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how free are you.........really?

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posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 09:36 PM

Originally posted by time91
You cannot be truly free unless you are all powerful.

If freedom means power to you, then that's true. But that's not what freedom means to many.

For instance, if you think, I want to fly to the other side of the universe you will not be able to.

If freedom means being without boundaries, then that's true. But that's not what freedom means to many.

posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 10:49 PM
Freedom, what's that?

The bank owns my car. I pay car payment, fix bank's car for free and pay finance charge. If late, I get hassled/the shake down, by the car-loaner mafia.

I must have full coverage car insurance whether I want it or not.

I can't own a dog or cat, landlord won't allow it, but landlord's got pet.

Can't be loud in the house or walk around naked, renting a room in a house.

Can't do any drug I want and if I did would have to do it in secret and then feel paranoia, guilt and shame for having done it.

Have to go to the doctors for herpes/cold sore meds which could be sold over the counter.

Have to drive the speed limit.

Have to obey traffic signals/signs when I'm the only one on the road.

Have to go to jury duty and go to court when summoned.

Have to have driver's lic to drive car. Have to have it updated and retake test every so many years.

Have to pay taxes on car when buying it, have to pay taxes again on it every year. Have to pay for yearly safety sticker.

Have to have ssn.

Have to make criminal record public even though paid fine and served time.

Have to give potential employers personal information about myself with no guarantee that they will hire me or what they will do with the information.

Can't do background check on CEO of business wanting to work for. Could be a possible criminal and need to see his or her record.

Can't be euthanized.

Could be incarcerated in mental hospital and under surveliance if slip and threaten to kill self.

Have to wear a seat belt.

Have to wear a helmet when riding on a motorcycle.

Have to pay taxes on food and other items.

Have to have taxes taken out of my paycheck or owe IRS if not.

Have to have proof of where I live to open a savings account at a bank.

Have to pay a huge check cashing fee to cash paycheck since have no bank account.

Have to subject myself to unreasonable searches and seizures. Have to watch others go through them.

Have to pay administrative fees on top of fines to the court. Administrative fees sometimes twice as large as the fine.

Can't travel the world due to lack of money.

Am limited on higher education/knowledge due to lack of money.

Can't own/ride a horse, due to lack of money.

Can't wear fine clothing, due to lack of money.

Can't have perfect teeth, due to lack of money

Can't have perfect health care, due to lack of money

The list could go on and on. This is why those that are spiritual or religious seek freedom in their mind and through their God, because life in our physical body is not free, it's full of oppression/dominance/control to some varying degree.

It is not just the government that takes away freedoms. It goes all the way down to the semi-poor man or woman who owns a humble house, (like his own little government) and those he invites into it have to follow his rules, which means freedom being taken away to a certain degree. We all do it. We are all guilty of oppression and taking away freedom from somebody on some level.

A human is not free to run up and kiss me. That person can claim I have taken away their freedom because I won't let them. In truth I have to a degree. Another human could do the same to another person who let's them kiss them and could then claim that person allows them more freedom. If I deck the person who took the liberty to run up and kiss me, then the cop comes and hauls me off to jail for a spell. Now my freedom has been taken away to a degree. On my way to jail I could be cussing and hollering so badly the cop wants to deck me to silence me, but restrains, due to not being free to act on that impulse.

There is no freedom in the physical body and those that think they are, are under the illusion that they are free because they have come to terms with having a measure of acceptance.

Remember - Every birth of a human being furthers oppression of another.

posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 11:32 PM
nobody is free, maybe only people that have a lot of money, even then, they are not totality free

the only thing free really should be our minds, but some people prefer to read a book and use the book as a way of life and use a book to proof life, a book that can be read in many ways, so, it doesnt make any sense ... it just shows you how stupid people really are (south park 03-25-10 ep)

I wont explain why, because I already did in other threads with this same subject

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by Key-Minder

i do have trouble with all the can's and have to's.
just to pick two, you can't have a pet, and you have to wear a helmet.
no you don't, you could move else where for the pets, and many states have no helmet laws.
in other words, are you not restricting many freedoms voluntarily?

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