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New Culture of Journalism - Mock the Leadership

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 04:09 AM
It really pleases me to watch Jon Stewart egg the faces of those in business and industry. I like how Rachel Maddow catches politicians in lies and hypocrisy and calls them on it. Stephen Colbert's absurd mockery of just about everyone at once is funny, but is often also very poignant.

And it seems like the culture is catching on with the mainstream media as well. True, most journalists are still just tools, but I think as individuals and Americans they're starting to really resent that fact. Not only are these new characters holding politicians' and businesspeoples' feet to the fire, but also other journalists. No one is safe, and everyone will get caught in their bull# eventually.

The only problem that still exists is the perceived bias of left/right. What I think we need is some mainstream journalism that has equal contempt for both Democrats and Republicans, leftists and rightists. We need some journalism that does not care to espouse any particular side of any particular issue, but concerns itself primarily with holding accountable those who form policy regarding the issues.

At some point, Congress, wall street, big banking, big housing, big oil, big everyone will have to face the fact that they can't take advantage as long as they're being called out on every contradiction and injustice they happen to create.

I'm just hoping that this cultural trend continues, and eventually becomes the norm for all journalistic media, as it should. I hope it gets to the point where journalists wouldn't dare be tools for fear of being called out themselves, and lose any credibility they may have built.

At some point, we may have journalism laureates running for public offices rather than lawyers.

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