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The End of America? Do you think America to be so small?

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 03:20 PM
I've read it. I've considered the impact of its less savory provisions. I have a background in insurance that serves me well in understanding this mess, and I have to say: those who are lamenting the downfall of America have made a very very poor choice in selecting this as the straw to break the camel's back.

Do I consider the Health Care Bill to be a great piece of legislation? Of course not. However, it has potential to benefit more Americans than it hurts. Granted, that potential would have multiplied fivefold if it had included a public option, but that would have required Dems having the power of their own convictions.

This piece of legislation is largely meaningless and will become only more meaningless as the insurance companies dig and figure out the various loopholes.

The consequences will take nearly a decade to fully shake out and may cause some economic hardships for some, will definitely help others and will put way to much extra money into the coffers of the large corporations that have ruled this country for nearly 100 years.

But America will still be here.

America will be here in every skilled set of hands that practices their craft.

America will be here in the communities (both physical and online) that band together to make life better.

America will be here in the artists who bring joy to those around them, the mothers and fathers that raise their children well and the thinkers and philosophers who take the time to understand what it is to be a Human.

America will be here in the mind of every entrepreneur, creator and producer that assimilates this latest set of rules into their understanding of the Game and proceeds to make their way.

If you thought that hideous gorgon of greed, graft and corruption that rose up to swallow the world in the years of Reagan and Bush I was still America, then I can not imagine why you think this trifling bit of nonsensical feel good legislation could be the end of this nation.

I checked the archives. People on this forum weren't even this upset about the frickin' Patriot Act. If you really think that America is gone, then look to that hideous piece of legislation before blaming this latest round of do-gooder nonsense.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by RobertAntonWeishaupt
Well, that is only because there are really two "Americas". The reality of it will slap some more in the face for them to realise it.

A lot of members on here like to complain about the partisanship and how it is the two side of the same coin but they play along so well.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 04:09 PM
A good example of the "end" of a nation as the people knew it within the last century is the decline of the British Empire. In the Age of Imperialism the British were easily the largest power the planet had seen to that point. The first truly global empire was finished, and truth be told, that was a good thing.

The British Empire became the United Kingdom and the people of the commonwealth still look at that period with a mixture of emotions. The standard of living in the UK stayed relatively high and rough patches were not so much due to the ending of the empire but because of longstanding disputes between the workers and the aristocracy in my opinion.

The United States will endure. I believe that the founders were right when they made their New Order For The Ages. This is a period of transition and change more than one of decline and failure. The US has matured, become a constant and standard player. Within another generation I do not believe she will be the lone superpower any more but she still will be in the pole position. China will return to grace, painfully but steadily. The European Union as well has a shot at regaining their traditional position as the vanguard of the western world, but a great many questions must be answered first, the most pressing right now being what to do about Greece, Spain and the Euro as a whole.

India and Brazil are rising powers as well, and should be watched with great intent with regards to their promise. The United States however sits in an enviable position as the current flag-carrier of the planet. The health care reform bill (is it law now that President Obama has signed it or must it still pass the senate first?) has shown that your nation is not content to rest at the top, which is a great sign. Stagnation will kill a power, dynamism will keep her alive.

I have been saying for some time that the US must finally hash out the dispute between socialists and libertarians if they wish to soar. This dichotomy has existed since the founding of your nation in one form or another and has always served as an brake on your progress. A path must be chosen eventually, and this time is better than most to do so.

The next century for America holds a massive amount of promise. With your wars ended and a unified vision for the nation there is nothing your resources and people cannot accomplish. If you partner with the new superpowers and rising stars, the world as a whole has the potential for a golden age I believe. Science, primarily driven by American and European powerhouses have placed our species at the brink of wonderful things. Life extension, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, planetary exploration, even faster-than-light travel are all on the horizon and America will be one of the nations leading the charge.

Your country is not dying, far from it. It may not be your grandfather's country but Lady Liberty is strong, and the ideas coming from her head will be as groundbreaking as The Great Experiment itself. Britannia and Europa stand with her.

Let's do this!

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by ProjectJimmy

See? Project Jimmy gets it. Why doesn't anyone else seem to.

It's called a paradigm shift. Ignore for a moment that most people's notions of what "America" is either never existed or hasn't existed since the industrial revolution. The simple fact is that we are in a state of flux.

As it should be.

Looking inward towards providing health care for our citizenry is a good step. Granted, all this crap bill seems to do it LOOK towards providing health care while continuing to feed money to huge corporations, but still the intent bordered on honorable.

This is just another in a long line of experiments. For that is what America has always been. It was founded as an experiment and it continues to serve as a lab of sorts.

We shall see what comes of all this, but we should remain strong and ready to embrace whatever the future holds. The rules may be changing but the game rages on.

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