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Is Alex Jones a narcissist or psycho or both?

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:37 PM
As much as I dislike Alex Jones, and not having anything good to say, would like to offer something positive instead.

Maybe Alex Jones is a shill. Or a government plant. Personally I think that's what he is. But so what? I think most people get mad because they then want to prove Alex is a fraud, or they are simply mad because they don't have somebody better to turn to for information.

But if we allow ourselves to then pursue Alex, how does this benefit us? Are we not distracted already and have our energies drawn away from better pursuits? Is Alex Jones our prize? No.

Freedom is our pursuit. And sprinkled with a lot of Justice. For all.

Now, here is a guy I really enjoy in 9/11. Jesse Richards. He is refreshing. He lacks all of the things people hate about Alex Jones. He is not obnoxious, rude, condescending, doesn't act like a clown, or dress like a clown for broadcasts. He is articulate, well spoken and refreshing is the word. Check him out;

Jesse Richards from TV

TV News Lies

There is a very short video on Jesse's front page. I challenge everyone here who took the time to whine about Alex Jones (Probably for good reason) but I challenge everyone here who took any time in this thread to take a look at an alternate and very positive person.

Lets try and redirect our energies into something positive!

One last thing as well. As much as I dislike Alex Jones or worse, the title of this thread really isn't fair. Give people a real choice, and something that speaks volumes;

Like, "Is Alex Jones a Government Plant or just a Carnival sideshow?

Enquiring minds would like to know...


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posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 06:13 AM

Originally posted by BeyondBelow
reply to post by antideceit

hahaha traitor. Oh were you serious? how long have you been a member now town it down, civil war isn't whats needed. We all know who the traitors are. calm on your fellow man, I might be cutting the barb wire for you one day. to escape, not imprison, I didn't want that taken out of context.

[edit on 3-4-2010 by BeyondBelow]

I was kidding,
was kind of directing those harsh words at corrupt higher up government types.. The ones that really think they are superior to the rest of the world

The main stream media is one of our biggest enemies right now, or anyone who distorts facts or puts political spin on news stories as a form of propaganda. One good thing is that more and more people are seeing through the deceit than ever before

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 07:13 AM
If I know about these types they're drawn to controversy and the "radio host" type of position where they have a large audience for their means of work.

Good article, brings a lot of things to light

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 07:24 AM
I keep on saying william cooper radio shows are timeless, and you better of just listening to his old shows than jones. You will get more info from them, and its better for you.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 07:25 AM
I think Alex Jones is for the left what Glenn Beck is for the right. The two are almost indistinguishable which is why Alex Jones spend 50% of his time trying to discredit Glenn Beck. Beck is just way more successful at it. Both are trying to stir the pot from their individual sides and get some type of revolution going.

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 08:59 AM

Is Alex Jones a narcissist or psycho or both?

Interesting phraseology. Your choice displays a deep bias and asks a loaded question that prohibits a positive response. Have you stopped beating your wife?
How about: Is Alex Jones a narcissist or psycho or neither?

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 10:47 PM
reply to post by Phil Jayhan

I've been listening to him again, a replay, and he has David Icke on, and David, ironically, was making good sense, didn't hear anything wacky, though it was annoying hearing him repeatedly smack his lips, as if to sound wise and for dramatic effect (I hate it when guests won't drink water for that seeming reason), but so Icke was talking about how the oil companies don't seem to make sense by being for carbon credits and working against themselves but it was really that they were just apart of a bigger mechanism which was just using oil companies and so didn't care about their survival, and eventually moved on to how China was blocking people from accessing knowledge like this, and then up against the commercial break with that being the last thing Icke said, Alex says, something almost exactly like this: "And it's been admitted that the brain is an electrochemical computer and they want to inject us with vaccines to sterilize us". WHAT, THE, HELL? Yes the brain is that and yes "they" do want to mess people up with bad medicine. But what the Hell - how did that tie into Icke leaving off on Chinese censorship of the Internet?????? It's as if, and I believe, that Alex has an infantile mind, and tries to sound adult by MIMICKING what he believes mature adults are supposed to sound like, which is how narcissists act. Narcissists are also attracted to the dramatic, to showy things, things that get a lot of attention, which is why Alex keeps making references to movies and using music from them, like Conan the Barbarian. And yes that seems to be a contradiction in which he tries to sound mature and yet narcissists also hate maturity, but that's the thing: he just tries to sound mature, but actually doesn't care about it, and so keeps up the childish fascination with shallow brutish things like the Predator movie, Conan the Barbarian and Road Warrior, and in the past has mimicked villainous cartoon voices to portray the NWO, which he does well enough to be a voice actor himself. And as everyone knows even portrayed himself as the Joker, making an extreme fool of himself by doing.

Here's an article about how Alex rants so often, in such a repetitive way, that you don't need to hear but one show to know what the next will be about. And here's an earlier article about other crazed behaviors Alex has shown along with crazed mentally ill speech. Alex also has a monstrous hatred for peaceful Christianss despite pretending to be one and to be a conservative, whom he generalizes as all one group, particularly Protestants, which is ironic since their name indicates that they protest against evil, and in the past it was specifically against the corrupt behavior of the Catholic Church.

Some think Alex is a Jesuit shill, but he has spoken out against the Vatican, so it's clear he's just anti-obedience-to-authority (another narcissist trait). It's especially ironic because Alex claims to be for peaceful protest and not for violence, but his hatred of Christians and his repeated promotion that we need another 1776 shows otherwise. I think some think he's a shill because besides not having heard him say certain things, the feds or elitists rather, don't try and shut him up, but they have tried in various ways by vilifying him, but I think they don't just arrest him for treasonous speech because they know they've made treasonous speech and done treasonous things, but probably also because they see that he does more damage than good by his crazed ranting, which makes it look like people who believe in the conspiracies he talks about, are crazed like him, and Icke whom he's allied with.

posted on Aug, 15 2010 @ 09:47 AM
I believe AJ is a very vary smart man, and he stays just far enough on the lunatic fringe to avoid getting his head blown off because he knows the powers that be can just discount him off as a nut, when in fact he is very deliberate in his presentation of his personality he will appeal to a lot more people with the persona he has created.

AJ uses the same techniques the MSM uses all the time, his persona is no exception in my opinion.

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