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Let's change the income tax to the wealth tax

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posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 07:57 AM
Economic Slave is right.

Pretty difficult for the average Joe to generate significant personal capital these days - its meant to be that way. Governments cant have too many of the unwashed masses generating significant personal wealth or the system would not work.

Its really no different from the "olden days" when the Kings knights would ride into your village on a whim and tax you 50% of your livestock and grain and head back to the castle.

These days its a little more civilized.

You get taxed on your income, say 50% at source or thereabouts.

You go shopping and pay more tax - say a Value Added Tax, thus deducting even more.

After being taxed further, with whats left you take your hard earned savings and invest in a business which you sell two years later and then have to pay Capital Gains Tax.

With whats left you move to Florida and race around go-kart tracks in bejeweled velor track suits refusing to grow old gracefully and then you die and leave what you have left to your kids.

Your kids then pay a huge Inheritance Tax.

Its outrageous!

Quite hard to amass wealth these days legally.



posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 11:50 AM
If I had a lot of capital and knew I was dying, I would give it to my family before I died , hand it to them in cash, so they did not have to pay a large tax on it.

posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 12:22 PM
What do any of us expect, when they tax any and all transactions of money that happens. That is why we have fiat money. When this government put the control of the money into the Feds hands, we were all doomed to fail. This allowed the Fed to make the money rules, not the government. But, this does help the government to go on a wild spending spree at our expense and be able to tax everything that involves a dollar. Just lookup the lists of taxes that they use. Remember when they had inheritance taxes, meaning they tax the money you got from your parents when they pass on? That was money that had already been taxed when your parents was still alive, yet because you now have it, gee, time to take more of it away from you. Think about it, you could put that money in a bank, never spend it, pass it on to your children and it would be taxed again. And if you keep doing this, it would be gone within a few generations. No, your not meant to have it, it doesn`t belong to you or I, it is owned by the Fed, and they will get it all back in time. Just look around you now, where is all of the money? The banks have it, because they are part of the Fed. The only real money you have, is in your retirement fund, 401k, and they now want this money. It`s true folks, read about it here....

As I said before, the money is not ours, it is owned by the Fed, but they allow you to use it. Now do you understand why the government brought in the Fed back in the early 20th century? It was to help them, help themselves. If we as a race of humans were to band together and stop producing anything, and I mean everything, stop all work, the Fed, and this government would fall within a week. When there in no money being brought home, there is no taxes to be collected and leached away from you. Want to get a point across to them, that is the way to do it. As long as we do nothing, they will put us all on the streets. But stand up to them together, and they will fall.

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posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 03:52 PM
reply to post by In nothing we trust
you should read that.

Tax thier granite countertops
Tax thier designer faucet fixtures
Tax thier hardwood and tile floors
Tax the square footage of thier homes and thier 2nd and 3rd homes
Tax thier views
Tax thier mercedes, BMW's, Cadallac SUV's and thier collector cars
Tax thier boats and thier off road toys

So someone works hard to buy the things they want so they should be punnished? All those things are taxed its called sales tax and there is another tax for the cars.

Taxing income is a ludicrius idea.

Basically the rich are stealing peoples labor, efforts and time by taxing your income and re-distributing it to people who don't contribute in an effort to maintain thier position in the social hierarchy. An income tax is an anti-business and anti-capitalistic idea.

Taxing income stiffles the economy and leads to a blackmarket underground economy.

I do think income tax is not the best but your argument just makes you sound like a wnna be armchair revolutionary.
First off income taxe is done by percentage so the rich do pay more taxes than you ever will. The things they buy with their money are also taxed through sales tax. So the poor are actually the people who contribute the least and take the most (welfare,cash-aid, and relief...).

Oh im so poor and it is the rich guys fault
Im so poor i couldn't afford to go to the free public school and get good grades to get a scholarship so i could go to college for free. And i was so poor i had to apply for a very low income job even though there are numerous jobs that require no education have a chance to advance within the company and pay great. Dam those rich people for making me so lazy.

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posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by In nothing we trust

Who are you to decide, or government for that matter, how much money one "needs"?

Mind your own business, quit being jealous that others have more than you, get a job, and make something of yourself.

posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 08:37 PM
Just make sure you all point your guns in the right direction.

I'm a friend not an enemy.

I was trying to make a point here.

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