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Paranormal Runcorn.

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posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 09:09 PM
Okay so i geuss i've never really wrote a thread on paranormal activities as i usually prefer the more down to earth subjects, however as i did say "usually" i must say, i do, like the next guy, love a good ghost tale, whether it's true or not is a different story all together, and although there isn't the biggest load of evidence to suggest truth in paranormal going on's, i for one do believe in ghosts.

Anyway, Runcorn (my hometown) is (bar being quite a rough place in some parts) an industrial town and cargo port with some small parts of it dating as far back as 915, (however not yet named Runcorn then) and some may (unfortunatley) know Runcorn as the place that the sitcom Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps is filmed.

But anyway enough of that, we're not here for a geography lesson, but a ghostly tale.
Runcorn has one massivley well known ghost tale of it's 1952 poltergeist, which all started in August 1952 in a street that i actually used to live on!

If you would like to read the story (which i do highly recommend visit this link)


Bar the above ghastly story there actually many more stories, which i find extremely excited considering how small my town is,
i found a small page about UK ghosts and found this account of runcorn:

"Recently excavated remains of a monastic house including twelfth century undercroft` says the guide in describing this haunted site. In 1972 the 'Runcorn Weekly News' featured a story of a poacher admitting that not only did be witness two phantom monks, but late actually heard a ghostly choir when looking for illegal game in the woods, with which to supplement his larder. A knowledgeable investigator, Jack Clarke of Runcorn, interviewed the thief who refused naturally to allow his name to be published and was greatly impressed by the apparent truthfulness of the statement. " (this is just a short snippet, click "Link 2" and read the third account for the full story)

Link 2

Through doing research i actually found this programme on a "Halton libraries Paranormal Runcorn week" (found in link 3)

Link 3

There have been other stories i've heard about Runcorn, but as i've not seen them documented i'm not sure if there just word of mouth town myths, some of these stories include, a hanging bus driver in laburnam grove who apparently hung himself after running over a girl in the 60s when drunk,
a headless soldier at the old castle which to be fair if there was gonna be a ghost sighting Runcorn castle would definatley be the perfect place looking like this in all it's rubble and glory.

My research into paranormal activity is still in early stages, and i do plan to stretch out past Runcorn, just i thought a good stepping stone would be my own hometown, in terms of personal experiences, i have had a few weird ones, for example if you go and read my 444 thread you'll know what i mean (since which alot of people have told me could be related to ghosts etc...) also i've had my highly overly skeptical dad say stuff like "theres something else in this house bar us" when i lived at home, bar that i do believe i've seen a ghost once, only problem is, at the time i'd had 5 days no sleep and too many drugs! DAMN
haha...anyway thankyou for reading and expect a part two!

(if anyone would like to read further into the history of Runcorn i found this great PDF file that i highly suggest)... (listed as link 4)

Link 4

Thanks again!

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 01:46 AM
Cool interesting stuff.

You should'nt have mentioned two pints lol. It took my mind off the thread thinking about how corny it is LMAO.

Ive been threatening to do similar research in to my city newcastle but just have'nt found the time.I think you could have inspired me to make a start, see what i can turn up.

Ive had ghostly experiences myself and im a firm believer. I even thought about going ghost hunting but it never got past the planning phase. Theres some great castles up this way that are said to be very haunted.

Anyway good luck with the research. Im sure you'll have many a tale to tell in part two. Hopefully i'll have some of my own to add by then too.

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by KrypticCriminal

Heyyy, thankyou veryy muchh, haha yeah i dreaded the two pints part but nevermind eh

you should deffo get some stuff up and let me know when you doo, part two should be up soon, i'm gonna cover liverpool (because it's so close) then i move to leeds for uni in september so probably there too...take care

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