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What The Web Bot Sees For 2010

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 05:23 PM

Originally posted by StarBoyFG
Web bot has made NOT ONE mistakes in the past!

It isnt 100% accurate....Since i follow web bot i concluded that it is 10-60% accurate. Especially the dates are extremely inaccurate!

So what you're saying is you have a FAR better chance of being right by flipping a coin, than by listening to webbot.

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 06:08 PM
I thought that the Web Bot was always bs, since it gets all of its info from the internet. I was looking at previoues predictions of the Web Bot, and I was shocked at some of the ones that were right. It predicted Katrina, 9/11, the Columbia shuttle disaster, the NE blackout of '03, the Indian Ocean earthquake in '04 and even the Dick Cheney hunting accident. I'm still not sure if I should believe the Web Bot though.

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 07:21 PM
Always read the disclaimers on HPH. every time it clearly states that what is presented and what is understood is entirely of your own perception. I have even seen it say that actions based on information presented in the ALTA report is the result of an unbalanced mind.

Even so, in the FEB 2010 ALTA, they state that should you subscribe it's becuase you have an urge for bizarre entertainment! and that the reports for FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

Don't be surprised if there are some correlations or "successes" the combined mind that is the WWW will call heads enough times to get one right!

In short it is just a lot of ball gazing.

Besides I remember last year there was near mass panic when they refused to publish all of on report, because it was just so bad. SO BAD in fact that it forced them to close HPH and stop doing the reports so they could concentrate on their survival. this lasted all of what 4 months!! just in time to issue another report at the right time. but the end was not nigh, and I still have to go to work in the morning, and pay my bills. which sux!

IT"S CALLED MARKETING!!!!! and they are very proud of the 90% of return subscriptions.

Why is it always doom and gloom? becuase people won't pay to hear good news. you feel like you have the inside track on important information that will help you expect and survive what is to come!!! so you feel the payment is worth it. This is not the case if everything is gonna be great!. you woulc demand your money back!

Jakius report 0001 - $39.99 100% ACCURATE PREDICTION GUARANTEE

Everything is cool, but sometimes bad, Taxes will go down and up. polititions will be liberal with the truth. and all the Americans will realise that the health care thing is not the most important thing in the world. but no one else cares but they will continue stop crying and crowing about it, while the rest of the world just carries on. It's going to be nice summer, some sun some rain, depending where you are. There will be storms, there will be quakes there will be murder rape and violence. Children will be born, people will die. People will win and lose jobs, business will start business will fail. People marry and divorce. people will laugh and cry, make love and war. There will be new music and art, and people will discover old art and music. Kids will take exams. some will pass, some fail. ATS will continue, and people will continue to talk crap, and people will continue to listen to it. Don't despair. it's called life.

Learn to live it and enjoy it. everything else is conjecture. Will bad things happen, yes. will catastrophic things happen? yes. will world changing events happen? yes, when will they happen. IN the future. Who knows. Will we survive. Some will some won't

Will the world blow up. YES, in about 10 billion years!!!!

You realise that. THE WORLD WILL END!! when the sun blows up. THAT IS CERTAIN AND FOR FACT! So for Petes sake stop wishing it would come sooner and you will be witness to it. I just told you when the world will come to and end just enjoy you time.

smiles all round!

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 10:25 PM
cliff on coast to coast guess what day talking about 2010 -+Upcoming+Shows%29

same april fools day at coast to coast base just a thought

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 08:29 AM
I find that I particularly enjoy predictions right now - any predictions. Wild ones, skeptical ones, whatever.

I feel so strongly like something **dire** IS happening, but the politics and economics are all just so confusing. Predictions give my mind something to chew on besides the big tangle of screw ups we've got in front of us. Even if they are doom and gloom, they seem cohesive.

posted on Mar, 27 2010 @ 12:07 AM
reply to post by gwydionblack


True! Maybe because Webbot is indexing ATS a bit too much lately

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 07:14 PM
OK guys, this is a one time only entry for me... Here it goes...
First hand you have been masterfully played by a pair of con artists and crooks, ten bucks ($10) for a report that as far as I understand is a snip-cut-paste free-interpretation-arrangement (linguistics algorithm?) of information commonly found over the internet, this so called program or spiders are none other than a meta-search engine (a.k.a. Copernic, as an example, do not believe? go look: it is WIDE! and you can find almost ANYTHING! around the globe.
First of all, the master mind of this operation is a greedy character called George Ure, second the partner in crime, technology expert guy, Cliff High (or probably an alias for High Cliff as in high risk, vertiginous, extremely high headed genius fellow, that to be decided) concocted the "how to get rich in 60 seconds" plan, and for that you need a few common hand available ingredients, 1) A fellow that has expertise on marketing and news proofing and editing, Ure, with experience in knowing that black, yellow and red, sell 2) the knowledge that collective unconscious tends to band together into collective hysteria and when a group of people become concerned or preoccupied they tend to "spread" the contagiousness of the complex like powder, how did they achieve this? Well if you read and pay close attention to C.G. Jung's "Modern Man In Search of a Soul" you can actually see how certain common shared feeling tend to be contagious, just like an epidemic. 3) You do not need to be extremely wise or well instructed to see how this couple knew their history, the pre 2000 mass hysteria due to the dooms day systems flaw, and how computer companies made their heyday in 1999(.COM bubble), pretty convenient huh? and the after 2001 mass commotion... they said, how can we make a quick buck, become a dot COM phenomenon and profit from people's fears and concerns (Jung again and some Adler) all this is a well conceived marketing scheme, they even gave it a "product birth, maturity and decline" time line, marketing again... They said that after such and such date the project would be compromised, yes, when people starts to realise how they had been conned from their hard earned money, while they pictured themselves in the Bahamas sipping margaritas, as a nasty American saying expresses "a fool is born every minute". They also aim at the gullible and impressionable uneducated folk, manipulating unfounded invasion schemes, crazy natural catastrophe scenarios, alien contact realities, wars for food, and all good stuffs that human history is full of. And 4) last but by no means least... One of humanities most exploited anxieties, fear of the unknown, wanting to know what the future will bring, task that up until now has been explored without much success.
My two cents are... Try to live life at its maximum for you do not know what the day in front of you will bring and try to make the most out of it, work hard but do not over work, truly love yourself and spread that love to others. The future is now and tomorrow unknown. Namaste.

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by SameAsMe2012

A one time entry, how Looks like your making accusations of fraud without any proof, lets see some hard evidence otherwise your diatribe is nothing more than garbage. Who do you work for or are you just needing some attention?

I just finished reading the latest Alta Report 5-25-2010 and I must say it looks like things are right on schedule from what we've read in the past. Looking at economic failures in process and the BP Oil Spill with the Oil Rain that has been generated, the sicknesses that have ensued, this is consistent with the forecast of 'Blue Flue'.

posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 12:51 PM
I stumbled across an old web bot report from over a year ago. Normally, i'm highly suspicious of webbot in general but TWO things stood out to me from that report.

First, replace "global coastal phenomena" with BP disaster. i realize this is a year off, but the similarities are striking minus the antarctic location...

The beginning of the [global coastal phenomena] is either pending for about mid May, or started recently with the nearto Tonga volcano sub seas eruption (and land building), or began this week with the rupture of the ice bridge in Antarctica, or the 'freak' waves that struck around the planet over 2008, or some other 'event' in the future, or not. While there is ample room for debate on something as wide a forecast as a [global coastal phenomena], and a 5/five months wide 'initiation' period, nonetheless, the separation of the Antarctica ice bridge is clearly a very large HMMMMM! within the total context of a [global coastal phenomena]. The issue is that this 'ice bridge' needs to really be considered in the context of a [cork], or [bouchon] as we had forecast some number of years back. At the time the data seemed to be suggesting that the [cork] was to be moved by [underseas volcanoes] that would be causing [current shifts] that in turn would [erode] the [cork's position]. Perhaps the shift of the Antarctic 'ice bridge' is this cork being moved. The details may not be knowable. Within a day of the shift or cracking of the ice bridge, various sources within Antarctica report that the governmental presence there started to crack down on all outgoing information streams. The forecast for the [global coastal phenomena] from the immediacy values set suggests yet another round of [grounding (of) vessels] occurring, though in this instance the data sets are suggesting clear [antarctic] associations, and further that the [grounding] will be a result, as well as a temporal marker, for the next phase of the [global coastal phenomena]. The shorter term values indicate that the [visible] component of the [global coastal phenomena] increases for the [5/five months period] starting slightly before the Summer solstice, and now, given the actual manifestations of this year so far, it would appear that the [visible] rise of the context within the global mediastream *will* be the result of actual emerging circumstances, rather than mere fear talk about the potential for such. As a temporal marker for the next set of emerging manifestations within the [global coastal phenomena], the [vessel grounding] is indicated to be very high in [visibility]. Further the data sets indicate that the [grounding] will be a problem for the [mission/activity] involved, which is indicated to be [forced ahead] in spite of [dangers], and [difficulties]. The data shows that there will be a [wash/overlay] of [obstructions/obstacles] around the [boat/vessel grounding]. Also, and quite curiously, there are several supporting sets within both the general [antarctica] sub set, as well as the [vessel aground/useless] sub sets, there are aspects/attributes of [grasses], and [trees], and these are filled with a number of [botanical species] references. Again, probably wrong, or else a real big HMMMM!

and this other gem sounds a lot like that sinkhole in south america last week after the storm........

This set seems to indicate that the Italian earthquakes of this past week are merely part of a [pattern] of [earth activities] indicated to move [north] through [europe]. These [earth shifts/movements] are being forecast to create a situation in which a [land shift/mud slide] induces a [hole] that in turn [sinks] a [building] that will be [visible] on the global mediastream as it [ruptures] while being [bitten through] by the [earth shift]. This specific [architecture], while crumbling is indicated to [spill out] a [tongue] of material from the [building] upon which will be 1/one of several [large impetus occurrences] to [new exposure] of the [contact] meme.

Take it with a grain of salt if you want, but the similarities in my mind are striking

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by oldgoat

no man it's the Nostradamus effect. Just spew enough of inaccurate predictions and eventually something will hit. There's so much going on in the world that all of the predictions are bound to come true sooner or later.

The same with Nostradamus. People say he predicted in riddles or codes to protect himself/others. Later people have interpreted his predictions to be about the current times they are in.

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