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Are we in the meltdown?

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 11:25 AM

Are we in "The Meltdown"?

I am not one to advocate "doom" simply because I believe it will be the end of an age, not mankind. But recently, with ALL that has been going on, how much worse can it get? How much more can we take?

""Every path you've trod, through wilderness, through war, has led to this road.""

How much more pollution can the world really take before whole eco systems transform to accommodate our waste? What would happen if within a week the Earth had two 7+ earthquakes, multiple volcanic eruptions, and powerful storms? Would we have the resources to even help a fourth of those affected? Are we not doing enough to prepare? These are all paths we have been down and have still not taken steps to make sure disasters have as little effect on humans as possible.

We have been directly or indirectly at war for many hundreds of years, as I recall my history lessons, with little no solution to prevent such a terrible way to resolve differences. Our governments have been working for others than the ones they were sworn to serve for many years. Have the powers that control the world created something not even they can stop? To many countries are at the brink of wars that just don't need to be fought.

In America we have a country divided over more issues than can be discussed in one thread. A lot know this is a distraction from other things going on in the world but only a few choose to look more into it. Is it not inevitable that many of the crimes committed at the most "noble" levels be brought to light? If not then what? We The People at almost any point can be completely abandoned by those who are suppose to be protecting us.

Where can we go from here? I think we are far past the tipping point to wait for the governments to help us find change. It is just a question of when we hit "the bottom" now I think. How will something so big recover from a fall? Can we keep putting tape and glue on the cracks of this broken system?


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