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I am 23, an American Citizen with government run health care... Part 2.

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 05:16 PM
Back In August I made this thread thread about the idea of health care reform and how I was completely for it... Now over half a year later and after a lot of debate followed by the signing of a bill into law I am going to give my thoughts on this legislation.

While I still have medicaid and overall am happy with my coverage, am I completely let down with what our leaders call reform... I have gone back and forth with the bill for the past months I have come to a conclusion that there are things and things I don't like...

What I wanted was a public option to give us an alternative to the major insurance providers. This did not happen instead we get this half a$$Ed attempt at reform... Where the blame lies in this is up for debate but I see this bill as completely tailored to special interests. Was it because the republicans fought tooth and nail against it or was it because the democrats have no balls at all? I do not know the answer to this...

I like that young adults can stay on their parents insurance until age twenty six and I like the expansion of medicaid to 25 million more people. These are my very short list of things I like about the Bill.

Now for what I don't like and I am gonna just name one thing... The violation of the Constitution of these United State which is a personal mandate forcing us to have some sort of coverage... This is basically our leaders bowing down to the all mighty Pharma and insurance corporations... We already gave you the swine flu hoax profits but now have billions more of our dollars because we have to have insurance or face fines... This is sickening and a violation of our tenth amendment...

Now in summary of what I have written... I like some of the legislation but for the most part am let down but what our elected leaders call reform. I feel while we have made a few steps forward with some of the bill we took the same number of steps backwards and has me sitting here confused and let down... This is not the America I thought it was ten years ago...

Lastly this trend of violence that is occurring due to HCR is not going to help us at all. Lets take a minute and think about acting peacefully and responsibly to move forward.... Thanks for ready.

Peace and Respect...


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