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Repo Men, Matrix, and life as we know it - warning spoliers

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 01:09 AM
I don't believe I actually watched this movie, but I did. On the surface it seems simple, but underneath it gets complex. On the simple side, one wonders what type of mind set does a person really need to become a serial killer as these repo men have become. They lie to themselves, and think it is just taking back what couldn't be paid for like a car. The lie becomes so big, that they just think they are taking an object when in fact they are taking a life. The main character comes to realize that near the end. He seems to all the sudden get a conscience, and now wants to save everyone.

There is a darker underlying themes. I'll go down one level first. One of the dark themes that isn't so complex is the corporate greed. Men so in love with money and power that they make the cost of the product out of everyone's range, so they know that those people will not be able to pay in the end. It is not so much as they don't want the people dead, it is the fact that they want the people paying with an outrageous high amount of interest. The boss hated the fact that six people paid in full, and therefore he would not be able to collect the interest. Pretty much sounds like our credit, loan, and mortgage system we have in place now, huh?

It also can make one question the direction health care is going today. I believe most know that the health care bill has been signed by Obama. That it will force everyone to pay health care insurance, except those so poor that the government will fork out the bill for them. I guess in a small way that is the government's conscience. The fact still remains that those who can't afford it will be fined, fees taken from any tax returns or governmental subsidy such as SSI, and the possibly of going to prison. I guess the repo men would be the IRS in this case, but I guess they will not take your life, but make your life a living hell instead.

Then what about the rumors that the government will ration health care, tell the doctors what treatment they can give you, and have staff on hand to plan your death. Then I wonder who the repo men actually are. If you can't afford a Cadillac health care plan, then will they turn you away from treatments that can possible save your life? If you or your family run out of money for the health care plan you have, will they shut off the respirator you are hooked up to? Will they turn you away from life saving treatment because you can no longer afford it?

It basically breaks down the human value of life to how much a person is worth. Much more so than happens right now. It seems like the government is headed in that direction. Could this be a subliminal message from that power that be that we really are not worth anything unless we have money/productive to society. Remember if you are not working in one form or another, you no longer make money and therefore no longer productive. In repo men, your life is worth nothing unless you make money and can pay for what you bought.

Let's take this another level deeper. Remy, the main character, got a conscience and set out to save the world from the Union or the powers that be. Blood, guts, and gore fly, and he basically becomes an unstoppable superman, or should I say neo from the movie matrix. Remy gets to the main computer that holds all the files. His main concern is to get him and Beth out of the system. Not to save everyone at that point. He believes there is no access to the computer except by accessing and scanning all the organs to get out of the system. He and Beth proceeds to do, and show how much they love each other through their self inflicted torture.

Sort of reminds me of neo and trinity. They would do anything for each other. Neo picked Trinity over every one else. Somehow both survive, in my opinion no normal human could go through that and live. You are sort of thinking suspension of belief for the movie at this point of time.
Then Jake walks in, and basically asks if she is worth it. Remy says yes. Unlike neo who eventually saved everyone, it was Jake who killed the boss, and blew up all the computers holding all the data. Now no one has a record, and everyone is saved.

By this time we have Remy who represents Neo who is out to save the world and doesn't really realize it until the end. He picks saving the Beth over the people. Beth like Trinity helps Remy defeat the bad guys when ever she can. Jake seems to take over Remy's role of Neo near the end who saves the world. Yes like in the Matrix movie where so many made comparisons of neo to Christ, I guess you can do this in this movie as well.

We are not down the rabbit hole that far yet with this movie. At the end we find out Jake was not experiencing real life. He was plugged into a virtual world. Hence the part where we had to suspend our belief where they are scanning inner body parts, starts to make sense. It also starts to make sense how easily Beth came back to life. Just like Neo brought Trinity back to life, right? You can do anything in a virtual world, right?

Jake may have started to question his reality during the glitch where Jake disappeared on the lounge chair on the tropical beach. Unlike Neo and the others that escaped the Matrix, he was happy with the Matrix and settled back down easily in it. He was given everything he wanted, right? As Morpheus said in the Matrix, there are people willing to fight for it. Why shouldn't Jake. Why should he want to fight the system, as far as he is concerned he won. At this point in time, he set himself up as the big hero, got the girl of his dreams, and has his best friend with him.

Is being in the Matrix worth being comfortable? One could wonder if he would still be happy if there was a big enough glitch that he found out that he didn't save the world. If he woke up to reality, would he want to go back, since the Matrix would be more real to him than reality.

This leads us to one more depth to this rabbit hole. Since Jake's mind is plugged into a virtual reality at the end, one could speculate is that the only virtual world he is in? How do we really know the world he was in wasn't a part of a bigger virtual either he made or was created to hold and control the population as in the movie Matrix? Instead of having people escaping the virtual world like the in movie Matrix, they are put in their own private virtual world. In the end there really is no escape, and no one really knows what the real world is like. Is there even a real world? What is reality?

Back out of the rabbit hole. I'm sure some of you could go deeper than this. I think a good breath of fresh air would be good now.

I'm still wondering why there are movies like the Matrix, this movie, and I'm sure others like it. Is it just good sci-fi? Is it to make us start to doubt our own reality and lives? Is it a warning of further development of virtual reality, and making it more and more real? Is it a warning that an advanced virtual worlds and holographs have been created and will be used against us in the future?

What ever the message is suppose to be, for right now this world is my reality. I know there are things that can't be explained. I know I still believe in an ancient book that some others would say I'm nuts to believe in. It may be easier for them to believe this is some type of virtual reality. I also know every thing is not all right. There are powers that be that are out there who want to deceive and control us. Everyone try to be aware as possible, but not paranoid. There are still some good people, good places and safe havens out there.

God bless, and stay safe.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 01:48 AM
I wish people would get ONE THING's not the government that will be footing the bill for those that can't afford health insurance, IT'S YOU! THE TAXPAYER.

Everyone is/was so afraid of the public option, something that would have been affordable to most, but for some reason you got it in your head that public option means government run healthcare. So conservatives decided to make their own party......"The Tea Party" to fight this, and all its' rhetoric has spiraled out of control.

Public/affordable health insurance=good, tax payers continuing to foot the bill for those who can't afford=bad.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 02:00 AM
The message of Repo Men was disturbing to me: The Evil people will win, but don't hate them because they will place your brain into a false world of illusion.

How messed up is that?

It's totally the opposite message of the Matrix.

Also, it doesn't make any sense for the corporation to have done what they did: in the end it cost them more money to hurt Jude Law than if they had just let him change careers.

Also, if those organs were so expensive, wouldn't there be a black market for those organs resulting in pretty much guaranteed murder of the patients?

Interesting comparison to the Matrix though.

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by harrytuttle

Only Jake put his friend in a false world of illusion. I guess Jake had a guilty conscience for wanting to pay so much to keep his friend in that condition. If Jake was really his friend, then why didn't he let his friend live in the real world? Some friend, huh? I guess the all mighty dollar is worth more than a real friendship, and humans are only things. Whether they live or die depends on how much they can make the corporations whether they are buying food or health care. It is really messed up.

Jake played by Jude Law did eventually take a sales position. He was terrible at it, since he told the customers what would happen if they fell behind on their payments. The sales position pay was a lot less than that of a repo man. Eventually Jake fell behind on his payments on his artificial heart, and he was eventually treated just like everyone else.

As far as corporate is concerned, they probablly look at it as they lost Remy anyhow. The artificial heart was worth a lot more than Remy. They could clean up and resale the heart to some other "unsuspecting dupe" as someone put it in the movie. Remy really only killed one repo man, who is probablly replaceable. The boss got electrocuted, and all the bar codes got messed up, but that was probablly just a glitch they could afford.

Remember Remy really didn't kill everyone at corporate. It all only happened in his mind. Even though Remy is shown to go into the virtual world at the end of the movie, Jake put Remy there after he beats him up in the old rundown building. The raid afterward actually happens, but Remy didn't really escape. Remy only beat his friend and escaped in his mind.

The real crazy thing here is that if Remy was put in a virtual world, then how do we know the real world he originally perceived was the real world? How do we really know if it wasn't just another virtual world, and Remy went from one virtual world to another virtual world? If Remy was in a virtual world in the first place, then corporate really wouldn't care one way or the other how much it cost them. The issue then goes from greed to control.

There was a scene where Beth talks about how some of her parts were from the black market. How the black market came to get them, I'm not sure. If the people from the black market are going after people to kill, then they are competing with the repo men if the organ is over due. Then there is the whole issue of repo men coming after a person who has a stolen artificial organ. The repo men in the raids don't even bother to ask a person their name. They shoot, stun, scan, and take.

Of course it was only starting to come out in the light as rumors that the Union sent out the repo men to take back the artificial organs. Someone could sell an over due artificial organ to someone else. If the repo men don't care about what happens to those people, why should the black market? Remember the black market also has their own surgeons. When Beth went to get her knee worked on, a five or six year old actually did the surgery. Which I thought was strange in itself. I think that was before Jake attacked Remy. If the real world was actually a virtual world, why not?

Thanks for the thoughts about the interesting comparison to the Matrix.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by Cowgirlstraitup7

I know it is the taxpayer who is actually forking the bill. I agree with what you said.

When I was dealing with the government and health care above, I was looking at it more from the aspect that the government is starting to come close to operating more like a corporation than an actual government. In that case, the government really doesn't see it as our tax money, but their income that can be used as they see fit.

Therefore people just become things that make the government money through taxes, fines, and fees. The more control they have over us the better. If we are what they consider productive, then we get the health care. If we are not considered productive, then we get rationed. If you can pay for your artificial organ, you can keep it. If you can't, then you die.

I don't think the government has actually gotten to that point as of yet. They could go there. There are still a few people that care in the government. You can tell who does and doesn't by how they vote on bills.

If government actually has gotten that far, then it is up to us to change the government from an uncaring corporate mindset back to we the people mindset.

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