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Government Cost cutting across the world

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posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 02:36 AM
I was just listening to the "News"
and as per usual the commentators and reporters were commenting on this Gov is cutting spending here and this Gov is cutting spending there...and so and and so forth.
With this in mind the thought that came straight into my head was, Why?
Why are they cost cutting on what seems to be beneficial to us, building and improving on our homes and housing, our roads our poor and abused, the hospitals, carers of those that cant care for themselves, there is, as we all know, is so much more that would be "culled"as such that is of great importance to the general well being of all.
Why is there no Cost Cutting in amongst their own sectors and at personal levels.
The amount of money that is wasted on Salaries and wages within the Gov Groups is atrocious (we are paying (yes we!!!) a stupid amount for them to do nothing but stuff up each of our countries). Then you have the money they spend on travel, accomodation, and "meal allowances". This being just a portion or what truly goes on, as we have all seen, I am sure, in recent times.
We are, it seems to me on the point of no return when it comes to humans, (we are expendable, horrid as it is, but true) is it always us that have to suffer the consequences of their foolish spending and decisions.
When do we say stop and start putting a cork on this outright fraud and theft! Its OUR money not theirs, they should not be spending it how THEY see fit.

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