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US Cooperative Technology Utilization Department

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 12:30 PM
US Cooperative Technology Utilization Department

In this financial crisis, many realized by now that money did not disappear into thin air, but had only been hoarded up. Investors are hiding their money, thus no money circulates. When that happens, no jobs are created, salaries remain stagnant or spiral down, and society as a whole suffers.

The govts around the world have no choice but to stimulate the economy and re-create confidence, pumping money into markets so that confidence and the economic cycle will return.

It will return eventually, for no man will pass up on the opportunity to make a buck. It will be food on the table for some, and a Lamborghini for others.

However, more important and critical is the need to create products-manufacturing where the real money comes from. We learnt now the financial markets are nothing but a paper pushing around scam, where some thought that without real work, they will get rich.

It may be true for the lucky few, but it is only for the few and when more joins, no one will be farming or manufacturing and everything will stand still.

No one enjoys govt intervention, but at times like these, either our elected representatives do something or we will all starve. The miserly rich folks are currently not giving the common folks a damn, except to protect their wealth.

But who, how and what to manufacture?

We have no lack of intelligent people here. I am not one of them, but I will venture forth a proposal to get the ball rolling.

This concept comes from the huge amount of patents lying around the patents office. There are good ideas there, some pragmatic, some wacky, but ideas nevertheless in the millions. It is the creative sum of human potential that America has no lack of.

The only problem with these patents is not that they are lousy ideas. They remain ideas upon paper because the inventors and innovators do not have the funds, the creative management and the clout to bring them to life.

At such times, when jobs need to be created, unfortunately, the govt must step in. My idea is:-

1. Create a new govt department under Commerce.

2. The staff will be made up of currently unemployed grads in engineering and marketing.

3. Their salaries will be cap at market rates.

4. Source amongst the numerous patents and pick on the more pragmatic ones and plan how it will create jobs and profit.

5. Purchase the patent from the innovator, e.g. $10 million, but in royalty form. No shares, no dividends, nothing else. His wealth will be capped at $10 million and would be more than enough to last his lifetime.

No more must a human be allowed funds more than his lifetime such as the Rothchilds, for we have seen the greed and the power it can affect everyone.

He would be happy, for he provided nothing else except the plan and got millions. There are others who will accept it if he doesn’t, cos there’s plenty of other patents around.

6. Use treasury funds to fund the project, to set up manufacturing, market it and sell the product.

7. Any profits gained will be channeled back to build up the treasury for social spending.

An example of a product and how to sell it: - Voice Recognition Software.

Many will know that VR software already exists, but it was not popular and never did take off, and as such, there was not much improvement done on it. However, with a little American ingenuity and marketing skills, it CAN become the next big thing.

Phase 1: (1 – 6 mths.)

Notice how all have a cellphone, talk much into it, and yet we enjoy texting? Yes, the cellphone has a voice recording feature, but it is cumbersome for retrieval as well as to check for errors. So if such VR feature can be incorporated for texting, it will spare our fingers and eyes from fatigue, and increase our productivity for other things.

Thus, to make VR popular, use existing tech incorporation to get it common and used by everyone.

Phase 2: (7th month – 12th month)

By the 7th month, VR will be everyday use, and that’s when the real manufacturing of VR chips, receivers and transmitters be made. Mankind will want VR on everything, from a watch to Multi-national Corporation factory robots.

Imagine using such tech on low end restaurants where you no longer need a waiter to do such shunned jobs as taking down orders. Just speak into an interface and the chef will cook your meal reading the data on his screen.

Imagine communicating with your microwave oven, your fridge and everyday appliance. Extrapolate that amount of manufactured equipment upon humanity and you will find thousands of jobs will be created on just this one idea, not to mention the maintenance, the improvement and replacements parts.

Only thing is, such tech, production and quality must be protected, with no more ‘globalization’ of taking such production out of the country and create slaves out of other citizens.

This is an American idea, an American society funded operation, and an American profit resource solely for social spending.

This is just a concept, but as mentioned, there are more intelligent ones here than me, and I am sure they can come out with better proposals. Solutions we must have.

I am pragmatic enough to know this post will probably end up in the waste-bin of cyberspace, but I hope this little idea may had inspired some student to work on it and perhaps in future create something out of it.

Thanks for reading. Good Luck, it aint the end yet, not by a long shot, for no matter what happens, we have been gifted with brains, hands and legs. Cheers! :-)

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