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Understanding why people will not Wake Up, and solutions to solve this problem.

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 02:52 AM
ATS members... maybe we tried to wake up others the wrong way? In fact, maybe our way of waking up others actually did more harm then good?

I know many people on ATS do not like it when other individuals try to stuff religion down their throats... Well have you ever considered that the same can apply for the truth movement? The TeaParty? Any type of person that wants to show another person what the system really is doing (from a different perspective)... Do you think it's possible that you caused others to defend the system even more based upon your aggressive approach of trying to show them the truth?

Let me explain with a video: Pleas watch at least the first three minutes.

We have to be subtle, humble, nonaggressive, and most importantly... just lead by example instead of our words.

Our words will not wake up others... neither will our text, blogs, or videos.... but maybe our actions will speak volumes to others.

Bottom Line

I know that I've specifically approached an individual about 9/11 in the past .... did my best to try to wake him up to the deception behind the event, and in return, this particular person not only has a personal disliking for the truth movement, but also a disliking for those that don't think America is greatest country in the world.

Had I been more subtle in my approach... Had I not instigated several debates... Maybe if I let him ask the questions instead of supplying answers... then maybe today he would have a different mind set.

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 11:12 AM
I think you are right on, and I wish more people could approach the problem of sharing their “alternative” information this way.

Waking up is hard to do; waking up is deeply uncomfortable. Our minds have powerful and vital defense mechanisms, and whenever our dogma is threatened we go into a safe mode where we'll automatically reject whatever is forced upon us, no matter how much reason is contained in the words a person is shouting at us. And worst of all, not only is it ineffective at spreading our point of view, it's profoundly unhealthy for us. We become the unpleasant, frustrated, paranoid, peculiar cranks they expect us to be.
Our quiet, reasoned confidence is strongest argument; the degree to which our beliefs and knowledge are well integrated and show fewer signs of inconsistency and strain than theirs.

When I talk to people my approach (now) is never to confront, never to be judgmental, never to deny their reality. I usually just begin a conversation with them about the topic, and in the course of the conversation I may see a natural opportunity to ask them a relevant question which has been on my mind, a question which isn't answered by the “official” story, which requires and stimulates thought. My responses, reactions, questions are always genuine. I don't claim to have all the answers, and many of the answers I have may be wrong. I see myself on a journey with everyone else, we've all got pieces of a great puzzle and I don't know who has the next piece I think we (collectively) need. I don't think someone who believes X or Y is an idiot, they're probably a lot smarter than me about Z and Q. No one is universally stupid.

I know some people are too passionate to take this approach, and that seems a pity because I think they would be happier and would ultimately see more results.


posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by AstroEngineer

Notice how many posts this centrally-important topic has received since the thread was started 5 days ago! (For anyone seeing this out of context, mine is the third). "Waking up" does not seem to be where most people are at. The number of persons who believe that this is the mechanism by which this planet has a chance to survive is small. But they are, in my experience, adamant and quite dedicated.

I belong to a group which, when mentioned overtly on the web, normally brings about paroxysms of disdain and scathing attacks. And this is a group which has been very insistent that people need to wake up. It leads one to wonder: what are its enemies so afraid that people will see when they decide to start opening their eyes and "waking up?"

After my rather limited experience in this direction, I must agree with the advice I have been given about it. Laugh off the brickbats (unfavorable or critical remarks) and persist to insist that people look. The experience that "put them to sleep" contains in it the command to not look. Your efforts to get people to look must outweigh the latent effects of the criminals who wanted them to "go to sleep" and stay that way.

We are dealing, in short, with a criminal attempt to win over the minds of a population made up largely of people who are living proof of the futility of such attempts. But the struggle is real, and though the criminals can never truly win, they could succeed in making life on this planet much rougher than it already is. And so it makes sense that an active resistance to this "conspiracy" (as some call it) should exist and that its battle cry should be "wake up and look!" I wish to count myself a member of that resistance.

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