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Pope Innocent VIII, Columbus and the finding of the Americas.

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 09:33 AM
The monument to Pope Innocent VIII is in Saint Peters in Rome.
It has an inscription -
Novi orbis suo aevo inventi gloria - His is the glory of the discovery of the new world.

Innocent VIII, born in Genoa, Giovanni Battista Cybo, was pope 1484 to the last days of July 1492.
He died of fever and strong stomach pains una semana before Columbus would set sail from the port of Palos on the 3rd august of that year.
If , then, he died a week before Columbus set sail, how can it be that He has the glory for the discovery of the new world.

Another mystery lies in the engraving under his staue, on the same tomb.
Dead in the year of the lord 1493?

But doesnt it say on the same tomb that he died in the summer of 1492?

One things for sure, in 1493 the Spaniard Alejandro IV, Roderigo Borgia and his followers pushed forward with the ambitions of the Catholic royal family in the Americas.

The Secret Crusade
In 1490 Innocent VIII was obessed with the unstoppable muslim advance in the mediterranean. They had captured Constatinople in 1453, which was a disaster for christianity that wouldnt stop there.
In 1480 in Otranto in Italy the Turcs had cut the throats of 800 christians on a beach.
The only way to stop what was happening was a crusade to neutralise the enemy and reconquest the holy land.
But was there a crusade in 1490? well, yes...and no as it was a failure before it started.
The pope planned to put Europe in 3 great armies. one from the papal states, another from Hungary, Germany and poland, and a third from Spain, France and England.
But the untimely death of the king of Hungary put a spanner in the works just before the call up of the armies.
Innocent VIII did'nt give up on his plans though, and spent the next two years collecting finances to fund the reconquest of Jerusalem.

He would need gold. And lots of it. Where would it come from? Who would help him?.

A family affair??
In this moment would appear another Genovese, Columbus, and he would approach him to help him with the funding of the crusade.
Another Genovese with mesianic tendancies, who believed he was seving a higher purpose.
In society it was thought that the nearing jubilee year of 1500 would be perfect for the retaking of sacred places.
It was Innocent VII who had named the kings of Castilla and Aragon the "Catholic" kings, the "Reyes Catholicos", and the same Innocent VIII who opened the road to the Spanish royalty for Colombus, and thus to the discovery of the new world.

There could be a reason why Cybo put this mission into the hands of Colombus, He could well have been a bastard son of his.

Theres evidence that points towrds it, some portraits of Colombus bare an uncanny resemblance to Innocent in the few paintings of him that still exist.
And whats more, Cybo had Jewish ancestory, and grandmother called saracina, a muslim name. If he was his son, Columbus had plenty of reasons to hide his roots as he did.
This would explain aswell why so many of the crew where from Genoa, and why the called the first land discovered Cuba, it may sound native but its derived from CYBO, the surname of the pope, which in its turn comes from cubos or cubus.

What happened then to Cybos project?.

For that the answer is in maybe in the only book in Columbus's own hand his 'Book of prophecies which is in the Colombus Library in Seville.
Its a book of 70 parchment sheets, originally 84.
The first lines describes how christianity must be spread around the world and the holy land must be recaptured,all in the name of the 'Reyes Catholicos'.
The book wasnt published and available until 1984.
Its full of bible phrases, by a man who knew exactly how important his mission was.

Maybe that would explain why he signs all his letters with the myterious anagram Christo Ferens, which is the greek-latin form of Cristopher which means 'bearer of Christ'.

Maybe thats why aswell the three ships of Columbus all bore an enormous Templar cross on their sails, or could it be because they were the first to inform the pope of the new worlds existence in the thirteenth century.

Read more here from Italian specialist Ruggero Marino

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