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The Most Plausible Scenario for which BlueBeam is enacted

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posted on Mar, 27 2010 @ 10:12 AM
After the Norway Spiral, I'm a firm believer in Project Bluebeam and HAARP. But it's frustrating to think about how they can get away with it and not have it come across as cartoonish. What scenario can give it the gloss of realism that could be written up in a newspaper or broadcast on TV with real "gravitas" / illusion of importance?

I'll leave the thread to your ideas and scenarios, but first I'll give my take on it.

The beginning of 2012. The Iran war is raging. Russia and China are threatening nuclear retaliation. In the Western world, h1n1 has "mutated" with avian h5n1 flu. Of course this is merely a cover story for millions to be killed in the emergency phase with poisoned vaccines/ vaccine patches.

By September the survivors have been softened up enough and there is a relative calm.

The Large Hadron Collider is restarted. Here is a quoted part from their own website, under the Atlas experiment section:

What is the schedule of ATLAS? ATLAS Schedule 2008 and forward

10 Sept. -- First splashes of particles in the ATLAS detector as LHC circulates first beams (in both directions). No collision events were planned, but the particles in the detector were used to debug and setup the detector.

October 2008 - Fall 2009 --LHC is shutdown due to incident in the tunnel (described elsewhere). During parts of this period, ATLAS will use cosmic ray events to commission and tune the detector. Improvements to the detector will also be made during the shutdown.

Late 2009 -- Startup of LHC and first event collisions at a total energy of 0.9 TeV and later at 2.36 TeV (above the previous world record).

March 2010 -- Event collisions at a total energy of 7 TeV. This will lead to about 18 months of intensive data taking before the next shutdown. The next shutdown is expected to be about a year long. Following that shutdown it is expected that the total collision energy will be increased towards 14 TeV. First papers with early results may come in summer 2010.

Next 15-20 years -- Continued data taking with publication of results on an ongoing basis.

Note how coy they are about the September 2012 start up. ( 3-10 + 18 months is Sept. 2011 + "next shut down is about a year long" is roughly Sept. 2012.) So, the LHC is up and running. A day or so before the the BIG day, 12-21-12 (at 11:11 am is it?), the LHC is encountering strange problems. Maybe even of the sort like, "we can't shut it off!"
[It really makes me mad when articles make fun of how stupid people are by believing "it can shift time/ create black holes". It's not like lay people look at that gooblety gook physics crap and point out, "ahh yes, because y+ e=mc2 that means black holes orbit the galactic core causing the Earth to pole shift!" They are just parroting the news stories quoting "scientists". And go into the media on purpose from the elites. In other words, I think LHC is as fake as global warming as fake as swine flu.]

Anyway, at the scheduled date and time, 12-21-12 11:11 am, LHC explodes spectacularly. Something strange is happening. Nations pause their attacks and collectively turn their attention to this possible nuclear strike. Lightning is erupting out the gaping hole in the ground in Switzerland where LHC used to be. That night, Blue Beam is put into operation. This is the "night of a 1000 stars". Maybe night turns into day. Arcs of light. Spirals all over the place. (the "God-particle"/ Higgs-Boson particle is roaming the planet?)

The next day things are still out of control. Strange sounds can be heard planet wide. Then, UFO's can be seen here and there. The Ufo's converge on Switzerland for the whole world to see. The LHC mystery "black hole" is destroyed and put to normal by the UFO's. The aliens (this is the "Maitreya/ Christ") put forth a message over all the world media that humans should stop being divisive, blah blah, love the NWO. Politicians vow to create the NWO.

Aliens leave, stage right.

So, there's my take on how BlueBeam goes operational. Feel free to post your opinions and version of BB events.

posted on Mar, 27 2010 @ 10:38 AM
Okkaaay, but it's the Winter Solctice not the Autumnal Equinox. Ergo, it won't be one day before, it'll be 3 months before. N'est-ce pas?


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