WWII era plane wreckage found on Ore coast; remains may exist-pics/video

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posted on Mar, 27 2010 @ 12:23 PM
Article: WHEELER, Ore. - In a heavily wooded area somewhere near this small coastal town, a piece of World War II history was found scattered in dozens of pieces - hidden for more than 60 years - and unknown until last week. According to local officials and the U.S. Navy, the find is a Curtiss SB2C Helldiver, the Navy’s primary attack and bombing plane during World War II. Even more intriguing, is that it may also contain remains of the two crew members.

Source: www.katu.com...

Then updated later: Source:

Clue emerges in WWII plane wreckage mystery

PORTLAND, Ore. - A date stamped on the wreckage of a World War II-era plane that was found deep in the woods near Wheeler, Ore. last week could help investigators determine when it crashed and who may have been on board.

Update Source: www.katu.com...

A very interesting find indeed. Amazes me. Like whatever was told to the family, how the family must feel-anyone alive etc? It seems to me the documentation was not to particular or detailed then.

A shame that there are several missing planes to pick from as to who this one was.

Great pics/some video (didn't work for me). At least an end to a story somewhere, to someone (I hope).

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