face, like the sun in the morning and he rasped "howdy"
Kyo looked like he'd seen Lord Satan himself and with a slack jaw, he managed
"howdy back!" Raven shook her head and went back to her nursing.

So now they sat and the meal was half-gone, the Zeros chattered with Chad's heroes
and what fascinated Chad the most was the way Raven seemed engrossed in
BIAD's stories. Kyo nodded and added to Zazz and Raud's discussions and all
was well with the world... but the thought of the oncoming Moderators kept swooping
in like an annoying nightjar's call.

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Part XVI.

BIAD looked out of the window and wondered if the Moderator's
were close by, Chad had explained that if they had given up on
Raud and Zazz's pursuit, they would've taken the easier route
across the Baltan Bridge.
BIAD understood the reasoning and how this should delay them
by a day, but he didn't like the idea of not knowing where they were.

Raud and Zazz washed the crockery and it felt good to use warm
clean water again. Zazz was quietly singing again and Raud tapped
his foot in time.
Chad, Kyo and Raven caught up on old times and as the fire crackled
and popped, Chad could feel his eyelids getting heavy.
Kyo agreed that if the Moderators came this way, they might try to take
the horses by force, Raven scowled as her husband said this and
hissed "well, they'll try"

The badly-carved atomic clock on the wall chimed 1.00am and they
all agreed to call it a night. Chad was bushed from not sleeping the
night before, but Raud and BIAD seemed fine... BIAD stayed at the window.

Raven showed Zazz to a back room, where a bed was already made, her
blonde locks immediately hitting the pillows and twenty seconds later, a soft
snore was heard.
Kyo showed Chad to the room he had used last time, taking off his long leather
coat, he asked if Raud wanted to double-up with him. Raud waved a thanks-
but-no-thanks and smoked his cigarette at the dining table.
Chad merely glanced at BIAD and muttered "goodnight"

After a few minutes of putting chairs back in their places and putting cutlery
away, Kyo asked the two remaining men if they would be happy sleeping in
the barn.
BIAD glanced at Raud, the big Swede thanked the rancher and the odd
couple left into the darkness.
Kyo watched the dim figures making for the old structure and pondered what
could have possibly happened to bring two such unlikely characters together,

He must remember to ask Chad in the morning.
He stretched his back and shuffled to the bedroom, tomorrow was another day.

"From the north, BIAD... it's obvious" whispered Raud from across the barn attic.
The first light of a coming dawn was faintly visible. BIAD snorted and watched the
hillocks in the south, "if it was me, I'd sneak around to the rear" he called back.
The two friends bickered like this until Raven called them to breakfast, they were
still at it until Zazz told them to shut up.

The breakfast was welcoming and Kyo noticed again, that BIAD and Raud would
take a piece of their meal off the plate every so often and hide it somewhere under
the table. He had spotted them doing it the previous night and now, he believed
he could ask them.

Chad, Zazz and Raven also waited for the answer, the two men looked around the
table with puzzled expressions. Chad attempted to explain the reason, with the
comment that they always made sure they were stocked with food, a Gunslinger
was always prepared.
Raud looked at Chad with a concerned face... "it's not that" Raud said softly.
Raven smiled and patted BIAD's hand, "I know... when you were young, there
was a food shortage and the effects made you save food all the time" She
nodded to her husband to say how she could appreciate this.
BIAD smiled weakly and then shook his head, his dark wig swishing on his
coat lapels "No... that's not it either" he said.

So kyo sat back on his chair and asked " so what is it then?" a smile accompanied
the question.
BIAD looked at Raud and visa-versa, but it was the Swede who answered.
"The food is for the kittens in the barn, there's six of 'em" the words said slowly,
as if idiots were in the room. BIAD shook his head at Raud and the pair continued
their breakfast in silence.
Zazz grinned behind her hand and thought to herself 'that's my boys!'

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Part XVII.

Thinking back, Chad realised that they may never had chance to get
prepared, if it hadn't been for Raud's strange intuition, as BIAD had
said, he was like a radar.
After breakfast, the three of the four visitors accompanied Kyo around
the ranch with thoughts on how to repel the oncoming Moderators.
Zazz stayed with Raven, washing the breakfast plates and talking
girl-talk... BAID envied them.

The bright sun was welcoming, yet it's heat was struggling to warm
up the prairie. As they ambled about the Zero ranch, checking a dilapidated
shack and pondering the grain silo, Chad commented to Kyo that in
their journey here, he hadn't seen one horse, never mind three hundred.

Kyo smiled into the blue sky and patted his friend's shoulders.
"You won't of... they tend to stay in the southern part, up near Cokes
pond... it's the water, yer' see?..."
BIAD and Raud wandered back and forth, their minds racing with
plots and schemes to vanquish the oncoming group and that's when
Raud stuck gold.
"Got it!.." he shouted and struck a hammer-like fist into his palm,
"... I know how to beat 'em" BIAD squatted to stretch his calf tendons
and looked over at Raud, "you got what?" his tone showed a slight

Chad ignored his friend's claim and asked what Kyo meant by 'the water'
They had reached the wooden fence that bordered the ranch and Kyo
place a foot on the bottom slat and Chad saw his smile still remained.
"The water at Cokes pond is the ranch's gift, when all others around here..."
he sweeped a hand across the blue-green grass, "... were suffering with
mutant foals and terrible birthing problems, my horses were fine"
The smile faded from Kyo's face and his eyes seemed distant.
"The water has some kind of energy... don't ask me to explain it, but it does.
I only ever had one incident with a mutant foal in my entire time here"
Kyo jutted his jaw out and blew air onto his face.

Chad nodded and turned to look at his two 'desperados' "Please explain
your plan, Raud" Chad asked and waited for BIAD and Raud to come to
the fence.
Raud ambled up to Kyo and asked "this pond?... will it make BIAD normal
again?!" the last part said with a giggle. BIAD tilted his head and spat out
"you velly funny Mr. Jones... veeeelly funny" in a very poor Chinese accent.
The four laughed together.

Zazz put the last of the crockery onto their respective shelves and looked
back over the kitchen scene. She would want to live this way, when all this
was over. Karl would till the soil and she would raise a family, times would
be good and they would build a home.
Raven smiled to herself as she saw the day-dreaming look on Zazz's face
and asked "who is he?... the man you're thinking about?"

Zazz shook her head and smiled at being caught in a whim, "er... I was
just thinking about when we're gonna fight" a hardness shadowed her
Raven's grin broadened and she nodded, "all in good time, I suppose"
she whispered and put the last of the forks in the drawer.

Zazzafrazz nervously straightened the maid's outfit with her hands, glanced
out of the window to see if the men weren't coming back and then hurried
over to where Raven stood, folding some cloths.
"Promise me you won't tell the others...?" Zazz said softly and Raven turned
to her new friend and nodded, "promise" she agreed.

They set about making some coffee and then agreed to make some prairie
scones for the men, idle hands need tasks.
Zazz told Raven about Karl Hungis and about his part in all this, she then
nervously told Raven that he was her beau.
Raven glanced up from her kneeding of the pastry and wiping a strand of hair
from her forehead with a flour-covered hand, she asked Zazz if she loved this
Karl fellow.

Zazz's eyes went distant and a girly smile touched her lips, "Yes... he's my man"
she said so softly, that Raven believed that it sounded like dew on rose petals.
"Then you better get on and practice your baking skills" Raven injected with
levity, "when they get back, they'll be hungry", she winked at Zazz and added
more flour.

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The men spent the rest of the morning preparing for the Moderator's
attack, the women set food and collected ammunition from the store
Raud explained his idea and Zazz agreed, she had formed a similar
plan as they had made their way to the ranch.
BIAD was dispatched onto the grasslands to set up the first part of the
plot, Zazz watched him shamble off on high heels with the spade as
Raud went on.

"Now, I can sort of hear them in the north, they're about three miles
out, but they're coming fast" Raud informed the remaining group.
Kyo looked puzzled and a waving hand from Chad told the rancher not
to bother asking.
"You and Raven must protect the southern side, they're gonna get around
to trying to get us from there... you need to make sure nobody gets in
that way" Raud told Zazz.
She nodded and affirmed the idea by looking at Raven, the two of them
set off to prepare the kitchen for the firefight.

Kyo leaned against his pulse rifle and Raud's eyes followed the barrel
all the way up to Kyo's waiting face.
"You'll take point, Kyo... it's your place and they'll be expecting you to
be out front" Raud smiled snake-like and Kyo mirrored it.
Raud continued "I'll go out into the grass, BIAD'll stay out there... we can
do more damage that way, but Chad...? you're the kingpin to all this"

Chad's eyebrows raised and he whispered "please... continue" his
demeanour seemed easy, but inside he was coiled like a spring.
Raud sighed at the wooden floor and then finished his plan.
"With the rifle that you... obtained, you're gonna have to 'guerrilla' it,
you're gonna hit-and-run as they come" Raud looked into Chad's eyes to
see any doubts, there were none.
"I suggest you start from the barn" Raud added and looked out of the

Kyo agreed that with a plan, they were halfway there and went to pick up
the last cobalt battery for his rifle. Raud shrugged as if he hadn't understood
what Kyo meant and tucked his pistol into his pants, two boxes of bullets
were jammed into his pockets.

Chad grabbed the remaining box of bullets, a dusty box of Winchester slugs,
he wondered if they would still fire. Chad pulled a tight smile and deposited
them in his coat pocket.
They were ready.

The wind blew BIAD's fake hair back over his shoulders as he finished his toil.
Sweat dripped and cooled by the moving air from BIAD's face as the last hole
was dug.
His long fringe gave nothing away as his head turned to the north, he knew
his friend was never wrong with his radar... they were close.
Then BIAD saw the dark shapes come around from a small copse of trees
and the man/girl grinned into the prairie wind... "come and get it" he muttered.

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Part XIX... Nearly The End!

The afternoon seemed to last a thousand years, though the fight
only lasted one hour, thanks to a surprising intervention.

Raud had scrambled up onto the rise and passed BIAD a box of
bullets, he attempted to high-five his friend, but both Gunslingers
missed. The big Swede ran off low-body through the grass to take up
his position.
The Moderators came closer and then broke into a run, BIAD kneeled
and aimed his pistol at the closest figure.

Chad rested the rifle on the barn window ledge and closed one eye to
aim his shot. Kyo saw the barrel poke out of the window and copied the
action, all was in place.
Raven and Zazz checked their weapons once more, Raven's father's
shotgun looked like a cannon resting aimed out of the kitchen window
and Zazz struggled with the Kyo's Cattle-Tazer. The hand-held device
looked an unlikely weapon, but the charge could leap forty-feet through
the air... it would have to do.

Chad took the first Moderator, his rifle bucked on the sill and the Mod
in the grey duster back-flipped into the guy behind him. BIAD fired
and took out that Mod, his head exploded onto the dying body in front
of him.
A hail of bullets came BIAD's way and he ducked into the grass as the
objects whined over his head. Raud shot two Mods from his spot.
The invaders charged on.
Kyo fired the Kinsman and a plume of flames shot across the grass
in front of the oncoming marauders. Then he saw the Moderators break
and guessed that they were going to try a rear charge. Kyo wanted to
retreat to protect his wife, but he bit his lip and focused on his task.

A bullet whistled into the barn siding and Chad responded by taking
out a Moderator with a wide-rimmed hat, the man's body spun on it's
way to the ground. Raud fired again and winged another, he felt a slug
pass his head and ducked into the meadow grass.
The smoke from the grassfire drifted across BIAD's vision, but he felt
that a good attack was a great defence, he started his run towards them.

A mod took aim and fired at the cross-dressing freak that raced towards him,
with a flurry of fake hair, BIAD went down. The Mod came forward and
disappeared with a shriek.
BIAD gritted his teeth and glanced at the blooming stain in his upper arm,
he picked up the pistol and prepared to carry on.
He ignored the cry of pain from the guy who had shot him, the broken ankle
would delay any thoughts of that Mod winning the day.
BIAD fired his Colt at the second of the last two in this pack, the bullet struck
the Mod high in the chest and his legs buckled beneath him.

The last Mod ran screaming at Raud, his pistol held high and a long wicked-
looking knife held out in front of him. Raud smiled and opened his body like
a willing sacrifice.
Chad looked on with a smile, then raced towards the southern end of the
barn, he knew he'd better get ready.
The Moderator with the blade was suddenly gone and Raud pondered for
a second, just how deep BIAD had dug his pits, he smiled to himself in
knowing his friend loved his work.

The small group of seven Moderators passed the old rotten shack and
checked the back of the main building for any sign of movement. The
shotgun gave them their answer. The Moderator with the greying beard
flew apart at the waist and Raven screamed at the horror of it.
Zazz fired the Tazer to show the Mods that there was a force to be reckoned
with, the beam found the easiest way through the air and earthed itself in
a half-filled trough... blue plasma lights danced on the murky surface.

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