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Obama's White Papal Masters: The REAL Chain of Command

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 08:42 AM
Obama’s White Papal Masters

The most comprehensive list of the Chain of Command leading and controlling Obama and his administration. See who really runs the show from the top to the bottom (Obama). Read their credentials and connections.
Obama’s White Papal Masters:

Chain of Command

Adolfo Nicolas
30th Superior General, Society of Jesus
“The Black Pope”

Pope Benedict XVI
Vicar of Christ/Vicar of Horus
“The White Pope”

“The White Pope”
The Evil Emperor

“The Black Pope”
Darth Vader

Masters of “The Matrix”

James E. Grummer, S.J.
American Assistant to General Nicolas
Borgo di Santo Spirito #5, Rome
Master of US Jesuit Conference
Master of American Jesuit University Presidents
Master of 10 American Provincials
Master of New York Provincial

Thomas H. Smolich. S.J.
President, US Jesuit Conference
Former California Provincial
Former Master of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Conspirator: Present Chinese-Mexican Invasion
Conspirator: Future Sino-Soviet-Muslim Invasion

David S. Ciancimino, S.J.
New York Provincial
Overseer of Archbishop of New York City
Occult Overseer of New York City
Wall Street, Federal Reserve, NYSE

Joseph M. McShane, S.J.
President, Jesuit Fordham University
Bronx, New York
“Penholder for Cardinal Egan”
Notice: Equilateral Triangle Pendant
Masonic symbol for the Risen Horus

Pope Benedict the XVI
Roman Papal Caesar
Egyptian Osiris
Vicar of Christ/Vicar of Horus

Edward Cardinal Egan
“Prince of the Pope’s Church”
Roman Papal Senator

Edward Cardinal Egan
Archbishop of New York City
“Archbishop of the Capital of the World”
“The American Pope”
Head: American Branch of the Knights of Malta
Head: Knights of Columbus

Occult Master of:
Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree
American Scottish-Rite Freemasonry
Council On Foreign Relations
B’nai B’rith/Anti-Defamation League
Central Intelligence Agency
National Security Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Office of Naval Intelligence
The Pentagon

Joseph A. O’Hare, S.J.
President Emeritus, Jesuit Fordham University
Bronx, New York
Member: Knights of Malta
Presider: Council on Foreign Relations
Advisor to Knight of Malta David Rockefeller, CFR
Advisor to Knight of Malta Henry Kissinger, CFR
Advisor to Michael Bloomberg
Mayor, New York City
Papal Knight of the Vatican’s Revived
“Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem“—Israel

John J. DeGioia
President Jesuit Georgetown University
Member: Knights of Malta
Member: Council On Foreign Relations
Adminstrator: “Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem“—Israel

Richard N. Haass
Chairman: Council on Foreign Relations
New York City
Servant of Edward Cardinal Egan
Overseer of AIPAC:
American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Freemasonic Jewish Labor Zionist
Court Jew for the Pope
Adminstrator: “Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem“—Israel

Zbigniew Brzezinski
Member: Knights of Malta
Member: Bilderberg Group
Member: Council On Foreign Relations
Member: Trilaterial Commission
Advisor: Jesuit Georgetown University
Polish Roman Catholic Socialist-Communist
Professor: Columbia University, New York
Recruiter of Barry Soetoro, 1981
Creator of “Barack Hussein Obama”

George Soros
Member: Council on Foreign Relations
Member: Carlyle Group
Major Stockholder: Halliburton
Hungarian Jew: Socialist-Communist
Financial Backer of Barack Hussein Obama
Friend of Rupert Murdoch
Freemasonic Jewish Labor Zionist
“Court Jew for the Pope”

Rupert Murdoch
Member: Council on Foreign Relations
Member: Knights of St. Gregory
International Media Mogul
Owner: Fox News Network
Friend of George Soros
Occult Protector of Barack Hussein Obama
Bill O’Reilly – The O’Reilly Factor

Sean Hannity – Hannity & Combes

Joseph R. Biden
Papal Knight; Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor
Vice President: Rome’s “Holy Roman”
14th Amendment American Empire
Alter Ego: Jesuit Advisor to
President Barry Davis Obama
Promoter: Council on Foreign Relations
Honorary Degrees:
Jesuit University of Scranton, Scranton, PA
Jesuit St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA

Barry Davis
“Barack Hussein Obama”
32nd Degree Prince Hall Freemason
President of Rome’s “Holy Roman,”
14th Amendment American Empire
Sunni Moslem, Pretended Protestant Christian
Mulatto: Mulatto Father, White Mother
Father: Frank Marshall Davis, Jr.
Wife: Michelle, Member: Chicago CFR
Obama: CFR-Controlled and CFR Spokesperson
Obama: Promoted by the late William F. Buckley, Jr.
Buckley: Knight of Malta, Bonesman, Bilderberger, CFR Member
Buckley: Promoter of Reverse Discrimination against Whites
Buckley: Promoter of a Coming Black President
Obama: Trained in Romanism, Islam and Apostate Protestantism
Obama: “Nimrod”; Pretended Unifier of Whites and Blacks
Obama: Promoter of the Papal Crusade against Shia Islam
Obama: Promoter of Bush’s Papal Inquisition
Against Protestant American Liberties
Obama: Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor
Promotor of the Black Pope’s Counter-Reformation
Barry Davis: “Boy” of Pope Benedict XVI

[link to]

Biden and his Proxy Obama Serving the “White and Black Popes”

Again, Marco Ponce has created another masterpiece! It would be laughable if it was not the cold, deadly truth!

The fact is Zibignew Brzezinski is a Roman Catholic Knight of Malta connected to the Jesuits of Georgetown University and was the mentor of Barry Soetoro, alias “Barack Hussein Obama” while attending Columbia University, now Columbia College, in New York.

The fact is “Obama” was mentored by “ex-Jesuit” Greg Galluzzo of the Gamaliel Foundation when Obama was working the streets of Chicago.

The fact is that Roman Catholic papal knight Joe Biden is the White master of Mulatto Obama. Biden was the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which he chaired, and holds honorary degrees from the Order’s Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.

The fact is Biden is a darling of the Jesuits of Georgetown University and abject slave to the Temporal Power of Pope Benedict XVI.

The fact is Benedict XVI—”the White Pope”—is the utter creature of “the Black Pope,” Adolfo Nicolas, remembering the Jesuits are the “penholders” of the pope! The foreign policy of the Biden/Obama administration is the foreign policy of the Vatican. From FDR to Obama, all foreign policy has been dictated by Rome overseen by the Jesuit Superior General.
[link to]

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 08:51 AM
it all would be believable except...Biden is dumb as a pencil eraser and would have already blurted out "I work for the black pope tee hee..."

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by joey_hv
it all would be believable except...Biden is dumb as a pencil eraser and would have already blurted out "I work for the black pope tee hee..."

Biden's job is to play the fading Buffoon. It makes him warm and fuzzy and "safe".

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 08:58 AM

Originally posted by biochemky
Biden's job is to play the fading Buffoon.

He is too good at it to be acting.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 08:58 AM

soemehow, I don't think this cat is "playing" a bufoon...

[edit on 26-3-2010 by joey_hv]

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 09:58 PM
Jesuit Obama’s State of the Jesuit Empire: Doublespeak and Deception
Jan 29, 2010 by Eric John Phelps
Indeed, Mulatto Prince Hall Rite Freemason Barry Davis (alias “Barack Hussein Obama”) posing as the “President of the United States,” has delivered another riveting, motivational speech successfully deceiving the hearts of a bleeding and bankrupt American citizenry. Before your editor commences, it is striking to behold the uncanny likeness of White Roman Catholic Vice President Joe Biden, White Roman Catholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Mulatto “President” Barry Davis Obama with Osiris, Isis and Horus—the ancient Trinity of Egyptian Mystery Religion. White Joe is Osiris; White Nancy is Isis and Mulatto Barry—the White/Black duel breed God-man—is Egyptian Messiah Horus, the risen son of the gods. Could this be the reason that Black Freemason Louis Farrakhan, that bombastically hateful, anti-White racist and tribal chief of the Black cult known as “the Nation of Islam,” endorsed Obama for the presidency calling him “the Messiah?”
At this cleverly orchestrated reality we are not surprised. For the Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas is Satan’s occult overlord of high-level, OTO/Illuminized Freemasonry ruling his international “Invisible Empire” from the Vatican while preserving the essential rites and power of the Devil’s Mystery Babylonian/Egyptian Religion—one day to be relocated from Rome to the rebuilt City of Babylon! Being the puppet masters of this charade, the Jesuits of Scranton University and St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia control Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Joe Biden; the Jesuits of the University of San Francisco control Jesuitess Nancy Pelosi; and the Jesuits of Loyola University in Chicago control Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Barry Davis Obama.
Yes, Jesuit/CFR-controlled Islamic Freemason Barry Davis Obama is the 21st Century’s reborn Jesuit/CFR-controlled Episcopalian Freemason Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Socialist Roman Catholic Papal Knights Edward Kennedy and Zibignew Brzezinski “made” Obama just as socialist Roman Catholic Papal Knights Al Smith and John J. Raskob “made” Roosevelt. The Order’s endgame for both presidential “made men” was and is Right Wing Jesuit Fascism: blue-blooded FDR failed due to the providential interposition of ex-Marine Corps General Smedley Butler, but blue-blooded BDO (related to six American presidents) apparently will succeed in precipitating a military coup d’etat led by an Army General loyal to the Pope of Rome.
The parallels between Obama and Roosevelt are both striking and fascinating remembering powerful American Jesuits brought both marionettes to power—”by hook and by crook.” Both men were puppets of the Archbishop of New York City via their clandestine association with the Cardinal’s Council on Foreign Relations (CFR); both were socialist-radical Democrats; both were gripping orators; both were winsome with their smiles and eye-contact, each personality possessing an approachable bearing and demeanor; both called for “Change,” which “Change” centralized more power in Washington while further destroying the White Protestant and Baptist Middle Class; both sought to openly lead the Pope’s “Holy Roman” 14th Amendment American Empire out of a Jesuit Georgetown University-plotted, CFR-executed economic depression in which both coadjutors played their assigned, devilish parts; both inherited said depressions from previous, CFR-controlled, Republican administrations, Jesuit Coadjutors Hoover and Bush obediently wrecking their economies; both were pro-communist socialists (FDR hosting Soviet Bolsheviks at the White House—according to FDR’s son-in-law Curtis Dall, as well as BDO hosting Red Chinese Communists at the White House on national television!); both attended apostate Protestant, pro-socialist-communist Harvard University; and both headed Harvard university news reviews.
Further, both were connected to the Jesuits during their political ascendancy (FDR via the New York political machine directed by Archbishop of New York City Patrick Cardinal Hayes, and BDO by means of the Chicago political machine overseen by Archbishop of Chicago Francis Cardinal George; both would promote Jesuit-authored and perfected Fabian-Socialist-Communist-left wing—”secular progressive” (Oh! what a deceptive neo-fascist term constantly employed by Fox News Roman Catholic pundits Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly!)” solutions to deliberately impose economic depressions; both would promote a “Recovery Act;” both would plunge the nation into massive debt (FDR’s $500 Billion “New Deal” and BDO’s $24 Trillion “Bailout”); both would promote national, communal work forces; both would be advised by Jesuits during their tenures as “Commander-in-Chief;” both OPENLY pretended to be the enemies of the big, cartel-capitalist bankers on Wall Street while SECRETLY serving the interests of these very CFR-directed “robber barons” that put them in office; and both would impose a pro-Black and pro-Roman Catholic domestic and foreign policy specifically targeting the nation’s historic White Anglo-Saxon Protestant and Baptist Middle Class for its final, economic destruction. Indeed, Jesuit-imposed, Counter-Reformation socialism is the “Final Solution to the Middle Class Question,” that White Middle Class born out of the risen Son of God’s Bible-based Protestant Reformation.
One more preface of fact: there is no such thing as a “State of the Union” address. The Federal Union of Sovereign American States called “These United States of America” created in 1789 died on July 28, 1868. On that day the 14th Amendment was proclaimed to be “ratified,” the amendment reversing the origin and character of American citizenship, the new national citizenship being “paramount and dominant” and state citizenship being “subordinate and derivative.” On that day of infamy, the Pope’s “Holy Roman” 14th Amendment American Empire was born. Therefore, the presidential address should be renamed “State of the Empire Address,” more accurately termed “The State of the Jesuit Empire Address.” This is what we heard from BDO’s lips last week—and he knows it!
Regarding the address, your editor maintains there were two policies promoted of utmost importance if the military Company of Jesus is to succeed in destroying the White Middle Class and impose martial law. They were the promotion of nationalized “Health Care,” i.e., socialized medicine continuing the unfettered Roman Catholic Latino Alien Invasion of America. The other is openly permitting the sodomite homosexual (erroneously called “gays”) invasion of the military to the outrage and disgust of the highest military commanders including the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Did you notice the cold and calculating response of the Joint Chiefs after Obama made that dastardly statement?
Yes, both policies will continue to destroy the White Protestant Middle Class—its highly advanced culture built with first prayers and then blood, sweat and tears to the exclusion of monetary handouts from government. And yes, both policies will continue to destroy White American peoples with our historic White Protestant history including factual knowledge of America’s Geneva/AV1611 Reformation Bible-based culture while rendering our national borders indefensible due to a sodomite-ridden, demoralized and undisciplined armed forces. Both Roosevelt and Obama are exceeding sinners before the risen Lord Jesus Christ, which inculcated, individual iniquity includes an incessant hatred for true, Reformation Bible-believing Protestant and Baptist Christians as well as racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites—the spiritual as well as the physical “seed of Abraham” through Issac and Jacob. In this light we shall examine what your editor considers to be the two keystone issues of the Biden/Davis-Obama “State of the Jesuit Empire” address.
First, the Order’s three-decade quest of establishing socialized medicine, culminating in the Obama mantra “Health Care for All Americans,” has been an original canard of the socialist-communist Democratic Party. It was a goal of Roman Catholic socialist-communist, gun-grabbing Senator Edward Kennedy, the murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne—according to an acquaintance who was a personal friend of the now deceased coroner having performed Mary Jo’s autopsy. Socialized medicine with no private sector competition will not only deprive the aging White WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War baby-boomer generations of present coverage, but will tremendously reduce the ability of allopathic physicians to immediately redress emergency surgical situations. The medical crisis now in Canada, England and Germany—three historically White Protestant nations—will come to America. Your editor knows of at least three doctors that will cease to practice medicine if the Obamacare/Clintoncare/Kennedycare plan becomes law.
But the 2074-page Health Care Act—backed by the American Jesuit Conference—must fall on its face in light of one key provision: free health care to every Roman Catholic Latino alien invader now within the borders of the Empire. Any and every true American patriot holding office in both the federal House and Senate would—without flinching a muscle—vote “No” without having to read one more word of the damnable bill. No Republican or Democratic congressman who loves the idea of national sovereignty and a strong middle class would ever vote for such an abomination which is nothing more than what the Holy Bible calls “a mischief framed by a law.” Further, to back the bill is to promote the Washington promoted, Roman Catholic Alien Invasion uniformly backed by the entire American Roman Hierarchy. The bill has a marvelous two-pronged effect: destroy the White Anglo Saxon Protestant Middle Class while “making America dominantly Roman Catholic”—the hue and cry of the Jesuit Order’s Knights of Columbus for over one hundred years! Anyone who votes for the act is, in fact, guilty of high treason—guilty of aiding and abetting “foreign intrigue” of which we were warned by George Washington, the Father of our deceased Confederate Republic of these United States of America. For that “foreign intrigue” is centered in the Jesuit-ruled Vatican.
Secondly, by mandating legalized sodomy in the military, angry and disenfranchised, normal heterosexual Whites will clamor for a military dictator to reverse the impending destruction of the armed forces. No army can fight “the enemy” and ever hope to win with advancing sodomites within the ranks or as officers: for to carry out orders requires respect for commanding officers. George Washington, our great White Baptist-Calvinist Father of the limited Calvinist Republic of the late United States of America (1789-1868) personally expelled sodomites from his army. Once acceptance of sodomy is protected by law in the military, the day of American patriotism inspiring men to defend the nation is over—to the delight of the Society of Jesus!
In conclusion, Davis-Obama’s “State of the Jesuit Empire Address” will continue to foster more New Right Republican Jesuit Fascism. It’s culmination will be martial law under a Jesuit-directed Fascist military dictator. At that moment the Order will be able to extirpate all “heretics and liberals” now termed “enemies of the state.” And the final curtain will close on over six million North American Jews. Davis-Obama’s radical socialist-communism—backed by certain notorious Pope-serving Freemasonic Jews—is facilitating the implementation of CFR/CIA/DHS-backed Jesuit Fascism. This is the reason why the Company’s CFR-controlled, Freemasonic, Fascist White Power Structure ruling America backed the “election” of Barry Davis Obama; this is why it is backing his socialist-communist policies destroying the “heretic and liberal” White Anglo-Saxon Protestant and Baptist Middle Class; this is why it is backing all gun confiscation in the private sector orchestrated to outrage all White men in general regardless of their religious creed.
Mulatto Barry Davis Obama’s Jesuit-backed socialist-communism is facilitating the coming endgame for America: Jesuit-backed socialist-fascism. And Davis-Obama, the Pope’s Islamic “altar boy” of the teleprompter, is playing his part to perfection. His “State of the Jesuit Empire Address” proves it! Any president who resists the plot will be terminated as was President Kennedy!

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 10:04 PM
You had me up till I read Darth Vader "Luke I'm your Farther!"

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 11:27 PM
Cardinal Edward Egan was the first ever New York Archbishop to retire, having been replaced by Timothy M. Dolan on April 15 of last year.

It takes a lot of iron to fill old Spellman's shoes, and no Archbishop since has been able to do so.

This only means closer oversight by NY Provincial David S. Ciancimino, SJ.

It's incredible to me that more people don't understand the dominant Vatican/Jesuit influence over world affairs. Do they really think that an establishment like the Vatican that ruled over the entirety of Europe for so many centuries would just lay down and die because of a Protestant reformation?

I think not. Hence the Jesuits... the most efficient and utterly ruthless military order ever devised and brought to fruition.

Their level of control is AWESOME. I can't help but to admire the tragic beauty of what they've made.

They are doing the work of God because the only way to get people out of "brain dead" mode is through excruciating pain by loss of all sickly luxuries and final dissolution of undeserved individual liberty. The Jesuits are bringing exactly the kind of Hell-on-earth that the narcissistic automatic-Satanist sheep deserve.

I've been investigating whether there is an even higher layer that provides instructions for the Superior General... I'm digging on a few leads but nothing solid yet.

posted on Mar, 27 2010 @ 12:09 AM
The 'structure of the world' there looks like total BS. Why and how would the Jesuits and the Catholic church be at 'the very top' after centuries of clearly declining power and relevance?

This is just standard Catholic bashing because there is no smoking gun to justify its claims. Who could deny that they are a 'faction in the game'...sure, big surprise there. But THE faction? Why?

Jesuit UFOs? Jesuit ninjas? Come on, what have they really got that could put them completely on top as a faction? A spy ring? They all do that.

Why take any guff from the English or the French or the Germans? Where's any evidence of the financial might of the Catholic Church compared to the banks of London?

Why can't Holly Cross win an NCAA if the Jesuits are so dominantly powerful? Or is it a lab somewhere, they are working on...a clone of BOB COUSY. It will be...a CYBORG CLONE...we will call him...ROBO-COUSY.

[edit on 27-3-2010 by 11andrew34]

posted on Mar, 27 2010 @ 12:47 AM
The key to the present is the past.

Lots of interesting things happened when Pope Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits in 1773 after succumbing to pressure from the Roman Catholic monarchs. This was when the Rothschild banking dynasty was founded, which from the beginning was a storehouse of wealth for the Jesuit order.

The banks of London are themselves extensions of Vatican wealth.

From Corsica was none other than Napoleon I, a Jesuit weapon unleashed upon all enemies of the order in Europe.

They control domestic and foreign intelligence agencies as well. MI5 is FBI equivalent for UK, MI6 for CIA,FSB,ISI etc. All run by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM).

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 05:37 AM
Obama is not a Mason (Scottish Rite, Prince Hall, or otherwise).

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 06:46 AM

Originally posted by KSigMason
Obama is not a Mason (Scottish Rite, Prince Hall, or otherwise).

I beg to differ.

Check out this video:

"Barack Obama's Prince Hall PHamily wants to "C H I P" You!!!"

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 06:57 AM
reply to post by biochemky

I don't get it. Why would you post such. if it was real you would be dead for knowing it. If it is fake then your against the policy we hold here. If it is your personal opinion then state it as such and promote this BS as real. Seems to me you are guessing and adding names. But that is just me. Your still alive to respond hence the first is wrong. If you really had this information your first thought would have been who can I give this to so they too would have understood. So you ran to the ats and with infinite wisdom decided we were trusted cus no one ever listens on this chat forum. hmm that in it self shows how far you got. if we are not real they have no reason to stop us. if we are real you have sentenced all here to death.
Come now admit it as a theory which is now odviuosly wrong. If anything true ever happened that TPTB did not want us to know we would be finding men at our doors.Tell me they can't, tell me that they who own this world can not get what they want one way or another.

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 11:23 AM
I think you guys got it wrong, the church is a key player of the illuminati, but they are not at the very top. The Banksters are at the very top. Follow the money trail and you will find the leader.

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