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Rough Night for me in Basketball

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 11:45 PM
Tonight, my former high school basketball team lost, my college team lost, and even my pro team lost.


I went to Gahanna Lincoln High School. Their boys basketball team, in the state tournament, crushed the number one team in the nation last week. LINK

They just lost in the semifinals. LINK

Ok, my sports night has gone bad enough so far right?

Not done yet. I go to Ohio State, and I was hoping we would at least make it past Tennessee, but NOOOooooo. LINK

Ok, I can always rely on the Cleveland Cavs to pull off a win (for the most part). Will this happen? Hell no. LINK

So lame. At least the teams I like are having good seasons. sigh>>>>>>>>>


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