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The DEA in your medicine cabinet

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 01:32 PM
We have learned how Microsoft, Google and others will assist and currently do, law enforcement to find out not only what your browsing but now the DEA is allowing electronic prescriptions to be issued by Doctors. Many are seeing this as an "in addition" to the already invasive efforts by police to get into your business and now, your medicine cabinet. The considerations are for inclusiveness of electronic medical records as more hospitals and docs begin to convert paper record to electronic format. Thats more than likely a good thing as long as these facilitys do not connect these computers to the internet. But the electronic prescription idea must be sent via the internet to pharmacys therefore allowing for intercept by big bro.

In another thread I posted a solicit for help from the DEA to Microsoft for help with intrusive practices. I firmly believe that with each passing day as we see more and more of this type of surveillance being passed under the pretense of progress, we are slowly losing more freedoms and privacy faster than anytime within the last 25 years. - L8TR, Mike

Federal register document

Google gets help for cybersecurity from NSA

Microsoft & the DEA - Not a good mix

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