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What's really happening with HealthCare Reform Bill

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 06:11 AM
The ramifications of the Healthcare Reform Bill go far beyond our congress selling themselves to pass legislation the people don't want and even beyond the realization that the Congress can tax the people to death and we are powerless to stop them. The real meaning behind what has happened is that our government, legislative, executive, and judicial, has been taken over by people who have a different world view, a different view of human beings in the world, than that of the American people

God created us. God created us to be compassionate, caring people. He did not create us to be herded cattle or caged animals. Read the Iron Mountain Report.

The fact is that through financial manipulation ie the FED, and through manipulation of the military, ie the takeover of the CIA by the Rockefellers and the takeover of control of the military by the CIA, and through political manipulation, the takeover of both Republican & Democrats and the news by the CFR which is a foreign organization to manipulate America to benefit the British Empire, OUR GOVERNMENT DOESN"T BELONG TO THE PEOPLE ANY MORE.

God created us to be compassionate, caring people. He did not create us to be herded cattle or caged animals.

But obviously somebody got into power who thinks otherwise.

Our schools and entertainment media have dumbed down our children. They are encouraged to be violent and unthinking and selfish and disinterested. And we are too busy trying to survive financially to have enough influence to steer them correctly.

We are waging cruel wars and killing millions of innocent people on the basis of manipulative lies from the news media.

We are being threatened with mandates concerning harmful, possibly lethal vaccinations to be forced on our children that may shorten their lives or wreck their health.

We are being threatened with a "citizen army" made up of our children to police us and spy on us in our homes to give the government excuse to blackmail us into submission, or to remove us as opposition.

We are being systematically poisoned with fluoride in our water, which doesn't help our teeth, only crumbles them, and causes further dumbing down and cancer and thyroid destruction. We have chemtrails overhead. would you people please look up, that are poisoning us further and killing the bees.

Our weather has been crazy since haarp was invented. Haarp was running during Katrina and the Chinese May 08 earthquake. We are being devastated by hurricanes and by floods and icestorms, compliments of haarp. This last winter storm has probably devastated the crops. Notice the ground is covered with buds from trees. We shouldn't have had such a storm at this latitude, this late.

The point is that our country has been taken over by people who don't like us, who don't like human beings, who plan to bring us under their feet and reduce us to a non-human creature that they can cast aside and ignore or destroy at will. These people who have taken over our country are evil, they are associated with the Nazis of WWII, they are associated with the royals, but where ever they come from or wha tever they want they are not good for us and they are not who we are. They are different from us and they mean us harm.

We were blessed by our founding fathers with a form of government, written into a Constitution, that would define our relationship with our government. That relationship is being rewritten by this healthcare reform. We are not cattle. We are not violent animals. They are the violent animals.

We have to take back our government if we are going to survive as human beings.

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 06:33 AM
in simple terms... the new Health Care reform has the purpose of
restructuring the economy, the new driving force where money both multiplies and gains velocity.... because of the medical/health industry.
[ seeing how the Dot.Com and Housing Bubbles have been played out already]

the darker aspects will be a clearly defined two-tier health care system,

the commoners will get the help and advice from mid-wives, and health technicians, overseen by Interns, who will then advance to the upper tier providers, ...

the elites will get the RNs, LPNs, Doctors & Specialists, and be first in line for the advanced medical / diagnostic equiptment,
with any left-over diagnostic machine 'time' given to the commoners needs.

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