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Endisnighe! The Rabbit Hole, UCC vs Constitutional and Common Law

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 03:13 PM

Endisnighe for the control of the false government.

You and I have been duped into believing that we are governed by Constitutional Law. We are not. We are governed by what is known as Uniform Commercial Code. I came to this site to discover the problems facing us and to discover my place in the political realm.

As the Site Owner has said, everything conspiratorial has to do with the political. What else is more important to our lives or the political, than THE LAW. The law that governs us, affects everything single aspect of our lives.

There are numerous types of law-

Constitutional or Common Law
Equity Law
Admiralty/Maritime law
Statutory or UCC Law

Now, there are all kinds of sub components of law, I am not here to do a breakdown of law though. I am just trying to determine on how to separate myself, from all of the jurisdictional laws, which our government has created to put me in a box of slavery. The laws that which they have placed on top of the ORIGINAL COMMON LAW, which we were meant to be governed by.

The Rabbit Hole is a journey to another reality.

We have all felt it. We have witnessed it in the health care debate. First it was the substance, then the process and now the implementation.

Do you know that the legislation passed, is NOT law. It is legislation. It becomes (colored law-I will get into that later) when it goes to the agency for its conversion into code. Notice this word here, not law but code. This is where the next aspect of the Rabbit Hole leads us, to the UCC and colored law.

UCC vs Constitutional Law are they the same, different, or completely polar opposites?

UCC stand for Uniform Commercial Code. Understand that I am here to do research into what the political means to me. I have found that EVERYTHING is now based upon UCC. Think about it. Where do you find any law that we are governed by in our day to day lives? Is it in the UCC books or the Constitution?

I had my first inklings of the problem when I was younger. I was taught in school that we were governed by the Constitution. Yes, our country once was governed by the Constitution. That I believe is no longer relevant. Why is it that you have heard about the yellow fringe on the flag, when you are in different types of court rooms? Why is it that certain industries or components of our governance, are codified in certain books? Think of it, Income Tax Code, Universal Building Code, etc etc etc. I never once even thought to ask where this code originated.

Well DAMN IT! I am asking now!

The purpose of this thread.

Today I stand before you, asking do you think Alice in Wonderland is a story, meant to wake you up to the reality, which we are not in the real world any longer? How about the Matrix, do you think that we are meant to put this all together?

I have started other threads to examine the inner meaning of our governance. How about if there is a loophole in the LAW, to allow us to remove ourselves from our chains? What if someone in our past, gave us an escape? Some might say God works in mysterious ways. Others might say our founders or others gave us an out. Others might say I am wrong in my assumption that there is an escape.

Well, here is where I am going to make my stand.

To begin with, I am going to link some of my threads of the past that led me to today.

Next, I am going to link to other threads here that are pertinent to the discussion.

Next, I will link to some writings of other people's work I have found on the web.

Next, I want you and everyone else, to help me write my DECLARATION OF SOVEREIGNTY. I believe this has to be my way out. There has to be a way out, from under the draconian governance placed upon us. Neither party cares about us as a Nation. They care about their own selves and their true constituents, which are not you.

Here are threads I created, that brought me into the Rabbit Hole

State Sovereignty Resolutions This is one story that led me to believe that if the State's have the right to exert their sovereignty, so too do we as citizens have that same authority. Need to find some case law to exert this assumption.

A Declaration of Individual SovereigntyI had found someone else's Declaration and this inspired me to stay on here and examine the possibility that this could work. Let us hope so, for if not, tyranny will be the law of the land.

War has been declared! Against the American People A rant on our governance.

If the Conservative Movement succeeds then What? My response! My breakdown of my views on how we should be governed.

The Democracy Conspiracy! A look at how our government tries to convince us we are a Democracy so they can take your rights.

Legal Slavery, right here in the United States of Hypocrisy! Now this thread goes into the concept that involuntary servitude is unconstitutional, but voluntary servitude is not unconstitutional. This led me to believe, that if one were to deny the servitude, the government would have to let me leave the chains.

Alright, I am now going to link some threads here on ATS, about the Freeman or Sovereign movement.

Important Freeman On The Land Definitions And Information

You don't own yourself -- the Federal Reserve does!

Here are some web links on the sovereign movement, income taxes and the law.

Give Me Liberty .org

Build Freedom .com

The Law Frédéric Bastiat Worldwide Legal Directories

Petition for Redress of Grievances-Relating to the the Federal Income Tax
from Give Me Liberty .org

Alright, now that we have the Rabbit Hole covered, let us find a way to get out.

First off, I do not want a bunch of court precedents, codes or law cluttering up My Declaration of Sovereignty. I want to write it in basic Common Law verbiage. I want to reference only the Two Documents that mean anything.

The Declaration of Independance

The US Constitution

Some would argue that the Declaration of Independance does not fit into our governance. I say you are wrong. It and Common Law is the basis of the US Constitution.

Now where to begin.

I was thinking of a outline like this.

1) Layout the basic grievance that our government no longer follows the Constitutional Mandate, of the seperation between the Federal, the State and the Citizen. Where they no longer follow the basic tenet of the founding documents. Where they have abrogated my rights, without my full knowledge and consent. Because of the vast codes, statutes and other aspects of government, I was not aware of the implications involved, hence therefore the contract is null and void because of the lack of full knowledge and consent.

2) Layout that I will now, only follow the tenets of the Common Law that as I know it. That basically, I have the rights to Life, Liberty and Property. That though Federal Reserve notes are a not a legal currency, since no other legal currency exists, I will not sustain a debt, by their use. That all funds given by me, to the government, are henceforth forfeit, to show my show my good faith, though I had not the legal knowledge to enter into said contract. Whereas any past debts, that I was not aware of being contractually obligated to, can then be declared null and void, because of my lack of full knowledge and consent.

3) Layout my understanding of my Absolute Rights of Life, Liberty and Property.

Alright, I am going to stop here. This is my research and documentation thread into my Declaration.

If you want to flame, please find somewhere else to go.

I am asking for help. If you do not offer any, do not bother with commenting.

I am trying to stay away from quoting any and all references to specific laws.

We all know that there is no way one can outmaneuver the monstrosity we know as our government.

I read somewhere it is not the knowledge of man that will break us free, but the Law of God-Natural Law-Spiritual Law. The Law of self governance. I cannot be in violation of this Law, if my heart is honest and forthright. I do not ask anything from my fellow man, or government, that I do not ask of myself. One law, to not hurt another by my actions, or to infringe upon another's absolute rights. The rights of Life, Liberty and Property.

I could study for 50 years and not learn all the laws of man. But it takes only opening ones eyes, to learn the truth. We are all created equal and no other person or government, has the right to infringe upon our God given(unalienable) rights.

Peace and God Bless.

[edit on 3/25/2010 by endisnighe]

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