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At White House, Netanyahu humiliated by Obama

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 10:49 PM
Very interesting to me as I read, I was thinking how Obama does the opposite as he says, allegedly.

Not to thwart my own thread...

First, Hillary says it's all good, no worries mates. Then Obama gives Israel's Premier a chance to come to his senses, then leaves him to dwell on his own dilemma/what-have-you.

There's something going-on I can't quite put my finger on.

The premier then leaves the white house rather than risk being heard what is said by himself (premier) and his aids, concerning what to do about getting snubbed by their favorite "conformist."

As much as I like to think I can read between the lines, I also like wiser people here on ATS to point me to the truth of the matter.

So, I have a question...
Has Israel got another plan up their sleeve against the US?

US President Barack Obama quit a recent meeting with Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu to have dinner in private after the latter failed to hand a written promise of concessions on Jewish settlements, reports say.

The Tuesday meeting was held amid an alleged dispute between the two allies over Tel Aviv's recent announcement that it would build a 1,600-unit settlement in the occupied East Jerusalem (al-Quds), Times Online reported on Thursday.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the announcement — which came during a visit by US Vice President Joe Biden, aimed at promoting Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations — a "deeply negative signal."

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 10:57 PM
Dangit! I always hit post before I'm finished writing my thoughts.

I have this "prejudice" if you will towards Israel's Zionist leaders.

I believe that they have really bad behaviorism. Anytime they don't get their way, they lash out like a spoiled brat who is used to getting it's way.

By Hilary saying not to worry about current alliance, then Obama saying to rethink about your options, this leaves the premier in a peculiar dilemma, no?

I just think something dark is afoot.

Anyone have anything to add?

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