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TIME TRAVEL: Strong evidence or major hoax???

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posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 08:33 PM
Since i enjoy the possibility of time travel i thought i'd put in my 2 cents as well. Although i'm more of a skeptic here than anything in regard to the photos. I reluctantly say that this photo is very well photoshopped or is a, and i hate to say this, fake. Based on personal assessment of the photo:

1: The guy sticks out like a sore thumb. Since there seems to be a primary source of attention among the crowd i can assume that something more intriguing is going on than the mans presence, However in the crowd i would have to be concerned that no one is looking or suspicious of his obvious dissection in physical appearance from the rest of the group. But then again maybe it was just the right moment.

2. This may be just me but the shadows on his face and neck look wierd to me. They dont look natural based on the curvature and the rest of the shadows in the photo.

3. If he were a time traveler he'd have to know this sloppy appearance would attract attention, UNLESS this state of appearance was considered 'acceptable' at the time (which i doubt) then ...where is the time travel.

4. Also if he were a time traveler what would be the point of being caught in this photograph and not anywhere else, because it seems he has blatant disregard of his presense in public. I would assume there would be more of this guy somewhere else.

As for the ringclock...I dont think i have enough information to effeciently have an opinion either way. But i do find it odd that it was set at 10:10 indicating that it probably had never been worn or could have been 'planted'

But then again those are just conjectures of mine. I want to believe time travel(ers) is possible but i also have to put everything through my basic trials of logic, but my opinions arent set in stone either.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 05:52 PM
One thing I can note is the theories of parallel dimensions, the theory that every possible outcome exists, and therefore there are dimensions parallel to ours where every possible outcome exists. John Titor (not saying I believe it, I'm still examining that) explains that when he "traveled back in time" that he didn't travel back to his timeline, but to a parallel dimension, so if he killed his father in the past, he would still exist because his actual father was not the one from this timeline. So if that were to be true, why would a time traveler need to dress like everyone else did? If you can get away from authorities there really aren't any consequences that would affect you. Anyone with any info to add to that would be appreciated, and this is my first post ever, glad to be an ATS member

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 07:35 PM
As threads go, time travel as most should know, is my favorite subject matter area of discussion. In that regard, I would like to add a couple of matters to the discussion as food for thought that someone might find valuable.

First, is the watch in China. While many will ask how could a watch get in a 400 year old block of rock if not by time travel?

I contend there are other logical explanations. I dont know why it has to be time travel, because from my perspective, it does pose a mystery, but from my application of technique, finding a watch in rock could also have been placed there by some ancient earth civilization that has since been destroyed by the ravages of time and or some catastrophic earth event in ancient history.

Such a watch, could have eventually ended up at the bottom of some major flood debris as we often read about and that watch could have been deposited somewhere deep within the earth while the earth material which is now rock was once in a liquid state which then hardened as part of the specific rock.

Such a buried watch would reside deep somewhere for perhaps thousands of years until it is discovered as the Chinese did in their watch finding. This theory gets crushed when you recall the 400 year old claim. 400 yrs is not enough time to do what the ancient culture theory would require, so I kept thinking on the matter.

Anyway, while finding a watch in rock over 400 years old does also raise the question of what type of event could melt rock into liquid form and yet not melt the watch? I also have to consider that the liquid rock could have been instantaneously liquified and then hardened and if so, then this would denote a type of advanced weapon or super advanced tools perhaps like the kind that melted rocks into blocks that were used to create the many pyramids around the world that appear as if the rock was somehow liquified.

Last item of discussion on the watch regarding time travel is the possibility that someone with time travel technology could have been teleporting and someone lost or threw the watch either by accident or by intention before arriving in some ancient or older time. When the thrown or lost watch hit the time vortex, it landed somewhere much later in historical time where such a spot later becomes a rock.

This would take thousands of years and so I have that to also consider, that the claim of only 400 yrs old makes it hard to use ancient cultures or even the theory that it fell from a time traveler who through it or lost it during time travel because of the thousands of years that it would take to form rock from liquid state.

It is the 400 yrs claim that causes such problems with such theories, but since I am only offering discussion, anyone can see that it is difficult to explain.

Second area of this threads discussion is the old photograph with 1940's type men that appear out of place in that time frame due to their clothing or sunglasses and cameras. On this matter I can accept that perhaps these men were members of time teams that could have been part of Project Pegasus.

I base this on the fact that I can identify the goggle looking man and would name him by his rank of 1st Lt. and exact name, but for the sake of being responsible, I will not provide his name. What I will say is that the exact time frame that the odd goggle man is from, would be the 1980-1982 time frame from a location in northern Germany, south of Berlin.

While this claim will I am certain not be believed, I dont really care, because it goes to show that if you broke the rules of protocol with personal items and such while part of a structured military group, then it proves that if you are a flake in 1981 you would be the exact same flake who wont abide the rules in a 1940 time frame. A true rebel of sorts that does not belong on such a project that requires strict protocols of observance.

The old saying "Good help is hard to get." is a truism in black ops sometimes, no matter how much a volunteer one may be because even some of the best can be flakes. While this man had connections family wise in Washington that brought him into the program, it was those connections that kept him from being arrested like most other flakes for all his screw ups.

Such a flaky person would be a liability to any top secret operation and the infraction was from my knowledge added to the many other infractions and reprimands that he was famous for which eventually got him transferred back into normal military duties somewhere back in the USA, because of course, he didn't like to be cold.

While time teams time traveling through time sounds adventurous, it should raise the bigger question of "what" were the time teams doing? and "how long" have they been doing it? That is where such time travel discussion should go and not until someone goes there with meaningful discussion will the bigger picture regarding time travel become better understood.

Thanks for the thread.

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by MaxBlack

sounds like the opening of a new investigation and future thread ;D I'm gonna look into that

posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 03:58 PM
I don't hold an opinion either way as to the feasibility of pracitcal, controllable, time travel, however here are a few thoughts after reading some of this thread.

The fact the hands on what appears to be a ring watch appear to be set to 10:10 does not necessarily inidicate a hoax, if fact you could argue otherwise rather easily. If you were a scientist tasked with testing a time travel device using an inanimate object, and the object for the test was a brand new pristine watch. It would most likely be set to 10:10, or if you happened to be interested in if the watch gained or lost time during the experiment, you might choose a time that is easily identifiable, so the classic 10:10 time is an easy choice.

More obscure, but relevant is a concept most science fiction overlooks is the relationship of space or position to time. If time travel is not achieved in the context of traveling through space at high speed (ie as a side affect of interstellar navigation), it is ludicrous to think something or someone can simply "go back in time", without complex navigational assistance. This is because the earth is not only rotating on an axis, but is also in orbit around a star that itself is in motion. If you were to travel back in time just one second without taking this into account, you could end up deep underground, high in the air, miles from where you started off. To instantaneously travel back 400 years (or send a watch back 400 years) would mandate also relocating that watch to where that interstellar coordinate was then (or where you want it to be then). So.... If someone was seriously contemplating developing this kind of tech, it would need to be in conjunction with serious computing power and complex knowledge of astronomy, which is where interstellar travel comes in. In other words, if you buy into time travel or controlled time relocation you are by default accepting that the civilization that develops it is far in advance of our own technology. Having said that, this does not mean the watch is not the result of an uncontrolled time relocation incident, which happened as a result of somebody attempting something else entirely (for example testing a teleportation device our current time.)

or it is a hoax

Finally the glasses

They could be a future version of googles heads up computing device. A time traveller needs a way to update his Facebook status doesn't he?

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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 05:04 PM
Regarding your photo the the guy.

I believe I have seen these style of glasses before.

The above are current styles of video glasses.

His clothing may provide a clue as well.
What moniker has a dark square background with a white letter M?
I thought that his haircut with a high border in the back was interesting as well.

posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 02:28 PM
I've been reading a book called My Dignity or My Sons. It's about a biography of a woman that says she mastered teleporting her body and each of her three sons' bodies back through time so those three males could statutorily rape her teenage self over the years so those three males would be born.

posted on Mar, 23 2012 @ 03:38 AM

Originally posted by Violater1
Regarding your photo the the guy.

I believe I have seen these style of glasses before.

The above are current styles of video glasses.

His clothing may provide a clue as well.
What moniker has a dark square background with a white letter M?
I thought that his haircut with a high border in the back was interesting as well.

For #'s sake, is it impossible to think that somebody 50 years ago had clothing and accessories that did not fit with the general style of the time? The only way to explain somebody looking kind of out-of-place is if they had travelled through time from the future in a manner that violates everything that we understand of the known laws of physics?

OH LOOK OUT HERE AN OUT-OF-PLACE T-SHIRT!!!! Cleary time travel is at work, better notify the physicists!!!

posted on Mar, 25 2012 @ 08:04 PM
reply to post by wirehead

Umm.. are YOU a physicist? Because last time I was taking quantum physics there was a lot of math to suggest the possibility of time travel. Direct relation of time and gravity for one, a clock lifted one foot higher than another clock will be "off" from the other clock if kept on after a year. This is because the clock is less affected by Earth's gravity. Also it has been proven that the faster you go, the slower time goes for you, and vice versa. So when you get some numbers to support your theories, start your own thread so we can make you seem like an idiot, like you did to us on here.

EX: Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity (1905) can be used to calculate time measurement differences between objects separating with a constant velocity. The theory provides a transform equation so that two clocks separating with a 'relativistic' velocity can have their 'times' agreed upon. This transform is given by: -

t(at rest) = t(traveller)
...............√(1 - (v/c)²)

Where 'c' is the speed of light and 'v' the traveller's velocity, which may be expressed as a percentage of the speed of light ((say) 0.99999c).

If a photon of light, which travels at the speed of light c, could carry a clock then the above equation becomes: -

t(at rest) = t(photon)

In other words, the t(at rest) time is infinite unless the t(photons) elapsed time is zero. Thus, a photon travels with its clock dilated out to a stop and, hence, crosses the universe in zero elapsed time.

Intriguing, no?

posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by ldferguson91

As a matter of fact, I am a physicist! Wow!

If you actually undestood the equations you're throwing about from special relativity, then you'd understand that they do not permit backward travel through time, only the relative slowing of time from one observer relative to another, provided they are travelling slower or equal to the speed of light. There are other, more important reasons for us to believe that it is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light: it is kind implied in the definition of what space and time actually are.

As a physicist, I know that in order for time travel to happen, the universe must permit closed timelike loops in our spacetime topology. In fact, our theories permit this. Time travel is not impossible, according to some physicists. Now you must note that we are not dealing with special relativity, as per your equations, but with the spacetime geometry of general relativity, which was Einstein's lasting contribution to physics.

Now, while closed timelike loops are not impossible, they do certainly require extremely exotic configurations of matter and energy (wormholes, "Einstein-Rosen bridges"). For example, it has been postulated that time travel might be possible if we as a civilization were able to engineer a massive, rotating neutron star cylinder, and then dip in and out of its event horizon in space ships. I shouldn't have to explain that this would require a type II civilization (on the Kardashev scale) at the very least- in other words, millions of years beyond what we even think is possible, currently.

Nevermind the fact that such a wormhole would induce extreme gravitational tidal forces at the point of its entry and exit that should make traversing it impossible. If you created such a thing at the surface of the earth (which , given the energy density required, should be impossible) it would destroy the earth itself!

Lastly, any such closed timelike loop would only permit the travel of persons and energy from the future to the point at which the machine was first turned on. You cannot travel back to an arbitrary point in time. Nevermind the fact that you would have to involve cosmological scales of energy.

Do I even have to explain that if you were to create such a time machine on Earth that it would likely destroy the planet entirely? Do you even understand why this is true?

So don't mind me. Obviously I'm just talking #. All the proof you need is in this one old piece of video footage of one person acting kind of strangely for her time period.
Obviously the only possible explanation is time travel.
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posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by wirehead

I'm not here to argue, but thanks for proving my point when I said time travel IS physically possible. Take a look at the field in the last 10 years, we see "laws" of physics being broken more in the last decade than any span of time since the creation of physics. One good example is meta-materials being able to bend light around them, this was deemed physically impossible until it happened. Cern is on its way to developing micro-singularities within the Hadron Collider, when we are able to create and maintain these, (and no, a micro-singularity will not have enough force to destroy anything really, but of course who knows until it happens), you won't need a neutron star cylinder, you only need these micro singularities to rotate around each other, therefore developing a "wormhole" on small scale from the closed loop and massive small-scale gravity distortion. I didn't say it happened, but it IS possible.

And I do understand the equation, and it doesn't NOT permit backwards travel through time because it has nothing to do with that. It does, however, show manipulation of time to specific objects.
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posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 12:36 PM

Originally posted by ldferguson91you won't need a neutron star cylinder, you only need these micro singularities to rotate around each other, therefore developing a "wormhole" on small scale from the closed loop and massive small-scale gravity distortion

What leads you to believe this?

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 04:53 AM
You have all said many interesting things. This discussion has been an enlightening read for those of us who are interested in the longterm social implications of time travel.

If time travel to the past one day becomes possible, it stands to reason that since humans are flawed beings and make mistakes, they'll make mistakes about time travel as well. Then many eons later may have to go back and fix there mistakes, maybe creating their own in the process. After awhile, it may become a stratified problem that doesn't take just one fix, but many. By ad by, a sort of bureaucracy forms to address the mistake that were made about other mistakes. This can all get real messed up, because humans are human, They tend to complicate in their efforts to organize. Once they realize they have to go back in time and fix things that other time travelers messed up accidentally or intentionally, the last thing they want to happen is for the general public to know what they're up to, because that's where the trouble started in the first place. But they end up having to tell someone because their vehicles are discovered (because one thing that will never change about humans, it's their uncanny ability to screw up), and they have to fix it somehow. Someone comes up with the bright idea to encourage world leaders to blame it on aliens, so all efforts to figure it out looks in the exact opposite direction of what is really going on. If some variation of this is going on, then I would be all for keeping it secret, because it really is for own good, to prevent further damage. The "aliens" (future humans) may even be in of mind to sacrifice their own lineage in order to fix a problem that affects all of humanity.. They're trying to fix mistakes. Who else in the universe would even care about that? It is really for our own good. It's not a conspiracy. It's a rescue.

posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 05:46 AM

Originally posted by Blue Shift

Originally posted by Rukas
That to me suggests that those photos, if they are real time travelers, are from our future, where time travelling has become a recreational holiday, like going to space will soon be.

I still can't imagine why anyone would waste all their time travel frequent flyer miles (hours?) visiting the opening of some obscure bridge in British Columbia in 1940.

"Hey, where do you want to go on vacation this year? The assassination of JFK? The eruption of Mount Vesuvius that buries Pompeii?" "Nah. Let's go to the re-opening of this bridge."

P.S. -- Which suggests to me that if you really want to look for time travelers, look in the backgrounds of photos like those of the JFK assassination, where time travelers might actually want to show up. After a few decades of time travel, those crowds should be practically nothing but time travelers!

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Hmmm... Well I guess that tells you that something important happens with this bridge in our future. Something more Important than vesuvius or jfk...

Wait..does this bridge still exist? Rebuilt?

Well, that's ok... I have a theory for that, too. Always gotta have an extra theory up your sleeve, just in case... Just in case that same bridge is no longer there.

Perhaps something happened during the life of that bridge that we do not yet realize the significance of...

Maybe the last living direct descendant of... I dunno... Jesus of Nazareth? Julius Ceasar? ...was last photographed at this bridge opening. Or maybe someone alive today does something important, and its discovered that his parents met eachother by chance at this event.

Or maybe its nothing lol... But I admit there's a part of me that wants to keep the mystery alive. Oh well, as long as I can recognise that I'm playing games to entertain myself then I can still call myself sane and keep a straight face!

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posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 06:55 AM
Not sure if this was already said, but the 'time traveller' was photoshopped right on top of another guy, you can still see part of the guy's head and hat, so both people are taking up the same spot (against time travel law yuk yuk) but anyways, if it is photoshopped, just find the original photo where the time traveller is not present.

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