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Michael Tellinger's Slave Species - Good read

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 12:34 AM
* draws clear and startling analogies between new discoveries in genetic engineering and ancient archaeological finds…
* highlights emerging scientific information overlooked in the past…
* unravels the Bible’s often obscure stories by linking these to their original forms in Sumerian clay tablets and other prehistoric writings…
* provides explicit answers to why our modern world has become so senseless and chaotic by revealing the very secrets of our prehistory…

While shattering myths about evolution and God, Slave Species of god enables evolutionists and creationists to finally co-exist in one pond. The arguments are compelling, simple and refreshing, retracing the path of human evolution from the murky distant past to the religious dogma that haunts humankind today. The question of who we are and where we come from takes on a new meaning as we discover that our DNA may have been manipulated by our CREATOR some 250 000 years ago to produce a less intelligent ‘primitive species’. In fact, the book’s evidence shows that Adam and Eve were not the ‘apple’ of God’s eye as first suggested in Genesis. Tellinger presents the many arguments and evidence succinctly and convincingly, pointing out the difference between ‘GOD’ and god. How did this genetic manipulation affect humankind? How have we evolved in 250 000 years? Can we achieve immortality? These are just some of the questions answered in this gripping and astonishing work, challenging all those who are looking for new answers in the 21st century.

- I got my copy on ebay for under ten bucks.

Very good read.

Very insightful and revolutionary concept.

You can get the first chaper here:

Very interesting read thusfar.

" We are the sub species, Our ignorance is our weakess, our arrogangnce and our ignorance a congenital disease that will eventually destroy us. The dogma controls us and the fear consumes us................."

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 01:25 AM
alice.. somewhere over the rainbow is a wonderful retirement plan for the slave.

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 02:06 AM
Tellinger can be an imnteresting read, however I suspect he has his eye on the market of Sitchin and Hancock. His ideas are founded on theirs and he uses a similar manipulation of evidence to draw readers in. Unluckily for him, the fringe market of pseudoMcQuackery can only sustain a few names and he was too late to the game...

He tried to make a name using 'Adam's Calendar,' a stone circle in South Africa. Book and videos for promotion etc. It failed to catch the imagination and faded into obscurity. I recall a good thread from last year...Theory on 75,000 year old African structures?

Amanda Esterhuysen, a Wits University academic from the geography, archaeology and environmental sciences department, isn`t that convinced, however. "These guys are talking nonsense. We are doing extensive research in Mpumalanga and these sites are fairly well known. "While we don`t dispute that structures like this are man-made, there is no way it is 75 000 years old. The type of science they use to date these sites is highly questionable," she added.

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 04:49 AM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

I think this is very possible but also know that we as hybrids found favor with the "Father" - the "Lord" of our creators.

Above and beyond whatever DNA enhancement created us (and BY WHOM) and for what ever purpose - I am certain there is a God over and above these creators and that God has essentially taken a liking to and for all intents and purposes, adopted us. We share a link with ___???

I admit, I surely don't know.
But what I think, for no particular reason is...

The "fallen angels" are Illuminati who try to disconnect us from the whole and power of the whole. They are human and another of Gods creation mixed. Reptilians and half humans jealous creations of God and more elevated dimensionally but lack a complete God-like soul. The soul is the small (or large) God like "quality" that comes from the "element" of God within us.

"Fallen angels" were created by God.
They are not however "relatives" of God.

Humans were created by Gods children...and in their ignorance (and I think against an initial command not to meddle in science this way)...

from elements, DNA and genes from "beloved others" sisters, brothers OF Gods own children.

I don't have a rational reason for believing this.
I sense a connection... and a disconnection on the same planet.

So I am clear, I think there are morally superior and truly excellent reptilians.
They are not all bad any more than we are all good.

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