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A Time of Calm is Needed

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posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 06:58 PM
Dear Friends and valued members,
I have been watching cable news, and reading things on the net today that suggest this once proud Nation is once again about to erupt in a conflict. A Rebellion that will most certainly be bloody, but one we will all suffer for if it happens. We of this forum, whether we realize it or not, reach millions of people all over the world with this message board. Even the membership roster is ripe with people from other Nations. We need to send a message to people.

No more death threats against Congressmen. No more bricks through Congressional office windows. Yelling and screaming is fine, as free Americans we have a right to do that. Protesting is again the American way. Filing lawsuits for impeachment of a sitting public figure? That's OK too, for those who have read and studied America's most sacred documents know, this too is a right. Are we to become a mob? Do we storm the White House with weapons? NO! This is America, people, we do not act like unruly children when angry. We are all grown up here, right?

The ones who sit in office above us, you all know who I am taking about here....these people have been using their offices to further an economic agenda that will further fill their pockets, while we Americans can starve for all they care! I think you will agree with me here. We as a people need to begin to use our legal system, the one that is usually used against us, against them. One person making a statement may get some air time on CNN, but when a million people file a class action lawsuit, and files affidavits to seize possessions of the ones who use their office for criminal activities. Oh, you think a Congressman or a Governor is spic and span clean? In my own State we have a criminal government!
Senate Hearings Continue On Canceled Drug Sting At Gov's Residence

Just think about this, and let it sink in real good. We are not like that. We are still a Free People, and Free People use the system to get people, not the criminal's way. Instead of getting into legal trouble, we use the legal system to take down those who violate their sacred oath to support, and defend the Constitution.
Congressional Oath U.S. Code Title 28, Section 453
I myself took it, anyone who served in the Military took it. Our leaders are supposed to take it.

Sadly though, for some time now our leaders have taken only the Judicial Oath, and not the Constitutional Oath.
Question: What Form of Oath is Taken by a Supreme Court Justice?

For those who legal experience and the ways and means, this fact alone could be used to take them all down. Think about it.

Howard Freeman Lecture

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