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Medical Companies: Taxes In Healthcare Bill Will Kill Jobs, Businesses

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 05:09 AM
gee, if someone has a heart attack and has to have an ambulance come and use on of their heart defibrillators on them, is that person going to actually find the bill they get, even if they have insurance, affordable to them?? For a large portion of the population, I doubt it!!

maybe if the healthcare industry found a way to provide their goods and services at a price that the majority of the people could afford, well...they wouldn't be in this mess! cross/blue shield of ny just needed to give their uppermanagement a nice 30something% pay increase just as this bill was passed!! it's amazing, no one ever even suggests that maybe these companies could find a little extra money by trimming their overly blotted at the top end payroll!! na...that would be just too....unamerican!! taxing the hades out of us and using that money to provide customers for them so they can keep their multimillion dollar a year jobs....ya....that's american!!!

most industries in this country have to be run in such a way that the price of their goods and services are affordable to the majority of the people, or produce reallly, reallly quality items with high pricetags and cater to the wealthy.. the most disfunctional industries are the ones that the gov't has stepped in and broke this little link for!
crash the system, and rebuild it from scratch, with the right economic principals in place!
or well, get used to paying the high taxes, the high medical costs, because they are only going to keep rising along with the multimillion dollar salaries of those at the other end of the line who are oh so entitled to the money you earn with your sweat and blood!!
but, oh yes, it's you lowlifes that have a "entitlement" mindset!

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by Mamie

All that stuff came up after the Great Privatisation Attempt in the eighties. Under Thatcher, everything had to make a profit. The number of "managers" and "administrators" skyrocketed. Once they took planning out of the control of doctors and started to put it under the control of "businesspeople", things started to go wrong.

You only get that kind of stuff happening where people are trying to turn a profit. in healthcare, it's a really dumb move, and we're paying the price somewhat for it.

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 05:57 PM

Originally posted by Mamie
And it would appear that some of the Brits who are posting on this thread are not aware of the £20 billion in cuts that they are making to the NHS this year. But your taxes are still going to be so high that you have no other options.

We are already on our knees to do a lack of beds, trained staff, resources and facilities. And they are going to be cutting all that even more and then lying about all the deaths that will occur. The front line staff who is overwhelmed tend to shoulder the blame rather than a government who sees to it that money never manages to trickle down to the front lines.

The qualified nurse to patient ratios on NHS general wards would put Haiti to shame. The lack of doctors in hospital out of hours killed a few of my patients recently. The maternity ward is called the death unit staffed with one midwife to 30 women. But high paid managers who live and breathe government initiatives and cost cutting of frontline services are all over the place and will increase.

America, do NOT go down this road.

[edit on 31-3-2010 by Mamie]

interesting use of language... your taxes... don't you mean "our" taxes? If you work in the UK as you claim, that's a weird slip of the tongue.

And those cuts are going to be imposed because we spent so much money bailing out the banks.

There's a lot of propaganda on these boards.

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