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Nano-based RFID tag, you're it!

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 11:37 AM

Nano-based RFID tag, you're it!

Long lines at store checkouts could be history if a new technology created in part at Rice University comes to pass.

Rice researchers, in collaboration with a team led by Gyou-jin Cho at Sunchon National University in Korea, have come up with an inexpensive, printable transmitter that can be invisibly embedded in packaging. It would allow a customer to walk a cart full of groceries or other goods past a scanner on the way to the car; the scanner would read all items in the cart at once, total them up and charge the customer's account while adjusting the store's inventory.

More advanced versions could collect all the information about the contents of a store in an instant, letting a retailer know where every package is at any time.

I think the NWO forum is perfect for this, it's just another step forward towards keeping tabs on us all, and "making life easier on us all!!!" which is a bunch of crap because before we know it, this will all be required to buy/sell. I mean no one wants to have RFID chips control our life's - but it's coming!... and we all know it.

To some, this may sound like great technology - actually it doesn't sound bad at all one the surface. But this is just the beginning. Like I said above, you will eventually HAVE TO buy your groceries like this, you wont have the ability to use cash or swipe a credit/debit card anymore. The same will happen with health care as well. You wont be able to go to the doctors, or get medicine, without having an RFID chip embedded in you - and if you think that is a stretch from this article, think again. I have made a few threads about RFID chips and how they are going to change our life's for the worst. Some call it the mark of the beast; I have no idea what to call it but I do know forcing people to get something embedded within their skin so they can be scanned all over the world at any time is not something that should be tolerated.

For example, they are planning on putting RFID chips into pacemakers and such, and my father has one. Do you think I want them forcing him to have surgery for NO REASON other than to put a chip in him? NO! Those surgeries are not the safest, although they are routine to change the pacemakers out and such (which is every 10 years at the least unless there is a problem), no one should HAVE TO do that. But it may become something you have to do before you can get treated at the hospital, just check out the recent health care bill!

If anyone wants information on RFID chips and how easily they can be implemented into society, let me know and I'll supply the links (or just check out my past threads and you'll see them - RFID will be in the title of the thread).

I really hope we all stand up for ourselves before these chips become mandatory. If not this world is going to become a much darker place than it is now, and question me on that all you want, but really think about it - how is it a good thing to force anyone to do anything? Especially having a chip placed within their body? And yes I know this thread specifically is not talking about the body, but it goes hand in hand.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by highlyoriginal

I remeber when RFID chips were the center of all conspiracy theories, funny how we don't hear of them to often anymore. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, because this is exactly how it starts: first it's just a convience/optional thing, then so many people are doing it that it just becomes the way we do things. I'm curious, what do you think life would be like if they implement such a thing? Me personally, if I have to get somethin in me to just get grocieries, I'll just grow/catch/scavenge them myself...

posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 03:18 PM
Me being of Christian faith, yes the NWO and RIFID chips are mentioned as 'The Mark Of The Beast' in the Bible...Religious views aside, what makes this even more scary is the new health care bill and the section in it that says that class II devices (embeddable RIFID) can be used for patient tracking. It's just a matter of time before this is implemented.

posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 03:32 PM
As I have said in so many other threads:

DO you carry a debit card?
Do you carry a credit card?
Do you carry a passport?
Do you carry a cell phone?

If you answered yes to any of those things, you are voluntarily carrying an RFID.

Quick grocery checkout would be a GOOD thing, not a bad one.


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