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Breaches of Constitution!

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posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 05:25 AM
Well, I guess the old saying that ignorance is bliss….

Some of you are estatic…. Keyboard commandos engage…

OK where do you want to start
on issues where the original interpertations and reasons for the amendments
or more recent abuses of original intent of constitutions

Ill pick my favorite to start with
The one where someone here so causually dismissed.
Blah blah blah militias blah blah blah don’t equate with private ownership of sherman tanks

Let us turn back the clock-

Your mammy came over with your father . They left because of X reason.

Your are getting by but you now how a little bit more..

You have the situation in your mind. A good solid picture.

Ok this group of people who are far away from where you live begin to make a set of decisions. This is to pay for EXPENSES they claim are necessary. Wars, social reforms, grants for charities, and trade cost are among the reasons given for your why they tax you. You have an offical voice but your parents sometimes get the feeling their concerns are not listened to.

Now lets say the area you live in is not safe. The most dangerous predator on earth, the two legged kind runs through the area. Your best protection is decided for your parents they are not allowed to have. Ok you can deal.

You did not move here to give up..

Then this group of people get upset because some individuals even your parents think are causing trouble have made those people far away upset. Seems to those ‘trouble makers’, they were born free and think its not right that their concerns and your parents are not being heard.

Well they over react and send groups of well armed and trained soldiers and agents to QUIETLY make their point.

Well these people think that you are easier to control if you don’t have any of those weapons. So they start searching everywhere for places that those might be. They come to your town.

Seems they heard a rumor from a reliable source. They come into your house and search it. Remember they have the legal right to be there. Well it seems your father kept an antique or two. They haul him off because he is in possession of items those people far away think are dangerous. After all its in your best interest that law and order are maintained right?

We will for now skip over the fact your father has zero chance at a defense. Remember you have very little money. The judge and the prosecutor have work together for years and your father is not part of the system.

Those beloved sore losers mention, aka trouble makers, were ready.

Seems that idea of freedom also taught them to be prepared. All over the country you have come to know seems the same issues were going on.

They were taking all the weapons of self defense.

“We will protect you.”

Now those sore losers decided to go full hog. And the fight is on. Through a series of small quirks of fate they win. Well when some of the same geniuses that lead the fight decide to copy part of the same system that caused the fight in the first place, a few smarter one slip a few things in.

“hey you remember those idiots decided to try and take all the weapons.”

Well your dad out of jail is still a little mad about the whole issue he had with the law “Yeah I do.”

“Yeah I do to.” Person x

“You know there is probably something to that. Maybe it is a good idea we make sure we cover that. The tyrants did not like the idea of all of us being armed. It must mean free men, we are, all should be armed.”

“Yeah it would have been a lot harder if we were all armed like they were when they tried to quietly make their point.”

“So weapons in the citizens hands keeps the tyrants in check.”

Savy so far.

The idea of possession of weapons by the citizens of any people provide a check to those in power. Its kind of hard to tell someone what to do when they are packing.

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 05:27 AM
reply to post by ripcontrol

Next we move forward a few generations..

Your gx son regails you with tells of fighting in the war to end all wars.

Seems the world has gotten smaller. You notice that money is very tight and the food is crappy.

Well a new deal has been offered, and your gx son is working to keep you fed. Seems it barely is enough.

For now we go and veiw one of your neighbors across the lake. Seems they are not to happy. Your leaders have cut supplies they need as they struggle to grow and expand. They decide forget it.

On the other side of your livin arangement is another lake. On the other side of it They have been arguing over a massive debt. And they are brawlin. Well crapola, you just want to eat.

Now back to the ones who had cut resources. Seems one of their best enforcers makes a statement. You see he came to your neighbor hood and went to some of the same schools you and your cousins went to. When his boss tells him that they plan to start a fight with yall he is shock.

“Well boss, I know we can beat their enforcers. That aint the issue. Seems what everyone is telling you is true with one exception. Our neighors over on the other side of the lake are little different then we are.”

“I know that.”

“allow me a moment boss. You see their enforcers are not the problem. It will be their families and friends. You see they are armed as well. We might take a few houses but they will be shooting us every time we move.”


“You see boss they decided a long time ago that all their people should be armed”

“Well crapola.”

Savy so far….

Lets now move to the other side of the other lake. You decide to follow one of the leaders who objected to the massive debt. He was quite bright to a point. You decide to go back a little and watch him as time passes forward.

After watching time pass you wondered something. How come these people didn’t fight back. Somethings off. You go back again and decide to see why the majority of these people didn’t fight back. Then something small catches your eyes. Sems that unlike your original fathers sore loser winners, this tyrant was very smart on one thing. He outlawed them from owning any self defense weapons. It gave him the ability to use force a lot more efficeintly. After all he controlled most of the weapons.

Still no savy??????

Ok lets come back to now.

Seems a lot of our friends across both sides of the lake don’t like us. Seems They are not idiots. They learned form that neighbor who decided to try and jump us.

Still no savy ok…

Ill leave with a thought. In your life you will gather people who do not like you or who you don’t like. Lets put it in work terms. Seems that new management has taken over your company. Then you notice those coworkers we mentioned earlier are actually celebrating the new owner.

Are you not even a little suspicous?

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