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The Age of Darkology

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posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 01:58 AM
I was so into the Crypto chronicles that I decided to write an ongoing short story using the characters I had created during my time writing for the Chronicle. I hope the other writers do not mind this single continuation.

Year: 2019

The Vamptech Corporation has only been around for 3 years or so. It was the newest endeavor by the Marcus clan bloodline. After the third world war between the humans, our kind had more of an advantage. And it was prime time to go public.

Since the ordeal with the elders reawakening on both sides of the underworld fence, things had been in total chaos. The lilith bloodline had mostly been killed off in their
own war. Considering all the elders were of Lilith or Samantha descent, the two clans fought for domination of the Vampire world. In the end it was a bloodbath.

The total life cost in the human war was 2.45 billion lives. A nuclear holocaust that obliterated most of the habitable regions of the earth was the result of political and economic warfare lead by the great United States of America. After threats made against the Chinese government, the chinese unleashed a huge cyber warfare regiment that targeted US servers. The end result was loss of most of the US power grid which in turn resulted in nationwide civil unrest. After was all over.

The US launched 50 mega warheads on all the major military installations of the chinese. The resulting blasts killed millions of personell and innocent bystanders.

All the while, behind the scenes was the silent Vampire war. Most of the Lycans broke into small sects after their King departed roughly a year before.

The Marcus bloodline found refuge in some of the secret installations we had built years before the Elder war. And after both wars were over with, we resurfaced with more advanced weaponry than before.


I grow sick of seeing the same sat track data day in and out. Where the hell did Ashen disappear to? I said to my secretary. She just stared at me with blank eyes, not really sure what to say. She knew I was infuriated. Ashen had eluded our scans for 6 months now. A rogue vampire that stole our latest prototype.
An EMP generator that charges the cells of anything near it. The resulting charge causes energy production on a UV wavelength. A weapon designed to destroy Vampire cell tissue at the cellular level.

"Sir, he could be anywhere. And unless he activates the weapon, we have no way of tracking him" she replied finally. Ok so remind me why there wasnt a remote activation sequencer installed I said. "It was to be installed, but he stole it before we got to it" she replied.

Well, I am sick of this. Prepare to get squad one geared up. I am briefing them in one hour and leading the search myself. "Yes, sir" she said.

I headed toward the elevator and went down to basement level 4. The armory. I was thinking back to the days when this corporate headquarters was the Lilith clan owned Highrise that our great leader once resided in. Now it was the International Corporate headquarters of Vamptech Corp. The halls remained unchanged. And even the old secretary still had her job here.

I reached the Armory finally. I decided to go old school on this mission. I grabbed one of the first vampire killing pistols I developed. It was the exact pistol I used during the assault on the highrise by Liliths assassins.

I turned on the intercom Here it is. In 1 hour we mobilize. I am sending the details to everyones PDA. This is target priority 1. Capture or kill at all costs. Recover the prototype at all costs..

So I waited. Sitting there thinking about how this mission would go.

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 12:49 AM
It's been weeks since the advanced weapon was stolen from our labs back in London and our search was nearing its end finally. We tracked Ashen back to America near New Orleans. It was no surprise to me when we got the scan results, too. Of course he would be there. It's where our first base of operation was many years ago. And it's where Ashen was first initiated into the Marcus clan.

It appeared that the old base was back up and running, and without consent from the New Vampire council in London. Our sonar and gamma scans showed that his office was my old office. No doubt he gained access to the labs below and was attempting to adapt this new weapon to some of the older technologies we left behind when we fled the compound.

I signaled the squad to fan out and create a perimeter around the compound and setup V4 charges around the area. The plan was to surround the place and create a diversion to draw the other vamps out and into the detonation range of the V4 to immobilize them before storming in and arresting Ashen. I turned on the radio and signaled James, the squad leader. James 10 second countdown. Pop the cork on the Hellhound hormones. "10 seconds, gotcha". He replied.

I and the rest of the squad watched his hand movements. We got into position when he got to 5. The cork was popped and there was almost an instant reaction inside the compound. The system wide PA initialized. It was Ashen. "All personnel, inside the compound NOW! This threat is not real!". DAMN! I whispered in a demanding way. He knows we are here I said into the radio. James replied with silence.

I waited about a minute, scratching my head, unsure of what to do next before I had to choose the only way to go. Full on raid. James you take 3 squad members and storm the back entrance. Ill take 3 and storm the front. Xan, you and the rest take the secret basement entrance. On the count of 3 we mobilize. I got the head nods from the other two and began the countdown.

All 3 parties mobilized at the same time, each leader threw a UV grenade through the entrance and stormed in with guns blazin. We trained in such a manner back in London that each squad member was able to take out 4 vampires with only half a clip of UV rounds, so we made the initial storm a quick one. All the entrances were covered with 2 guards at each point and the rest patrolling the halls while me and James made our way to the upper level office where Ashen was. It was a surprisingly uneventful trip, until we got to the top floor that is.

It was eerily quiet as we stepped off the elevator. We made quick but precise and silent movements through the halls. All of which were pure vampire moves, nothing a human could ever dream of. I caught a wiff of something in the air. The scent of a Vampire, but not quite. A Venavore. I stopped next to an open doorway and pulled out my sat track PDA. It showed a heat signature in the room next to me. It struck me as odd that a Venavore had a heat signature at all, so I quietly replaced my clip with a half/half UV/silver jacketed bullets. I signaled James to do the same.

I signaled and we slowly approached the door. Just before we entered, the thing came bursting out at speeds I had never seen before. Both me and James opened fire and emptied our entire clips. Not one shot hit the creature. It burst through the roof and was gone. We reloaded our firearms and entered the room. The weapon was sitting on the desk, seemingly unharmed and no sign of Ashen. I picked up the weapon and headed back outside.

The squad had seen the creature burst through the roof. Xan informed me that the creature took off east, away from New Orleans. No matter I said. We need to get this thing back to London and under the highest security detail.


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