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TTR UFO and others in CIA document

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posted on Mar, 27 2010 @ 03:24 PM
Tonopah (TTR?) UFO found in CIA document

The text in the gif above comes from a document in the CIA CREST archive. This particular document simply contained two open source articles. The one above is from Look magazine (3/21/1967). You can somewhat see why the CIA saved it since it does speak of an incident in an area of Nevada where a facility exists that the CIA probably has a hand in from time to time. I'm referring to Site-4, which is/was a part of the USAF "Have Glib" project to acquire and test foreign radar.

The next article also found in the CIA document seems to me to have no relevance to the agency, so make of it whatever you like. It is a newspaper article from Pueblo Colorado.

San Luis Valley UFO page 1

San Luis Valley UFO page 2

The program is PC only.

If you are not familiar with jp2 files, they are jpeg2000, a format for lossless compression. The program irfanview is free and can view the documents if you have the plugins loaded.


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