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aussie bloke is who he said he was. First impact June 18th?

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posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 12:52 AM
Hello. Wanted to put this bit of info on here for anyone who is interested. Like many, I am unsure of AB's authenticity. However, here are some interesting things I found today:

Someone PLEASE correct me if I am wrong about this, but didn't AB give a link to an "impact map?" And, if so, was that link
If so, it might be of interest to know that this is an obvious subdomain of is a site that talks about a new mapping/cartographic technology. Nothing on the main domain even hints at AB or the impact map. Ok. Also, the main domain is not a free webspace provider or anything along those lines. It seems to be a simple business site. So, I would assume then that the only person who would have access to change or add anything to the site would be the owner of the site. This is where it gets interesting: If that is the case, a simple DNS search of gives out the owner's name as a Marvin Schmelling from Joshua Tree, California. Then, a simple web search of his name, turns up a page where his name is listed as a "competition winner" in a contest. Same name and location for Schmelling. Link is here:
Ok. From what I can make out, the competition was to guess what some publicity event was, surrounding a book release for a book entitled "The Shift of the Ages." This book has been described as similar to "The Celestine Prophecy." Here is what "The Shift of the Ages" is about:

"In the final moments before the turn of the last century, the world paused, held its breath and waited for the prophecies of the ancients to come true. But nothing happened. Only a select few knew that the Gregorian calendar was out by twelve years.

Come on a fast-paced adventure about a man who is awoken to a memory from his distant past - a past that will take him to another place and time - a past that will reveal humanities potential future.

It is December 2008. Erratic weather seasons have been occurring globally for years and continue to worsen. Scientists, politicians and religious leaders worldwide are theorizing and contradicting each other, offering varying explanations from global warming to the beginning of Armageddon.

A mysterious crystal-domed medallion has been discovered at a secret military base in Antarctica. Five years previously, several identical medallions had been unearthed at unrelated ancient sites throughout the world. People were deeply affected by the symbols, stirred by a long lost collective memory of humanities distant past. It was claimed the medallions were over 13,000 years old and contained knowledge about celestial transits, indicating the ending of a 26,664-year galactic cycle that will conclude in the year 2012.

Answers to this riddle are about to be revealed by Jake Wakeman, an enigmatic ex-military colonel, who becomes the reluctant emissary of a message left behind by the ancient medallion keepers - a message of hope that could transform humanity into a utopian civilization during this turbulent time. But there are dark forces at work that will do everything within their power to stop him . . . "

Ok everyone, does a lot of this sound familiar to AB's set up? Here is yet one more interesting tidbit:
"The Shift of the Ages" is published and originates from.... Australia.

I would love anyone's input on this.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 02:17 AM
very interesting, that is something that we must dig deeper.

thx for that informations

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 07:01 AM
Well let's see,

Very interesting digging Northern Realm, commendable work for sure. How much truth is written in fairytale and sci-fi? Where is the line drawn at Jules Vern or Aussie Bastard?
I must agree in all good sense that it is a illusion of a great mind a fabrication of dream, on the other hand is that not what reality truly is?
Of course time will tell as it always does, unusually in this case it will start to tell very shortly. Have you read your Boy Scout manual and prepared for the worst, just in case the worst should happen. Back ups for back ups!
At any rate this tale has gained much attention around the world, all the way down to every naval force of any significance! Of this there can be no denial!

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 08:31 AM
Ahhh.. suddenly everything becomes clear!!!!


The sites that were created in 2002-2003 to generate publicity for the internet release of the novel THE SHIFT OF THE AGES, brought about much interest from around the world. The concept was to bring some of the characters from the novel to life on the net in cyberspace. The novel is set in 2008, five years later.

The response to the publicity sites was overwhelmingly supportive, as hundreds of thousands of people around the world followed some of the characters in a fast-paced adventure. Many wondered where it would lead... eventually discovering that it lead to the release of a new novel, where the adventure would continue. The publicity sites are referred to by characters in the novel.

They tried an ancientmedallion hoax on the internet last year, and it worked, so this year it's Aussie Bloke?

So... if this is a all a publicity campaign for a book... the next mystery.. what's the new novel called?

Amazon often have pre-release info on books. I've tried "Blind Skies" and "Look to the South" but nothing...

this is starting to be fun again!

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