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My take on the Wiki-leaks threads...

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 08:36 AM
I just wanted to take a sec and talk to you guys because you are my friends that are "hip" to what's going on about the few threads on here from yesterday and the few from today. The first detailing how among other things, folks on Wiki-leaks (which is an anonymous site to post information about government irresponsibility) have cracked the code to unlock a video they recovered from a gov. website that contains footage of American agents murdering journalists in cold blood. The second shows from another leaked source, how they plan to destroy and discourage anymore heroes from coming forward. They have also mentioned that they will block wiki-leaks which is blatant censorship to save their own asses from being held accountable for the crimes they have committed against humanity. Take a minute and let all this sink in guys, this is serious business. These guys are for real and they will do anything to stop people from posting the truth about them.

The truth being we no longer live in a free republic but in a fascist oligarchy run by intimidation and threat. Think about it, everything that people do anymore they do out of fear of the gov. They don't do it out of duty or love for their once great country. The reason I say these things is to remind those of you who have an eye opened to what's really going on that we have a responsibility here. A responsibility to ourselves, our families, our kids, and our fellow Americans. As the few people with a good understanding, we must do everything we can to spread the truth about our government. How elae could you look at yourself in the morning everyday? I for one could not knowing what I know and doing nothing. I say this because whether we like it or not this responsibility to try to save our nation from tyranny has been thrust on our backs, and sometimes we all need a reminder of what's a stake, so do the right thing for everyone and tell any and all who would listen what it is you know, and do anything else within your power. God bless you and God bless America!

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