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Im an Aussie and i just saw 'Mr. Obama' make an interesting signing.

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posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 10:47 AM
Hey there,

I am sure the Americans here on the board are aware of what B. Obama tried to do recently with his "revolutionary" medical health bill.

I just have a few questions and possible insights that i would like to share as well as receive feedback on.

1. I find it amazing that the "swearing" occurence has garnered so much attention, considering, a part of me thought that; maybe

A) it was do give media a "media hot" distraction, for the fact that there are some states, 5 as far as i am aware, as well as high standing business owners and certain people of high notation within the judicial community and state govt that have opposed it openly; and want to pass bills to ensure that their citizens dont need to purchase health care (which is MANDATORY, with penalty of FINE.. HOW MUCH??)..

B) Was it just some measure by which to help Mr. Obama potentially raise through the ranks of the Freemason/Illuminati degrees? by making a huge gesture openly - which we know is sometimes a test to gain rank within those societies. The participant must make certain oaths to do a certain something, that will get the population's attention - that validates their progressing to the next level.

C) Again, to distract the population from the matter of a $950 Billion tax. In my opinion, that is an amazing business man that can sell a huge debt, that no matter what, will be be paid back by the people, the govt is bound to have a return and potential credit to the initial debt amount. I mean; let's think about this for a second.

.. Health Care System!! (sounds great, with great PR making it more 'available' for more Americans)

.. Mandatory participation (With fine or prison sentence penalty i presume)

D) Finally, He HAS to be the best salesperson that govt has ever had. Everyone initially backed obama, he had huge popularity and still does in some states. The most successful company will have the most accomplished and confident salesperson selling their product. NWO.

2. To distract the American poppulace from the fact that he is doing no better than what happened to other slaves.. ENSLAVING them, breaking their backs - where we all know that American people in some places are experiencing a slump in income, EVEN TODAY ???

A) the way he is postured as the next best thing to sliced bread. When he backflips on his own policy, promised in his election campaign.

B) Showing his actions as wanting to do a "health reform" for the betterment, when quite obviously it has major negative effects on certain demographics currently.

3. Could the above action mean that, because people have no jobs, they have no money, they cannot afford a MANDATORY health care plan, so they default legally on their new inherited debt, though because prisons are overflowing "apparently" they will have to do something like join the military to eventually pay the bill - where they are conned into joining the military, serving your country" and paying the bills (something we all want/need to do i.e. families)"

4. Is all that i have said completely absurd and paranoid??

I just feel that this was another brick in the wall, to seal the American's into the NWO further. How many years will this debt take to be paid back?? The US owes china TRILLIONS, as well as having an over debt of multi billions - if not, Trillions to other countries.

Is this just another attempt at America to recover it's economy, buy back some of it's own land? Essentially, if corporations have majority rule now, then surely, there are certain govts (companies...) that essentially "own" parts of America.

Will we see in the next 5 years a massive increase in US ARMY intakes? due in part, to potential "disguised" conscription enabling tactics.

Could the mass intake of Soldiers be a result of a financial crash - that would lead many to owing the govt money for more MANDATORY essentials, could this mass intake also help "gear up" for a new war, somewhere else - to wage the most successful business tactic anywhere.. WAR.

I cant remember anything else and i am really tired, so i dont know if i was rambling. Please let me know your thoughts.



p.s. My fiance and i were driving home from down south from where we live, i had been talking to her about UFO's recently, then low and behold. . . She and i both notice the same strange object in the sky that i had seen before. It might not have been the same "thing" but it had the exact same characteristics and moved in the same way.


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