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NWO and Devil, the emanation of the very same thing?

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 04:10 AM
While unsure whether to post this on Conspiracies in Religion, but as the eventual approach is going to be somewhat mundane – I don’t really subscribe on either of these ideas as regarding their usual interpretation – I figured that New World Order could be more appropriate forum. Psychology, Philosophy and Metaphysics could’ve also been appropriate forum. Mods – as always – will move this thread according it’s proper place.

One is inclined to think that both of these, Devil and NWO are merely bogeymen of our collective subconsciousness, which of course doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be real in certain perspective; if they exists in either physical or psychological level, they are something that exists nevertheless.

Whatever the case is, it seems like they would have very many similar qualities in many perspective. Both are conceptions to which people contribute same kind of attributes, they are:

  • Enemy of mankind
  • Ruler of the world
  • Tormentors of human beings
  • Inhibiter of freedom

    Just to mention few, there is probably more. Of course, there can be found many distinct qualities, as to mention one, the Devil being a single character or entity, whilst the NWO consist a group of people or institutions.

    I said that I don’t subscribe to religious viewpoint of Satan, but I am somewhat familiar what certain religious texts tell about the Enemy. So for example in Bible it is said that Devil is the ruler of this world, seducing many humans to worship it. If we look at the conception of NWO, the very same attribute can be seen: NWO is (at least the wannabe) ruler of this world and it cunningly seduces many humans to work for it.

    It seems indeed like these two conceptions, or entities, are intervening in many ways. It makes one wonder, whether they are actually real in physical sense, or are they just bogeymen of our collective subconsciousness? It doesn’t reduce them less real nor less credible, but quite contrary, makes their power more surreptitious and invisible.

    My argumentation is that because the religions, as can be historically demonstrated, have varied throughout the times immemorial, yet these characters – one is meaning the characters of evil – have remained essentially same in quality; and yet because there is hardly any objective observation of their physical nature (expect their effects through mankind) to be seen, it certainly is plausible to claim that they are psychological in their nature.

    Also I wonder whether it can be credibly claimed that they are the very same thing, on psychological level at least? There are many people willing to say that either – or even both – of these entities are also real in physical reality, but so far it seems that hardly any physical evidence of their physical existence have been produced. Or least so compelling evidence, which would reassure even the densest of sceptics.

    So I ask you, dear ATS, what stand you take on this? Are their one and the same? Are they distinct of each other? Or do they even exist at any level of understanding? And even more, can you vindicate your opinion?


    (Edited the title of the thread)

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  • posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 04:44 AM
    Nice post but I wouldnt say the "very same thing" but both are manifestations of the underlying force of evil, the dark side, negativity, whatever one wants to call it. It is as much a part of our subconscious as it is out daily world, we're all connected to our surrounding and our inner battles are microcosmic fractal portions of what plays out on the world stage.

    This fundamental force of "evil" manifests in an infinite number of ways so all cultures and periods of history basically have different names for similar things which just lie somewhere on the spectrum of infinite ways the fundamental negativity manifests into physical reality. The KJV bible amoung many other delibratly distorted teachings leads people astray from what the real cosmic tug of war betwen opposing polarities is all about. The NWO is just the 21st century version of the same old game played out between beings for eons, the theme is so deep in the phsyci much old and modern fiction is based around it, including the bad guys look like their winning just near the end but become carless or outsmarted and good triumphs. I would hope to return to neutrality one day, see the folly of polarity, enjoy the wonderfully dramatic epic aspect it gave to the creation but return to a neutral infinite.

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    posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 04:45 AM
    reply to post by v01i0

    (Big Brother)

    (All seeing eye)

    (Verichip, now Positive ID)

    (If microsoft stores all chat logs on messenger, emails on MSN, XBOX live chats are stored and so on, imagine what this tech will let them do when they have a set of eyes in your home)

    This is tip of the iceberg stuff and you have to ask who would want this information and why?

    Big Brother huh? Someones trying to be Godlike thats for sure.

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    posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 05:25 AM

    Originally posted by polarwarrior
    Nice post but I wouldnt say the "very same thing" but both are manifestations of the underlying force of evil, the dark side, negativity, whatever one wants to call it.

    Ah, good point. Maybe the title of the thread was bit inaccurate then. Should've labeled it something like: "...emanation of the very same thing.", which you - and I think quite correctly - pointed out in your post.

    Thanks for the clarification polarwarrior


    posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 06:02 AM
    I´d say the Devil is some kind of principle and the NWO is the incorporation of that principle.

    Its hard for me to figure a beeing living in a lava pit and poking people with his pitchfork, but its way easier for me to think of a group of individuals, that work towards only their needs and holding other people as slaves, with an absolute lust for power and control.

    I would go so far to say the NWO is way more evil than the Devil. The devil seems to be a kind of trickster deity, almost harmless once you figured him out, the NWO is far more fierce, because evil that comes out of humans is more deivious than anything else.
    An evil human can make the devil look like Jesus, imo.

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    posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 06:15 AM

    Originally posted by Dynamitrios
    I´d say the Devil is some kind of principle and the NWO is the incorporation of that principle.

    I would go so far to say the NWO is way more evil than the Devil. The devil seems to be a kind of trickster deity, almost harmless once you figured him out, the NWO is far more fierce, because evil that comes out of humans is more deivious than anything else.
    An evil human can make the devil look like Jesus, imo.

    Lol, just remembered, the devil is... de evil (the evil, it sounds better with an accent), its a play on words. So the nwo is evil, it is the("de") evil, its the devil.

    posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 07:13 AM
    Your religious views are none of my business, and my attempt here is not to convert you. However, you did ask my opinion, and so ask and ye shall receive.

    I am a Christian, do an ongoing indepth study of the Bible, and based on that...the devil is a spirtual being and or beings( if you read the Book of Enoch) and the NWO is the finalization of his attempt to establish a worldly or earthly kingdom.

    He has seduced a majority of mankind into following him, even those that do not believe, by forfeiture allow his success.(No knock against you, friend) This includes corporations, governments, and even organized religions and churches.

    There several bits of eveidence that I look is the establishment of world wide rule of international law-governance, one is the advance of technology that enables the very sort of series of events forecast/prophesied in Revelations13 of the NT of the Bible, one is the evolving of a world/international stuation that mirrors the one spoken of in Daniel, Ezekiel, Joel, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Revelation of the Bible. For instance, I believe the world will soon see the events of Ezekiel 38-39 play out...the diplomatic isolation of Israel and subsequent invasion by the forces of the CSTO which include Russia, Iran, eventually Turkey, Syria, and the Muslim -akistan countries along Russia's south border.

    Back to the devil/Satan. If what I believe is accurate...and the events described in the Bible are true, we will continue to see Pres. Obama's agenda roll on...I don't like it, but he is a tool of destiny/the devil...thusly, God to enact the events that will follow....

    -The demise and collapse of America, at least minimalization of any future role in the world...the US will go the route of the British Empire

    -The rise of Germany to fill the vaccum, Germany will politically dominate a crisis ridden EU, and come to be the face of a revived Europe...Germany is #3 arms producer/exporter in world...biggest supplier to Israel

    -The Catholic church will play a big role in Germany's revival...and look carefully at Baron von Guttenberg... a devout Catholic

    -As the US declines and Israel needs better allies..into the US vaccumm, in comes Germany/EU... Israel needs a big brother so to speak...out of this relationship, maybe a peace treaty in the Mid-East, release of /establishment of Palestinian state/ rebuilding of Temple

    -How ironic...Germany/Israel allies? Then betryal...

    -China will continue to rise and become aggressive, the kings of the east

    -Look for the Mark of the Beast to become mandatory..maybe an RFID or not...but you will submit or face the consequences

    -rise in supernatural(inexplicable evil)events, cosmic events,natural disasters on a global scale

    -the rise of an underground curch..the true"Church"

    The devil is behind the "world's " lust for power, money, sex... if you become a part of the system and bow to the will have all for a time. Everything that is Biblical will be portrayed as backward, old fashioned, out of style...even hateful. By submitting to the "mark" and the political/religious powers, you submit to Satan....

    By way of Satan's power in this world, we will revisit the Holocaust..but this time, not just Jews but all fundamentalist religions and beliefs. The NWO and thusly, Satan must be worshipped...those that hold out will be considered enemies of the state, persecuted, imprisoned, and summarily executed.

    I hope I am wrong, I like my life and the freedoms I enjoy...have a good life, we're training to go to Haiti to help the victims there, involved in our community, have a nice little farm, ...happy. But that may be over as Satan by way of the NWO takes over and tightens its grip.

    Ididn't mean to take so long, but just offer some bench marks to look for to either validate or deny my interpretations and beliefs over the next couple of years.

    posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 08:08 AM
    reply to post by XXXN3O

    Well definately there's something in the videolinks you've posted. One could easily conclude that there might be somekind of BB element developing. Taking account all kind of Bilderberg activity and such this scenario seems plausible. But the question remains, is there such singular entity that is unanimous about the course of action implemented in future? Maybe they are just sweet applications of modern tecnhnology, which various parties would like to employ in such, control-freak manner.

    reply to post by Dynamitrios

    I understand what you mean and I kinda agree. While Devil may be somekind of abstract symbol of evil, the NWO (if it really exists as unanimous group of individuals/corporations/institutions) is more like an actual manifestation of the abstract evil.

    However, I am not sure if there is kind of an unanimous group of people (rarely people can agree on anything) that are succesfully leading the events of the world. They may try, but I think that they cannot control whole game, as they are not omniscient beings, but rather pettysouled human beings that will eventually cut throats of each other.

    reply to post by AlreadyGone

    Well thank you for your verbose reply. I hold no specific religious views, I do not support any kind of dogma and hardly believe in anything which is beyond my own understanding. Disregarding that, I nevertheless can find some valid points in your post. For example, the political isolation of Israel is taking place as we type.

    Thanks for the comments and opinions so far!


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