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So Republicans and Democrats want to kill each other.....

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 11:51 PM
I met an immigrant from the former Yugoslavia during the summer that just passed. I saw selling health insurance at the time and we had a unforgetable conversation. She shared her political opinions with me. She survived the war over there.

Mind you, I don't remember everything word for word. So I am going to inject SOME creative license. So why is this in the Political Madness forum if it isn't completely accurate? Because if civil war or a revolution happens in the USA, this lady I met has a real clue about what it's going to be like.

So why is it in the Political Madness forum? Because Republicans and Democrats are at each other's throats right now. Some are saying (joking?) they should break each others knees and shoot each other.

If you want war INSIDE THE US, this lady I met gave me an incredible perspective of what life will be like during the ordeal. By the end of this post, you'll have second thoughts about your political madness.

Here it is. Mostly truth. Some fiction for dramatic effect;

Come in. Sit down. Thank you for coming to my diner. Let me get you menu. Everything is good, ok? I prepare these things myself. All my recipes.

Yes, yes that is good choice. I will make that for you, ok? Eat it all. Don't pick at my sandwich. Eat everything in it. It's good for you, ok.

Yes, I'm from former Yugoslavia. I came here during war. So terrible, you have no idea. I lost family in this. I lost almost everything. But me and my husband, we are wealthy and we have both good education. So after we were captured by US soldiers, we were allowed to come here.

Yes, we were captured by US running from soldiers in woods. You don't understand. You don't have war here, how could you these things? I love America for this, so peaceful. But in my country, you run from all soldiers. Unless you are soldier, then you fight. But if you not soldier, you just get out of way or they kill you. They don't care, nobody.

Some soldiers on our side, no matter. Some on other side. Makes no difference. Some good, some bad. You don't know which from either side so you run from every body, ok? And even UN. Even American. Doesn't matter, this difference. All of them soldiers, all have guns, all of them kill. Do you understand?

See, in America, you join Army, you know. Go to boot camp training. They send you across world. You go to country and shoot, you know, do what you do. It's America you know so everyone afraid. No one want to fight you. America soldiers are very good. But this does not matter. Still men with machine gun, you know?

But these American soldiers, they do this thing then they go home. All over. Not ever for me all over. Still these things go on. Not on tv but killing still. I don't want to leave because it's my country you know. So terrible, so destroyed but still it's mine. So we don't want to go with American soldiers but what choice do we have. They have these guns, all I have is empty stomach, you know?

We are living in woods. Sleeping on ground, no pillow, no blanket ok? Not knowing if we will wake up in morning or be killed in our sleep, you know? You have to stop sometime and sleep, you know this.

We have house, you know, it's ours. But the soldiers came so we leave. It was our house, we own this thing but what do you do? Protect this thing with hunting gun? So stupid. 10 or 20 soldiers, you know? They have machine guns, gerandes, ok? They come in truck, armored truck, I don't know. You going to stop them with hunting gun? Ridiculous. You not going to stop them with such things. So we load up car and get out of way.

They came. They raided every home in our neighborhood. Everything raided, then destroyed. Your house? Not your house anymore. They take it all, they own everything. Pictures on walls, all there's to. Nothing is yours anymore. This is war.

Not always other soldiers, you know. Sometimes ours. They want these things, they need them. They don't care. Makes no difference what side. You are civilian, you know? You mean nothing.

So some stayed behind to fight. This is mine you know they say. I kill them all! I belong here. No, they want us to belong in woods. So you stay behind and they kill you. Take you in the street and do this. What do you do? Hunting gun, pistol you know? What is that? They kill you and laugh. You hide behind window. They hide behind armored truck. You shoot at this truck with pistol. They throw gernade at you. What now? Your in pieces.

Some stay in homes with family you know. So stupid. Little girls, women, you know what they do? Geneva Convention, who cares for this? Piece of paper you know. Like you have piece of paper that you own this house. In war, this means nothing. You have peice of paper, they have machine gun. You own nothing anymore.

But they stay behind with family you know. They kill father and brother. Mother is raped. Little girl, you know what they do? You are man, do you want 51 or 15 girl? Don't lie. Age I mean. In peace, laws are for this thing. During war, what laws? No laws, no rules. No Geneva Convention, this thing. It means nothing. Little girl is raped. If she is pretty, gang rape. Later they kill her, maybe she gets tortured before, you know?

As parent in war, you know, you have to decide, make this decision to kill little girl or not. Your little girl, daughter ok? You kill her yourself, these things don't happen. But then you don't know. Maybe they don't do this. Your side, their side, doesn't matter. Both have some good, some bad. You don't know so you take this gamble. If they are bad, you do good. If they are good, what have you done, this thing? They are angry with you. But they know why. Don't care. They don't care. It's games they play with you. They laugh at this.

So all of them, you run from them. Yours, theres, doesn't matter. It's good bet, you know?

So we are in country and run out of fuel. What do you do? No electricity, no gas any where. So we take what we can and run. Leave car behind. Now we have nothing, just in our hands. When we come back, car is gone. They take everything. Why, you know? Why do they do this? Don't care. They do what ever. There are no rules.

So we go in woods. Can't stay in open like this. You can't stand still. Always you move. No place is safe. City, country. They

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 12:26 AM
Excuse me, I cannot believe you started with this-

Here it is. Mostly truth. Some fiction for dramatic effect;

So right up front you post this admitting you are going to lie, for dramatic effect.

C'mon, maybe this should be moved the the disinformation board.

Hell, we get enough crap with dramatic effect from the MSM.

[edit on 3/26/2010 by endisnighe]

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 12:27 AM
well I read it
and was most disturbed by you saying

Mostly truth. Some fiction for dramatic effect;

that shows ur agenda

while you may be right in bringing
up the hardships of civil war, I think
ur approach and presentation shows
a lack of class in doing it in this manner.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 12:32 AM
So we go in woods. Can't stay in open like this. You can't stand still. Always you move. No place is safe. City, country. They take war to all these places.

In movies, you run to country to be safe. This isn't movie. I live in this. War goes everywhere.

You know, in America, people say I have gun. Lots of guns and bullets, you know? Water and food. Maybe place in country, HA! Some people say they have bunker. So what?

Bunker door covered with bush. Come on. Soldiers are trained for this. They look for this thing. Move bush, beat on bunker door, what you do? Come out and they take you, kill you, you know. Wife gets raped, little girl, you know. Maybe you stay. Grab hunting gun. What good is this?

They blow up door. Then pitch in gernade. It's over for you. Food, water, what for these things.

Even if soldiers don't come, ok, you have food and these things but you run out. Now what you do. You take gun and take other food from neighbor or something. Stomachs are emtpy, you have boy and girl, don't say you can't do this thing.

So you do this ok? You take this food. What now. They spread the word about you. Everyone comes, likes soldiers might as well be. All of you die. Get you get this?

Food, water, guns, what good is this? Hunting gun, pistol and things. You can't win war with this thing. Totally useless.

Let me tell you, in 80s we think we never have war again. All peace forever, you know. You think like this to. America, no war here. 911, what is this thing. First plane takes off, building 7 falls down, how many hours is this? 3,000 people only die. I'm sorry but its so short. It's over. Who do you know in this? No one.

In my country, let me tell you, no it can't happen here this war. So stupid. We have war every day for many many years. You count these people, 3,000 you say. We have no idea. Million maybe. Who knows?

911, I'm so sorry for this but I wish only 911 for me. Do you understand? Start finish only few hours, you know? Not for me. I know many in this war. Some in my family. I have brother that died in this thing.

But my husband and me. we are on this camp or prison, you know. they take us to camp but we don't want to go. UN does, American soldiers. Air raid, then invasion. Never in my dreams, ok? Russia maybe but America? Just no way. But yes, ok? Never in my dreams. We have enough problems, why do you do this to us, you know. I thought maybe Russia invade but Russia never let America do this thing. But Russia lets this thing happen, never in my dreams, you know? And now I live in America, oh my God, what life is this?

And now look at this thing. Look at America. If I was born here, I say never here. Just like in my country. But I have seen war, ok? War is coming to here. I can't believe this. I can not go through this thing again.

But maybe because it's America, it doesn't, you know? Any other country, war for sure but America so much peace and everything. So maybe no. But I don't think so. I think 6 months, maybe 3 years. I have been in this before, I know what I say.

I don't know what to do. You know if I see UN again, I will leave. Never come back. Maybe get captured and taken to different country I hope. My husband is engineer so this is good. I can run diner any where. I don't need this work but I love it, you know.

But we come to America and live in bad place, drive what you call piece of crap, ok? we make list of relatives and try to get them here. War is so bad. But can not complete list. People die all the time, you know. Disease, empty stomach, gun in the head. It doesn't matter. When you are dead, what does it?

I lose a son but I have a son. He is here. He fight in the war but he is okay now. In war he does this terrible things you know? But you do terrible things or they do terrible things to you, you know? There is no choice. He wants to live.

But now in peace, he is fine. Doing fine. But when war comes here to, he will fight again. We will try to leave but everyone in America owns gun so I know he will die this time.

Maybe we go to Canada but if Canada fights with US in war, who knows, you know? Not Mexico. Oh my God Mexico. So much food, so little price. All of this fried. Terrible for you. I look at this. My husband takes me to Mexican resturant, I so angry at him for this. They bring me this food, it looks awful, you know? Do you eat this Mexico food?

Oh your kidding me. Why do you eat these things? All fried. It's terrible. I could never live there. I always hear you know, everyone in America so fat. I don't believe this but then I get here. Oh my God, it is crazy. Never seen such this thing. Everyone, you know? I don't understand.

But yes, i am very much afraid in America. I am so certain of this war in here. I can't believe this. But you know, you say it never happened here but Civil War and war with England, you know? 911, who cares for this? That's not war. War in middle east yes, but not here.

But you don't know. I've seen this thing. Good men become very bad during war, you have no idea. I have seen this.

In America, you are not ready. Your food and water, all these things, no good ok? You will run out. What difference if you run out now or then? And you will always move. If you stay in one place, you are shooting target. If you live through this, you will never stand still.

You have no idea what is happening. You can not prepare for this. It is impossible. Many will die.

I wish I am wrong. If I am wrong, you come back in 3 years, make fun of me okay? I will give you free desert. We will laugh at this.

But I have done this before. You have no idea.


Okay, so that's kind of how it went. Not near word for word but you get the general idea. This conversation took place this last summer, about 6 months ago. I haven't been back since. Going there was a chance thing. But I have her business card somewhere. At some point, you bet I'll go back.

I hope.

At any rate, while the rhetoric has been amped way up, I hope we all think long and hard about what war inside the US would really be like.

As Americans, we have a responsibility to keep freedom, liberty, and democracy alive for the whole world. If we fall, we will let done ourselves and everyone on this planet that dreams of what we have.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 01:48 AM
Christ, Genfinity, you're right, that was terrible and beautiful, well written.

And yet everyone pounds on you for it, just because they do not want to listen. I have to wonder if this is what it was like when the few voices of reason spoke before World War I.

When people want war, for glory or power or pure disgusting hatred, they will not listen. Still though we have to do our part, we have to try to talk sense about the senselessness of war.

I may be a Buddhist but there are times when the Christian Bible still has the most beautiful words:
"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."
~Matthew 5:9

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 04:19 PM
stop trolling no one wants to kill anyone.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 04:55 PM
So what parts a true and what parts are fiction? Or is this just your way of trying to give your opinion without being accountable for it?

You obviously know nothing abut tactics. And most hunting rifles in America use what is called a super sonic round and in many cases yes they will pierce armer. Study up on the American Marine Core. There is a reason their motto is "Every Man a Rifleman" There are cases of a man or a few holding off whole companies with just a rifle. Look up Carlos Hathcock to see what one man with a hunting rifle can do.

Sure some of the things described will happen they always do in war and yes civil war in America would be hell on earth and should be avoided if at all possible but not at the cost of our freedom!

You/she said Americans are very good soldiers. That's right they have the best training in the world and all those veterans live in America so they aren't going to just be some dummy with a 22 rifle or pistol firing at a tank through his bedroom window. Also millions of Americans have much more then just hunting rifles and the ability to make what they need far more then those in other countries. There is a reason why America and Switzerland has never been invaded it called the Rifle among other things and the fact of it being on the hands of millions of common men and women many of them well trained veterans of the American military.

The over all jist of the post seems to be "Do nothing cause you cant win". That is false and here is why from another post of mine: post by hawkiye

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