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The Skull & Bones 322 and why America Celebrated the Passage of the Healthcare Bill on 3/22

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 11:47 PM

Originally posted by Investigateconspiracies
PT, does the war on terror, launched in the middle east in 2001,was under Rome orders? in this vid Bush tongue slip a crusade when talking about the war on terror. this is really revealing don't you think...

Yes it was under Rome's orders. The United States is an incorporated state of the Roman Empire everything we do internationally is because Rome wants us too.

We in fact exist as Rome's police force and army. That was our intended purpose from the beginning.

The minute the Civil War was over and the Corporate Government was in full power the French Masons sent over the Statue of Liberty which is basically just one huge recruiting sign.

Give us your tired, your hungry, your poor, your huddled masses so we can put them in uniform and put a carbine in their hands and send them anywhere Rome needs them to be!

We were a safety valve for the European Nations and others throughout the world to take their dissafected rebelious elements and offer them a notion of freedom but as many found out as they fled here to avoid wars else where, we shoved them in uniform and stuck them in boats to go right back and fight them anyway.

The United States of America is Rome's policeman and Rome's army.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 12:57 AM
Thank you for that response.

I believe,however,that they were afraid that people would be able to read for themselves that Rome is the "harlot" described in Revelation.

For the same reason most "mainstream" churches don't spend much time on actual "prophecy" either,because these same denominations,all that worship on Sunday,are actually bowing to Rome,whether they know it or not.

Prophecy would expose the church of Rome,and they might also learn that there is no pretribulation "rapture".(Just another Jesuit lie.)

For those of you of the Protestant and non-Christian faiths, this statement doesn’t seem to have much authority behind it simply because you simply don’t look upon the pope as your leader. However, on June 26, 2000 the United Religions Initiative was signed into what government leaders refer to as a global law. Truth is, this is actually one of many global laws popping up lately. At the signing of that document it became an all-inclusive international reality that any pope sitting in the Vatican after that date is now considered the universal moral authority over all churches with membership in the World Wide Council of churches, which essentially rules over your locally known National Council of Churches. This includes non-Christian churches that have joined as well.

"Of course the Catholic Church claims that the change (Saturday Sabbath to Sunday) was her act... And the act is a MARK of her ecclesiastical authority in religious things." H.F. Thomas, Chancellor of Cardinal Gibbons.

"Sunday is our MARK of authority. . .the church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact" Catholic Record of London, Ontario Sept 1,1923.

The Word of God says:
Daniel 7:25, "And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time."

The word of Rome says:
"The Pope has the power to change times, to abrogate laws, and to dispense with all things, even the precepts of Christ." "The Pope has the authority and often exercised it, to dispense with the command of Christ." -Decretal, de Tranlatic Episcop. Cap. (The Pope can modify divine law.) Ferraris' Ecclesiastical Dictionary.

By the way,I don't think you're ever going to find that "Puppet Master" until you admit there may well be a "devil" that is able to grant these wicked people the power they need to carry out his handiwork.(Which is what their rituals and ceremonies are meant to bring them,correct?)

Why would the church have had a ceremony called "The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer",where they refer to Jesus as "the nameless weakling"?

Wouldn't that be admitting there is another "power",and that they are doing just as Satan would do,that is to exalt themselves over everything that is of God,for God,or by God?

Just in their own words they admit to being "above" the law of God by changing the Sabbath to Sunday.

Like yourself,I was not a part of the governmental indocrination system for long,and I,too,have been able to make some startling connections revolving around,and "leading to Rome".(My thread on the topic... It didn't do so good,but "the wind" commented,about the Rothschild's,just like he did here!

Unlike you,I do believe that Jesus is real,and that He died for our sins,etc,etc,...But that does not mean I am weak or lazy in not attacking the wrongs in the world. Like you,I choose to expose darkness where I see it. I absolutely do all in my power,in my little spot in the world,to be kind to others and live a life as pleasing to God as I can,just because I want to and it makes me happy!(What can I do? Go blow up "the beast" in Brussels? Not likely!) No,but I can love my neighbor and pray and be a good steward of the resources I have...

I do not subscribe to the demands of this world any more than I absolutely have to,and I won't budge an inch regarding my faith. I am not afraid of death,so their threats would have no sway over me.(In fact,I don't like the looks of where this world is heading one bit and will not mind not being accepted into their New Order.)

I absolutely believe that the Lord will bring divine justice,but not until all the things He foretold will have been accomplished,and the Son of Perdition revealed!(As you yourself are doing with this thread!)

You said earlier that you think God is basically jealous and insecure,or why would He tell others not to have other Gods....

The way I understand it,as the word coming from God,is that He alone created the earth and the heavens,and anything else is just not worthy. As a Father,God would not want His children going off in the wrong direction and being deceived,and risk eternal damnation or seperation from Him.

Why the threat of "hell" from a loving God? I don't know why,but it's like a parent telling their child not to go play in the street,because it is harmful! (If He makes the rules,that's just the way it is!)

I know this doesn't sit well with you,and I'm not trying to change your mind,but I just wanted to present another perspective for any and all who may be reading this.

This has been the most interesting thread I may have ever read here at ATS,and I have enjoyed it very much.

You have acquired alot of knowledge,and it is good of you to take the time you do to share it.


posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 04:52 AM
reply to post by EMPIRE

You are clearly overwhelmed by your own vision!

No wonder, because gravity is perception

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 05:38 AM
reply to post by EMPIRE

The only thing you can do is help your fellow man, on a micro level, because macro, you’re outmatched, outwitted (this thread is proof), outgunned, etc.

Why do you insist on "macro" picture? You are obsessed with controlling the world.

Wise man seeks the way out, not the way to control. To control the world which essence is change - how can that be done? By leaving it to itself!

We can pretend that the world and living in it is complicated, but that is the way people are conditioned to do.

In truth, all is very simple. But one needs to be wise, not stupid. And being stupid is a matter of choice (submitting to conditioning). Understanding life and death is the key out of this Hell.

Fascination with the spectacle - clearly a one way ticket.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 05:50 AM
reply to post by On the Edge

Okay,Proto,I have a question for you...if you don't mind...

If Rome wrote the Bible,why did they ban the Bible?

What Proto said, but also the MONOPOLY on the God's Law (word).

In feudal times, feuds were self sustainable, and feudal lords could easily defy central government of Vatican or Constantinople. It was important to keep monopoly of the highest authority.

Only the priests were initiated into secrets of religion, and people were considered "sheep" led by "shepherds".

Religion is the weapon of the czars, the means to submit all. It was ideal tool in those times.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 06:03 AM
That Jesus died for the sins of all - that is the biggest hoax of all. It clearly means that one person can be responsible for others' doings, which in reality establishes one authority above all. That is the key to doctrine of the rule of authority and the strongest pillar of the existing system.

It is typical for slaves to be judged by their masters, and this Christian "secret" is the expression of this fact.

It also allows slaves to do dirty jobs and be absolved in advance. Mass murderers often go to church for a blessing before they set upon massacring.

Slaves are conditioned to be "loyal" and "dutiful" - remember the most repeated defense at Nuremberg trial? Defendants at that trial were defended by their Idea - they had unfaltering faith in it.

The Idea always defends itself with all its mouths - and one Idea can have more than a billion mouths.

And those who serve the idea "know" that whatever they do, the Idea will resolutely defend them with their own lives

Jean Baudrillard wrote an excellent book, "Symbolic exchange and Death"...

Among other things, there is the "greatest sin" of all - suicide.
Murderers are forgiven at their death-bed and buried along the others in the same graveyard, but those who commit suicide are banned!
Guess why?

It is unforgivable to accept responsibility for your own deeds, one MUST allow the authority to make decisions (judgment) and control both life and death of its subjects.

They even invented this "Final Judgment" idea, to scare people with possibility of afterlife punishment, for defying their authority.

Of course, it is all just a PROJECTION to which people are so loyally fixed, in reality and in dreams...

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by DangerDeath

the impression i get, after years of study is, that inevitably, the teacher teaches and as we learn, we become the teachers. this means that we eventually rise to maturity in matters of the spirit, so that we don't need to be bottle fed constantly. i don't see it as continuously shepherd and sheep but a learning process with a good message, the end result of which is caring, thinking, loving people capable of mature yet, positive thinking, of independent expression of charity and honesty and not coerced religiosity.

don't we all learn from somewhere, something and someone? of course we do. if not our own life experiences then the wisdom of those who came before us or both. it isn't the fault of yeshua that man made institutions saw fit to use his message as a means of absolute control over the sheep, regardless of their fitness to make decisions for themselves in such things as they matured in spiritual matters.

sigh. this is a never ending struggle over the difference between what yeshua actually taught, and what the world has come to believe is christianity.

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 06:44 AM
reply to post by DangerDeath

it's interesting that you would use the word "czar" in that context, since i recently read that the czar of russia got himself and his entire family bumped off by choosing not to follow an illuminati edict. the specifics escape me at the moment, but i found that to be quite interesting and your use of it to say the opposite, even more interesting.

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posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 07:02 AM

Of course, it is all just a PROJECTION to which people are so loyally fixed, in reality and in dreams...

good grief, you have more loaded statements per square inch than many other posts i've read before. i do not believe this statement qualifies across the board, as you seem to want to project yourself. the reasons are as follows:

1. i have had dreams in which the data in no way appeared to support any world system, other than to suggest how the system is set up at a particular level.
2. i've had a waking vision in which the data in no way appeared to support any world system, and in fact, the opposite.
3. your entire position dictates that individuals are a homogenous bowl of soup, depending on their choice of reading material and point of meditation. that is stereotyping meant to dehumanize. dehumanizing is the first step required in war. that mass media allows many people to be spoken to at once, does not mean every person watching will receive and use the information in the same way. you are most certainly aware of this and are therefore practicing a form of your own mass deception.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 08:09 AM
PT i found this picture, seems like the Bohamian Owls, also have catholic Rituals on sundays. maybe it's to forgive their sins, they did at the saturday luciferian Moloch ritual ceremony...

there is alot of clues spread everywhere, pictures.videos, quotes and historical references. in your new All Roads Lead to Rome Thread, could it be use to regroup all the best finds on the web about rome conspiracies.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by DangerDeath

How does that make it a hoax? COuntless people die for our sins throughout history. Jesus died because he would rather die than take a life, a good lesson. Hell if we all died illuminati will have to do their back breaking labour them selfs.

Not my style, Id rather die fighting as my relatives and fight tyranny, liberate the oppressed, whether or not people think I am narcissistic for thinking so or delusional, I could care less, I would rather die fighting the first 5 minutes of a battle, than live 5 years a slave...

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 09:31 AM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Originally posted by On the Edge
Okay,Proto,I have a question for you...if you don't mind...

If Rome wrote the Bible,why did they ban the Bible?

"The Roman Catholic Church has traditionally
suppressed, opposed, and forbidden the open use
of the Bible. It was first officially forbidden
to the people and placed on the index of Forbidden
Books List by the Council of Valencia in 1229 A.D.
The Council of Trent (1545-63 A.D.) also prohibited
its use and pronounced a curse upon anyone who would
dare oppose this decree. Many popes have issued
decrees forbidding Bible reading in the common
language of the people, condemning Bible societies
and banning its possession and translation under
penalty of mortal sin and death. The Roman Catholic
Church has openly burned Bibles and those who
translated it or promoted its study, reading, and

And if Christians are not a threat to them,being brainwashed as you claim,why the persecution and murder of them?

Rome's main reason for this during the dark/middle ages was because they really only wanted the Bible to be written and read in Latin, and wanted people to hear the ceremonies in Latin.

In Latin many of the passages are actually arcane occult rituals where the words as they are properly spoken in Latin create a vibrating ressonating frequency that allows the priests to tap into the life force of the congregants.

Its why Mass is still said in Latin today.

They also knew that as people learned it in other lanquages they would question how Rome was using it.

They knew this would lead to the protestant movement which in time they would welcome because it would lead to a wider spread of Christian Law and principles but they did not want this to happen until all the pagans in Europe were first converted.

By the way in those days about the only book available for anyone to read was the Bible so if you wanted your serfs to be illiterate and not be able to read, since the only book there was to read, you just tell them you can not read the Bible.

The churches and collection plates of course were still open for business!

Thanks for asking.

A great question and an equal answer. Today most Catholics and Christians don't read their Bibles. I think this has been so ever since the times that they could not as Proto describes. It was a traditional thing not to. My opinion. What most people do now is read select passages that are fed to them. These hand fed passages are then interpreted by their priest or minister either within a service or "Bible study". For instance there are untold passages that never make it into Catholic Masses. Why? They no longer serve any purpose. These now cryptic passages were orders and balms for people long gone. The modern priests and ministers have been schooled on the accepted interpretations of the still useful passages by the various Christian institutions. Your local preacher, like you, has never read the Bible sans brainwashing. They bring no unique enlightenment to their pulpits.

If in fact people were to read the Bible and trust their own reasoning they would see through the veil of deception. The OT was there to keep the Hebrews in line and the NT was added on by Rome to both steal the Jews thunder and subjugate the groups conquered by Rome. The NT was likely written by Titus Flavius Josephus a Jewish defector to Rome. He had the knowledge of the Hebrew texts and prophecies that would be needed to tie the whole thing together. It's just a novel with some history strewn in for effect. Josephus recorded the destruction of Jerusalem and the NT was likely his primer on how not to be on the receiving end of such Roman political and military might going forward. Consider that the hero died with the promise of a next eternal life. He was the example of how to submit. Better to die than to offend Rome. The fictional Jesus died a death very common to enemies of Rome. Crucifixions were Roman advertisements. Don't "F" with us. And thus you are told to "Turn the other cheek", "love thine enemy" and the be all and end all "“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.” Only a Roman or Roman sympathizer would write such a dictate. How ironic that Caesar considered himself a living god and so he made out on both ends of that deal. It was written with just that subliminal intent. I'm sure this was a laugh riot with the Roman elite.

Little did and do the commoners know. The most obvious of points is that they/we are not now nor ever were commoners. Yet we were instructed that "the meek shall inherit the earth". How's that going? More subliminal subjugating bs. But.... people like myself have started to read, question and eventually discard these Roman dictates. Once you do that you can see the world as the controllers do. It's hard to get by the guilt the Romans instilled for centuries but well worth it. You will not be punished for thinking there is no man behind the curtain. This is simply my opinion based on my experience.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 09:33 AM

Originally posted by bigfatfurrytexan
Conditioning....that is a good word for what happens to people.

I think it entirely likely that when we started to see domestication of animals, and the training of animals, that it was realized that the same methods could be used to "domesticate" humans.

In school, we break the spirit of our children, and condition them to OBEY. People who "buck the system" are considered bad, or maverick, or rogue. People who stand out are considered boisterious and obnoxious.

I notice that a tucked tail is not the trait of a wolf.

It is not "conditioning" it is indoctrination when you are talking about religion.

Humans were chained together, yoke to yoke and asked to mine for gold.

This is why so many Bible references refer to bringing us up and out of the pit. From darkness into light.

This is why "when your brother stumbles you pick him up'.... because he will slow down the production line.

Naturally mavericks and rogues will gum up the works and halt production so they were beaten down or eliminated.

When our overlords left....the cleverest humans took up the role of "master" over the slightly less intelligent and manipulated fellow humans to do their bidding.

The diabolical and the hopelessly ignorant still enjoy the same age old master-slave relationships dynamics.

Every now and then someone like Jesus or David or a Kennedy will come along and try to help the hood winked, manipulated and sedated mob...

BUT ...the powers that be...those who control them... have taught them, programmed them using religion in many cases, to think they cannot live without their masters. They themselves will take up arms and fight tooth and nail against others who see more clearly and are only trying to help them.

Don't underestimate the timidity and genuine ignorance of this group.
They are almost impossible to save.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 09:36 AM

Originally posted by Investigateconspiracies
PT i found this picture, seems like the Bohamian Owls, also have catholic Rituals on sundays. maybe it's to forgive their sins, they did at the saturday luciferian Moloch ritual ceremony...

there is alot of clues spread everywhere, pictures.videos, quotes and historical references. in your new All Roads Lead to Rome Thread, could it be use to regroup all the best finds on the web about rome conspiracies.

Yes I am pulling them all together and working on laying them all out in chronological order. It's going to be a real mini-opus chalked full of information on Rome's march to a one world government starting back over two thousand years ago and right on up through today and looking at each secret society army of Rome, when they appeared, what their real purposes are, and how they affect our world.

Skull and Bones 322 is just but one of them but arguably one of the most important and empowered.

What goes on at the Grove is partially for entertainment but its also about bonding through ritual.

Unfortunately who are bonding through that ritual are the most powerful and influential people in the world. At the retreat they have a lot of time at their leisure away from the prying eyes of the public and the press and they are all sworn to secrecy and part of that are the bizarre rituals they all partake in that bind them into secrecy as they really are just so hard to explain a way as just a novel form of entertainment.

The most major decisions affecting political life in America are made at the Grove, not just who the President will be, and the key Senators and Congress People but what their agendas will be over the course of the next year. I gaurantee you the Healthcare initiative was decided upon at the Grove two years ago. The major players including the Skull and Bones 322 principles, bankers, insurance moguls, pharma moguls all hashed it out there first, outlining what they wanted and for what purpose, agreed on it and then fed it to the President and the key senators and congress people on select committees afterwards and then had their corporate lobbyists follow up with all the fine stroke details after giving them all the broad stroke details to begin with out of the Grove.

Then these Senators and Congress people on both sides of the aisle create the political specter and dog and pony show that in essence gives the Oligarchs exactly what they want while convincing the people it was all decided upon through a heated exchange of compromises and opposition.

As another poster pointed out, people love the spectacle of it all!

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 09:54 AM

Originally posted by undo
reply to post by DangerDeath

it's interesting that you would use the word "czar" in that context, since i recently read that the czar of russia got himself and his entire family bumped off by choosing not to follow an illuminati edict. the specifics escape me at the moment, but i found that to be quite interesting and your use of it to say the opposite, even more interesting.

[edit on 26-3-2010 by undo]

You are right!! I am reading a link another member sent me on the Rothschild family history. I just read last night about this. The Rothschild family killed an entire family line to get what they wanted. If I remember correctly I believe it was a promise Nathan Mayer Rothschild had made after Russia refused to follow his orders or wishes about setting up a central bank. So decades later his wish or revenge for not getting what he wanted was done. It's quite interesting to read how this family does all these horrible things yet nobody knows it and if they do they dont seem to care.

Family History

I am only half way through but I suggest using the Powerpoint option, it's much easier to read imo.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 10:04 AM
"Yet the Skull and Bones 322 isn’t just about getting its members into powerful positions and generating wealth.

It is about Hegel’s philosophy of the State becoming all powerful and citizens worshiping it and serving it as their primary duty."

The problem with this philosophy is that it is not in human nature to be controled by some 'ubermensch" telling them what to worship.

This plan will never be succesful.

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 10:07 AM
reply to post by zatara

That is though why they rely so heavily on deciet and fear to try to get people to do that.

I am with you, I don't believe they will win in the long run but a lot of people, too many people, do allow themselves to be fooled by the lies and intimidated through fear into submission.

That really ought to stop huh?

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 10:21 AM

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 10:28 AM

posted on Mar, 26 2010 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by rusethorcain

What is so interesting in many ways about Skull and Bones 322 is all people can do is speculate since no one who has ever been a member has divulged the secrets of the Tomb.

You do have one group of people who feel its bound to be sinister because its so secretive and they guard their secrets so well.

You do have another group of people who more or less make casual statements about it.

What we do know though is the legacy of people like William Russell and all the other famous bones men and of course history is constantly deciding just what those legacies really are.

Yet as JFK once said the idea of secrets in democracy and secret societies in democracy and most especially people in lofty and powerful positions within our democratic goverment being in and sworn to secrecy in secret societies is repugnant and the opposite of the openess and transparency of what democracy is all about.

Whether the dangers are imagained or real there is always an inherent danger in those who conspire to keep secrets at all cost.

After all knowledge is power.

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