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Mindless Barbarian : Brains Beats Brawn, Learn To Think, Violence Is The Answer?

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posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 02:15 PM

Originally posted by lowly nobody
This discussion is meaningless.

To you it is meaningless, and thank you for your opinion, even though many do not share it.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
Hasn't WW II taught you anything?

Taught who anything?

You're being vague here.

Please, expound upon who "you" is and what you mean.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
Neville Chamberlain's complete fiasco at negotiations with the Nazis?

The Nazis' stalling? Their final, utterly deceptive and fake agreement with the Britain, made only as a means to buy some time until the war machinery was fully prepared? Do you even know how much hard effort the Nazi military had to put in the production of as much armor and weaponry as possible, just a couple of years before their invasion of Poland?

It was a miracle in the making, and everyone could see it. Everyone knew what it meant for everybody. But it was hope that kept people's heads buried in the sand. I don't see anything different today.

Sorry, what does WWII and Neville Chamberlain have to do with this discussion?

Originally posted by lowly nobody
People will have to lose all hope before they will do anything, and that's a known fact.

To who exactly?

It is merely an opinion you are stating, not a fact.

Unless you have a source to quote where you get this "fact" about that last statement.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
Just speaking from the top of my mind, I can count a dozen opportunities when you had clear victory at hand, and you miraculously and quite competently (in the manner in which the incompetent do) succeeded at fumbling at all of them.

Are you speaking of the Axis verses the Allies?

I have no issue with discussing history but your first sentence left it open to interpretation.

When speaking historically I would like to know in what regard it is the other person speaks.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
You fumbled because you lack the right people at all the right places, and you lack the right people because you don't have any kind of support system for them to act from. They have no safe ground, no logistics, no communication lines. They have absolutely nothing to work with.

For all your verbose commentary your vagueness is not understandable.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
How do you expect your soldiers to fight for you when you don't even provide them with the ammunition they need?

What soldiers and in which era are you referring to, WWII or currently in Iraq?

Originally posted by lowly nobody
What I can tell you, and it's not any kind of secret among those who know on either side, is that you already have all the right people spread throughout the whole civilian-military spectrum. But fortunately, both for them and for you, they are much more competent at their job that you are at yours, and they will not step forward before some kind of safe ground is firmly established... and that ain't gonna happen before all hell breaks lose.

Still lost as to what you mean because while you are a new member, your only two posts are within this thread, yet you speak as if you know me, and I do not know you.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
Do you really think that those who are even remotely competent would give themselves away within any of the already established institutions, all of which are highly centralized, compartmentalized, and under extreme surveillance? Not gonna happen.

Again, speaking like you know me, when you obviously do not.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
It's only when everyone starts running for their lives that these people may choose to step forward. And that won't happen because someone gave them some friggin' order. It will happen when they make that decision themselves, and to the best of their discernment.

What on Earth are you babbling on about, really?

Originally posted by lowly nobody
You're toy soldiers being pushed over the plastic battlefield, simply following the orders of your chair commanders.

The soldiers I'm talking about are of a completely different kind. Each is an army in small, and each can build a real army when the opportunity arises... if it does at all.

Sorry, I'm not sure if you've lost the plot, or if you're deliberately being obtuse.

What toy soldiers, what plastic battlefield, and what army?

Your post here as well as the next one I'm going to reply to do not make sense.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
I don't think I like what the facts are telling me so far.

I do wonder what you're on about, really I do.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
For example, why was this thread "disappeared" yesterday, and suddenly "resurrected" today? Was it a sheer coincidence that the thread disappeared before that FBI raid against some militia, and reappeared after the raid was over, or is there something to the timing of those two (completely unrelated?) events?

This thread did not disappear, but seeing as you're a new member, let me educate you on how a forum works, since you seem to believe I have some mystical power, which I do not when it comes to controlling this thread and or the forum.

The forum, and the Recently Posts page, probably the one you are referring to, rotates like a rotisserie.

If it "disappeared" it is because not many were replying to it, throughout the day, not because I did anything to make that happen.

As for the Militia that was raided yesterday, they were in Indiana, and I am in Florida.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
Now, I'm not a U.S. citizen, and I have no interest in FBI's business (as long as the FBI doesn't have any interest in mine), and I have no idea if those militia "officers" are guilty of any crimes, so I'm not going to dive into that kind of discussion.


I am a United States citizen, I am not a Militia member, I could become one if I so chose to do so.

I do not see that happening anytime soon seeing as the Government will use any excuse to shut one down, up to and including infiltrating them with Agent Provocateurs, to incite violent tendencies.

In other words, I trust that the Militia would be infiltrated, just about easily as boiling water to make spaghetti.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
But I can say that only pretty dumb people would accept becoming any kind of "officers" in any militia these days. Those places are trap holes, and rarely anyone ever climbs out of them.


I have to ask what country you're from, you sound as if you are from the United Kingdom.

By your writing style and choice of words.

A guess and no offense if I am incorrect but I usually hit the mark.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
I have nothing against militias myself, mind you. They, by the way, don't even exist in my country, but if they did I'd only join one if I wanted to learn to use automatic weapons... and get the hell out of there while there was still time.

I have nothing against Militia's either, it is their inability to keep out Government infiltration that I do not like.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
To be completely honest, we did have something called "territorial defense", which was completely unarmed branch of a civilian disaster relief program... which somehow turned armed with the help of foreign (meaning - U.S. and Germany) help in order to break down the country. So, as you can see, I can understand if the U.S. government doesn't want to suffer the same fate as former Yugoslavia did... but # happens all the time, even to the greatest.

This does sound British in origin to some extent, could still be United Kingdom.

Personally, I think the Scots and Irish gave up far too easily to the British, to make the United Kingdom.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
I mean, just look at Ancient Rome... whose fasces symbols the U.S. senate is actively using to this very day (right behind the chairman's seat back there... see?), or Italy (pure fascism) and Germany (the Nazi variation of it), both of which used exactly the same fasces symbols.

Tells a lot about what's going on in the U.S. doesn't it?

Yes, and this is no secret among the conspiracy theorists of this website.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
But to stay on topic...

Thank you.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
Does anyone else find it extremely peculiar that a guy who calls himself SpartanKingLeonidas is actively advocating all the peaceful "solutions" to the victims when force is being exercised against them (kind of reminds me of the beginning of the WW II... just can't put my finger on the reasons why...).

And this is on topic how exactly because I am not not the topic of this thread?

What victims am I advocating peaceful "solutions" towards exactly?

And your obvious reference there is to Hitler.

Do you know my thoughts on Hitler because if you do not you are making a rather insidious implication?

Careful now, character assassination is against the terms and conditions.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
Spartans were not knows for their peacefulness as far as I know, and were prepared to die to the last one in order to protect their own freedom and the freedom of the whole Greece.

So, what's wrong with this picture we are seeing here? Do I smell a rat?

And what exactly are you trying to imply and or infer here?

The Spartan's were warriors and there's nothing wrong with warriors.

And I ask no one to follow me, quite the opposite in fact, I encourage others to lead themselves.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
If I were some kind of conspiracy nut theorist, I'd be asking myself right now if Neville Chamberlain was in fact a fascist in disguise, and was intentionally stalling Britain's preparations for the war everyone knew was coming? I mean, the peaceful are usually just puppets in the hands of those others out there, so I'd say that my question has some firm ground beneath its feet.

You're not a (your words, not mine) "conspiracy nutcase"?

So, this means you're a potential agitator, or an Agent Provocateurs, at the least a character assassin?

That is not an accusation but a question since you have put questions to me.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
Are we seeing here the beginning of a psychological operation to smoke out all the true patriots?

I do wonder what it is exactly you're smoking to make you jump to such a conclusion.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
The symbolism is quite stunning I must say. Somehow, it reminds me of that persecution of the Christians the Bible speaks about. Somebody's heavy on the symbolism these days it seems.

Paranoia has set in, in you, correct?

I have quite happily been a member here for five years, and you a few days.

Yet, you assualt my character, you assume the most insane theories about me, and insult my honor.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
Anyway, the only thing I can say is - not gonna happen.

If you knew anything about me you would know how silly that suggestion since I am a patriot.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
And with that, I think I will just leave as unnoticeably as I came back, and never return to ATS again just like I'll never return to that, now Pentagon-infested, GLP forum.

Sure, sounds like a hit and run character assassination attempt, how wonderful of you.

Originally posted by lowly nobody
Places like this keep falling into military hands at an increasing (and quite alarming) rate, so I wouldn't like to be caught in it when the military takes over the whole country.

Do you have any evidence of that or are you a flat out liar?

Originally posted by lowly nobody
But, maybe SpartanKingLeonidas can reach some kind of agreement with the military dictatorship when that happens?

His life (and some added luxury) in exchange for the "traitors" to the military regime? Yep, I think he'd go for it, and he would definitely show his ability to negotiate with non-violent means.

Good for you Spartan chap, you're the best.

Even Sun Tzu would bow before your sheer brilliance at winning (goods for yourself) without any effort.

I think you're not too bright, obviously, because I see you're stating I would sell out anyone here.

That is quite insane because it goes against my very nature and your lack of honor in calling into question my character shows exactly how low your character is to begin with, and I do believe I have had quite enough of your nonsense.

I have to wonder at your lack of sanity because you do not know me nor my beliefs.

[edit on 30-3-2010 by SpartanKingLeonidas]

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 04:21 PM

Originally posted by Rockpuck
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

nonsense.. I was simply saying that we were brought up at polar opposites. You, raised to ask questions, I, raised to keep my mouth shut. How is then that we end up in the same ideology regarding Authority? Yes, Authority should be respected, without it we are orderless and chaos reigns free. To much and we are stripped of our freedoms and turned into subservient surfs. Are some people programmed to change the way they think, to break away from the mold in which they are brought up? Are some people naturally programmed to be .. rebels? Because that's what we are, we go against the grain of society.. while others care only what party Lindsey Lohan attended last weekend, others are zealously following politics, economics, social movements..


Personally, I could care less what Lindsay Lohan was wearing, meaningless drivel.

Bread and circuses, my friend, bread and circuse.

However, I know to watch politician's, and learn their ploys.

Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist

The Boy Who Cried N.W.O. : Are You Watching Puppet or Puppet Master's?

Originally posted by Rockpuck
But then, you could take the question even further. In many animal species there are different types of the same species, with a naturally programmed role in their society. The largest population of ever categorized animal are the "workers" .. those that trudge along, cause no problems, do the work, have no leadership roles what so ever. They go with the flow, regardless of power changes amongst the population. This is seen in many varieties, from Apes to Ants.

Yes, the workers, are the "drones", mindless slaves, who work and nothing else.

It's seen in ants, bees, apes, wolves, lions, and elephants.

I agree with you there.

I am no drone but I know many of them.

Originally posted by Rockpuck
Some however are leaders, but not just leaders, contesters for leadership .. where ever there is a group ruling in power, there is at least one other in contest for that leadership. In Humans, we see the ones we call sheep.. and perhaps they really are. In the Revolutionary War, it's estimated a mere 3% of the population provoked the war.. it takes only a few radicals to spark something. In Humans the power of ideology demands that our beliefs are more pertinent than what ever is "in power".. At this conjunction in history, the power is shifting towards "us vs them" and incidentally perhaps that means the two parties against "the people". The core party supporters, from both parties, are the "sheep" so to speak.

I agree with you that it takes but a mere crack in the veneer of the wall.

A facade which becomes fractured is a fissure waiting to burst the dam.

And those within that dam bursting, lose the plot, and are swept away.

We must remember that the spark which starts this though can be easily snuffed.

And the questions is whether we are one of the one sparking off that fire, being burned within it, or one of the ones snuffing it to begin with.

Originally posted by Rockpuck
I view 90% of Government as "needless bureaucracy" .. when it becomes to big, you dismantle and start anew.. yes, all forms of government will grow indefinitely, but hitting the "reset" button can drastically reduce Government.

While I want to say 100%, I know better, realistically, I see it as 60% is needless.

I would make huge cuts to the majority of Government.

There are far better things to use our resources towards.

I believe in medium-sized Government, not Big Government, nor no Government.

But, I want every person held accountable, and fired if necessary.

Personally, that no one was fired, after 9/11 is a disgrace and Bush is too.

I would have fired the heads of every Intelligence Agency.

After a week finding all of their replacements and there would have been an actual investigation, not the bogus crap of the 9/11

There was far too much intelligence known prior to 9/11 and people were silenced.

This is that idiotic groupthink mentality which has to go.

It stagnates intelligent people within the Intelligence Agencies.

And as well, it creates more apathy among the people, and is a morale killer.

Originally posted by Rockpuck
You know.. I agree.. they just do their jobs.. but.. Lets take London's G8 summit for example. Yes, police had to retain the masses and prevent damage. But, I am sure you saw the videos of police bashing against peaceful protesters, the men behind the first line with shields over their heads, bringing them down on the heads and backs of those they were pushing..

Yes, I did see that, and most of it was atrocious, and outrageous.

Lawful protesting should be allowed.

The problem is though with those in their Ivory Tower who think those people protesting are not important, and they push Law Enforcement too far.

Have you seen the movie The Battle in Seattle?

Excellent point made within the movie about abuse of political power.

Originally posted by Rockpuck
Disgusting behavior, worthy of treason. Or when a cop kills a person (which happened *again* this week in my city, the guy had a box cutter *gasp*) and the Police cover up the crime.. "he was just doing his job".

Ya, police (and soldiers) do have a job to do, but when do you draw the line of respecting their position, questioning what they do, and striking back to say "enough is enough"?

Well, a weapon, is a weapon, and a tool is a tool, but some are threatening.

I agree to an extent with what you're saying.

A box-cutter can only hurt you if you're stupid enough to get close to the blade.

Or if it is thrown or a bystander is grabbed as a hostage and threats are made.

Over all, I believe the Law Enforcement Officer's do their jobs, but not always.

I have met many, many honorable Police Offier's, ones I would stand beside.

And I have met many dishonorable Police Officer's, ones I would not allow near me.

The difference comes from whether they know the law or misinterpret the law.

Personal interpretation is a diverse and complex issue which merits more attention.

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