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Why the Annunaki need gold

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:28 PM
What about that white powder gold that you drink and gives you super powers, that ORME, has to be processed right or won't work.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by Harte

I am not sure why people think in terms of the human when it come to the likes of calling someone eve.

when we humans Created our first cloned sheep did we called it "our first cloned sheep"

NO...we called it dolly.

now lets move forward sheep having a discusion about the mixed up past..

"do you know were Dolly came from"

"no i hear she was the goddess sheep"

Now lets get back to basics....

two Annuaki having a Discussion.

"well well what shall we name these two samples we have just made".

I know we will call them Adam ...Eve

as they look at the two petri dishes

simple i know but hey....stop looking at things in the abstract.

start to look at things in a scientific literal sense.

think outside the box.

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posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 11:34 AM
Hi. newbie here

Its Always the same, Just when I think im onto something I find a site like this with ppl ahead of me. GOLD has some amazing properties and only in the last 30years we discovered another 80% of its practical applications. IT IS going to continue to be the most precious by-product of elemental nature.

The Annunaki had to work it out for themselves....they used it for everything from genetic modification to bribing must we.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by SynMedian

Thank you for posting that piece of valuble information....

It shows how we as humans need to rethink things and stop looking at only what we just shows how far behind we are and how simple our thinking is...i am going to stop using "outside the box"

Thinking "inside the box" should slowly become a more appropriate term.

we tend to think as humans...and not in a scientific way when it comes to ancient civilizations...we tend to think of them as primitive and stupid.

And If there were off worlders here at the time...then they i would logically imagine were using scientific methods.

the world is a vast extraordinary place and there is so much to learn

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 07:42 AM
no probs plube

i like your thinking - inside the box. The answers lie 'within'

my own research has taken me on the true path and i encourage you all to embrace your own spirit. U want enlightened to the origins of earth?

here you go......first need to understand this before who the Annunaki were.

The distortion of this planetary grid system thousands of years ago caused a mutation in our DNA structure. The original human had minimum of 12 DNA strands, 12 fully activated higher senses (5 lower and 7 higher), full access to the higher divine mind and memories of life experiences in all time lines. The average human being today has only 3 to 4 DNA stands active, 5 functional senses and no memories of who they are and why they are on Earth. Those that are awakening are seeking higher level answers and are brought to websites like this.

Everything in the Universe is created from the pure light electrons known as the body of God. These electrons make up the atoms of the physical world. The geometrical design and the speed of action around the central core (plus other factors) determines the type of atom and its rate of vibration. Planets, people, animals, plants, trees all emit a certain rate of vibration. The denser the vibration level the lower it is in the light spectrum.


Levels of Density (Heaviest is the lowest in the light spectrum):

1. Mineral Kingdom - Heaviest density
2. Plant Kingdom
3. Animal Kingdom + Lower vibration level Human
4. Higher Vibration Level Human
5. Light Body
6. Soul Body
7. Oversoul
8. Angels
9. Archangels and Ascended Masters
10. Leaders of the Spiritual Hierarchy
11. Universal Gods
12. Absolute Godhead - Purest light Source


Unlike Density, Dimensions encompass entire realities and overlap each other. Lower dimensions are contained within higher ones. For instance, the third dimension contains the lower two.

First Dimension - Existence through a point in time and space

Second Dimension - Magnitude (distance or path) in the time and space

Third Dimension - Depth and existence in the physical universe through choices of paths in time and space

Forth Dimension - Time (movement) through time and space in a higher mode of physical existence

Fifth Dimension - Through Love bridges the worlds of Matter and the worlds of Spirit (Release from duality into love and unity)

The understanding that everything in the Universe is energy and that all energy is at different levels of vibration and frequency, indicates that all planets and their inhabitants vibrate at different levels. Planet Earth is a third dimensional planet with forth and fifth dimension activity in progression. Currently the beings on the planet Earth are estimated to be 60 percent in the third dimensional plane, thirty five percent in the forth and five percent in the fifth.

The planet Earth is currently going through a dimensional ascension, moving from third to fourth with the goal of being in the fifth. For individuals to shift with the planetary ascension, they must individually focus on raising their vibration / frequency level. Each dimension has seven planes. As vibration levels are raised (by releasing all blockages in the physical, emotional and mental bodies) the shift in frequency uplifts the person to the higher planes. To fully evolve into the fifth dimension the person must open up to unconditional love, expand his/her inner light quotient, be fully forgiving under all circumstances and not generate negative (harmful) thought patterns.

As im a 'newbie' and there are hierarchy laws on ATS too i cannot post yet unit fullfilled the gods demands. The i can explain the EARTH TRUTH

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 07:49 AM
well if you're taking the story of the annunaki literally that may be dangerous. as an allegory they are like the ancient alchemists who want to transmute the base metals of the soul into the purity of gold, which they believed was the sun in physical form.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 09:25 AM
I never understood why the Annunaki could not manifest gold?

Why do they need to mine for it at all?

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 10:06 AM

Originally posted by tonypazzo
well if you're taking the story of the annunaki literally that may be dangerous. as an allegory they are like the ancient alchemists who want to transmute the base metals of the soul into the purity of gold, which they believed was the sun in physical form.

Sadly, they're not even taking the story of the Annunaki literally. Most of the "published" information on them comes from people who add their own agendas to the tale. The Annuna (Annunaki) were originally the workers for the seven high gods and whined about having to do all the work. So there was a contest to make a worker who would do all the work and let the minor gods sit around and eat grapes and drink wine.

Here's the REAL tale... or one version of it (I think this is the newer version):

In the Akkadian version (which I think is one of the older versions), the gods have to dig the Tigris and Euphrates and go on strike one night (which causes humans to be made)

(the whole site has a collection of translated documents and other information: You can see from other pieces of tales and legends )

You can see bits and pieces of bible stories in the documents, however.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 10:10 AM

Originally posted by kaleshchand
I doubt it, though its possible, but still. They broke parity violation (whatever that means) but the important point is "conservation of energy remained intact" meaning the energy they get from one atom of gold they could also get from one atom of anything with atomic mass higher than gold.
Also why would a highly advanced species? aliens? race? use humans to mine for gold? Just get the robots out and get it over with. Unless they were extremely stupid to begin with. But then how did they get so advanced?

Why would they need machines? Even in their world that's got to be cumbersome, expensive, resource-draining.

What they did instead was create a race that 1) had instilled in it the importance of gold - CHECK - we've been 'told' it's rare/valuable and have been mining it for centuries. But more importantly 2) created a way for us to multiply ourselves and continue the mining operations - pretty brilliant, really.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 11:32 AM
Reviewing the true History of Planet Earth (Gaia /Virgo) helps you understand the reality of the Earth changes from a higher perspective.

The Great Central Sun system Earth belongs to is known as Alpha and Omega and its central Sun Helios and Vesta. This is best understood by viewing this linked table on Earth Creation .

To make Earth habitable for human beings, a tremendous amount of work was done by the Elemental kingdom and Nature Devas who build the oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers..etc. The Elementals are Gods creation. They fall under 4 categories: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The intelligence for Earth is Virgo. The elementals working under the Earth category are known as "Gnomes". Elementals under the Water (Neptune) category are known as "Undines". Elementals under the Air (Aries) category are known as "Sylphs". Elementals under the Fire (Helios/Vesta) category are known as "Salamanders".

After the Elementals completed their work on planet Earth, human beings accompanied by their Angelic Hosts were allowed to come on the planet. The Elementals are slightly higher level beings than humans. The Angelic beings operate under the Archangels (Elevated Beings directly from the God source) as beings of perfection, love and one-pointed obedience to their creator. Their objective is to develop themselves to perfection and divine love first (this includes experiences in human form) and eventually service the human beings towards attaining perfection and divine love. A good example of this are Mother Mary and Master Jesus. Mother Mary originated from the Angelic kingdom, became the holy mother of Jesus in human form. Received her ascension 30 years after Jesus's ascension. She rejoined the Angelic Realm as Archangel Rafael's twin flame. Now serves all the human beings on planet Earth by helping them open their heart centers and receive more love. This can be attained by everyone by calling on Mary and giving her permission to open your heart center. Master Jesus is also from the Angelic Realm. His true form is Micah (the Angel of Unity) the son of Archangel Michael. He received his ascension and is now the Cosmic Christ serving planet Earth as an Ascended Master in the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Seven Archangels have the responsibility of overlooking the planet Earth and six other planets. The energies of the Archangels is the size of our Galaxy. The seven Archangels overlooking the beings on Earth are: Michael (Protection), Jophiel (Illumination), Chamuel (Love), Gabriel (Perfection), Rafael (Consecration), Uriel (Ministration), Zadkiel (Invocation). Since Earth is inside the energies of the Archangels, calling on them from your heart instantly opens you up to their energy and connects you to them.

An administrative body known as the Spiritual Hierarchy, (made up of Earth humans who have ascended and chose to remain in service to help all Earth beings ascend) overlooks the progress of planet Earth and all Humans on Earth. View the spiritual hierarchy table .

Planet Earth was created as a kindergarten level learning school for all beings (Elementals, Angelic and Human) in this Universe. This school allows beings to have free will, choice and the ability to co-create with their thought forms. The first beings that came to Earth (first, second and third root races) from the God Source, millions of years ago maintained pure thought forms full of love, lived in harmony with the Elementals and Angelic beings and honored and appreciated their existence, creations and services. Earth at that time was a Garden of Eden in this galaxy with absolute beauty and perfection. Beings on the planet created their dreams by manifesting thought forms instantly. The foundation of the planet was pure love with no disease or negativity. All beings lived in harmony with peace and joy. The high 5th -8th Dimension vibration level of the planet and all beings was maintained with the foundation of love, peace, joy, freedom and harmony.

The coming of the fourth root race brought about an incident in the Galaxy. A very low vibrational planet close to Earth with beings of harmful and negative thought forms ended up destroying their planet. The millions of beings (in spirit form) from this planet had nowhere to go. Earth's compassion for these beings allowed them to enter its planet. These beings (known as "Laggards") were allowed to take birth on planet Earth with the hope that Earth's higher vibrational energies would shift their consciousness higher and develop them into a higher state.

The plan backfired. The negative and harmful thought forms from the Laggards over time began to corrupt the planet. The negative and harmful thought forms established fear and overpowered the foundation of love amongst the beings with foundation of fear. The dense vibration of fear, harmful and negative thought forms amongst the beings began to weigh down the vibration of Earth, dropping it to 3rd dimension vibration. Negativity, harm, greed, power, overruled on the planet. Beings were killed, looted, hurt, abused, tormented, for selfish gains. This continued for thousands of years.

The Cosmic council finally intervened and opened up the higher channels to help Earth get back to its higher vibrational 5th-8th Dimension state. Higher vibrational Energies from the higher realms began to be injected upon the planet in small amounts starting 1987. The dose has been increasing every year to allow the beings to slowly adjust to the higher vibration energies.

Earth has in the past three years moved up from the 3rd dimension to the 4th. The goal is to shift to the 5th by 2012 (End of the Mayan calendar...and the beginning of a new 5th dimension Earth).

The ancient Mayan astronomers accurately predicted, over 1500 years ago, the exact alignment of the Earth, the Sun, the star cluster Pleiades and of the center of our Galaxy that will take place at the end of the present long cycle on the Gregorian year 2012. On the Mayan Long Calendar the day designated as 4 Ahau 3 Kankin ( falls on December 21, 2012 and this day will mark the end of the long cycle at which time humanity will experience a new beginning.

Free will and choice is an issue. If all beings allow themselves to clear all their negative thought forms (which create blockages in their subtle system), and through techniques available on the planet (like powerful breathwork sessions) open themselves to the higher vibrational energies, they will shift their vibration level to the higher levels. As more and more beings open their hearts and shift their vibration level, they help planet Earth anchor itself into the higher vibrational dimension, and recreate it as the Garden of Eden planet once again. The higher vibration of the planet and the beings allow for higher abilities to co-create a dream life with no issues instead of the low vibrational 3rd dimensional survival life with ample issues.

There are many ways to help you better understand the universal truth, your reality and take you through processes that clear your negative energies and raise your vibration level.

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 01:41 PM
I guess nobody read my post in this thread ?
As I explained in my post, gold can be used to generate anti-matter/positron, this anti matter can be used to power spaceship. This is a fact, not a theory anymore.

If anuaki or whatever alien want it, that might be the main reason. 2nd reason might be for shielding the spaceship from EM waves/gamma radiation in space.

Fixing planet atmosphere with gold have no/very weak basis.
Why create human to dig for gold and use it to fix your planet when you can own the gold planet already ? sheesh

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by SynMedian


That all sounds far-fetched.

posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 11:48 AM

Originally posted by RainCloud
I guess nobody read my post in this thread ?
As I explained in my post, gold can be used to generate anti-matter/positron, this anti matter can be used to power spaceship. This is a fact, not a theory anymore.

I read your post and dismissed it.

One cannot make enough antimatter from gold to boil water, much less power a spaceship.

Even at energy levels like those used at the CERN LHC, it would take a million years of continuous operation, making and collecting antimatter with every resource at CERN's disposal, to make enough antimatter to do what you're speculating.

Also, it takes far more energy to obtain antimatter from gold than you can possibly get back out from the antimatter itself:

The inefficiency of antimatter production is enormous: you get only a tenth of a billion (10-10) of the invested energy back. If we could assemble all the antimatter we've ever made at CERN and annihilate it with matter, we would have enough energy to light a single electric light bulb for a few minutes.

Source: CERN

Originally posted by RainCloud2nd reason might be for shielding the spaceship from EM waves/gamma radiation in space.

Also extremely doubtful, because of the density of gold (which makes it a good shield.)
Gold's pretty heavy. There is a high energy cost associated with putting gold on any device designed to escape a gravity well.
One would expect interstellar travellers to be able to sheild themselves from radiation much more effectively and efficiently by using electromagnetic fields, etc.

Fixing planet atmosphere with gold have no/very weak basis.
Why create human to dig for gold and use it to fix your planet when you can own the gold planet already ? sheesh

"The gold planet?"

There are stars out there filled with gold. Use the search function here - the info has been posted at least twice that I know of. Both times in response to the Sitchin argument about gold-mining for atmospheric repair, exactly what you are saying here.

Nothing wrong with your argument, however. But I would say that the idea of coming here to mine gold for that purpose is ridiculous. After all, if you read what Sitchin says the gold is for, simple (and far cheaper and far more available) dust would do the same job.

IOW, the "Anunakki" wouldn't even need to leave their home planet - assuming they have dust available there!


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posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 04:56 PM
I dont understand the basic reason why The Annunaki/Nibblers who are supposed to be a uber advanced species would genetically create humans on planet earth to mine for gold!! For such an advanced species, it would have been child's play to develop some sort of mechanism to extract gold from under the ground than use humans to manually dig the stuff out.
The only reason would be the Annunaki/Nibblers would have been a lazy bunch.

Gold being used to create positrons/anti-matter to provided propulsion for spaceships....come on give us a break!! Fact? if its a fact, why are we not building such "space ship engines"???

Somebody been watching too much of Sci-Fi TV & movies!! for sure!!

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posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 07:17 PM

Originally posted by coredrill
I dont understand the basic reason why The Annunaki/Nibblers who are supposed to be a uber advanced species would genetically create humans on planet earth to mine for gold!! For such an advanced species, it would have been child's play to develop some sort of mechanism to extract gold from under the ground than use humans to manually dig the stuff out.

Exactly. We can build robots for the same purpose. They are replaceable, work longer hours, don't whine or gripe, and will work at one task without ever striking for better wages or food. They can work in the mines under conditions that humans can't live in. They don't get tired and don't call in sick.

This is why robots do many jobs today in our industrialized society.

Sumerian "mines" weren't very high tech, either (and I should point out that if the "Annunaki" really WERE aliens, they would have "created humans" in Nubia, South Africa, and California ... not Sumeria which doesn't have as much gold as the other places.) Even Egyptian mines were no longer than 1500 feet and no deeper than 300 feet below the surface:

But why do that when they could simply kit bash some hydrogen together and make gold? If they can create antopositrons and other material, making gold is simpler and faster than trying to make humans dig it up.

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 07:50 AM
reply to post by Occy Anonymous

Anyways the main thing I heard about the Annunaki was that humans were created to mine gold for them, to me this never really made sense, why would they need the gold for? But then today I read this story...

What is they needed it to also create nano structures ? watch this video from 5:50 onwards

Edited for broken video

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posted on Sep, 10 2010 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by Occy Anonymous

this got me thinking...the elite are THE bankers right that ties to gold, check, elite and the nwo, illuminati check..the pyramid, check. why the hell do they worth so much like that other post says. diamons too?? there must be something they the"aliens" use it for and use the elite as resource..

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by kaleshchand

Assuming the story is true, only reason I can think of, is that humans mine better than robots and run on many different fuels.

But if you are an highly advanced race, you go to a collapsed star or an asteroids belt and get all the gold you want.

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 06:06 AM
While not buying into the Annunaki stories immediately but keeping an open mind, it is weird how many little things in our society tie into this gold theory. For instance, Tinkerbell was powered by pixie-dust that at least in the cartoon looks like gold. People claim that the astronauts actually did go to the Moon in spite of devastating radiation the theory being that they had alien transportation with better shielding, though NASA being a total front for the CIA makes it less plausible. Also the Bible says the devil and his minions fell to Earth. The Bible in Revelation described the New Jerusalem as being made of gold. the gold being so pure that it is transparent, like glass.
edit on 8-12-2010 by m khan because: to add another thought

We use gold for a lot of things, I just saw an ad for instructions on how to retrieve gold from CDs
edit on 8-12-2010 by m khan because: Didn't get my thought in.

Saw a cspan speech with Ron Paul questioning need for US mints to get their slugs for coins from overseas. Our circulating coins now are made of layered metals, could they be counterfeiting the slugs that are supposedly .999 for the numismatic market. Gold bars have been found to be actually tungsten inside.
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posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 06:44 PM
Very interesting theories.I have come across an interesting correlation myself too,that i once realized...but then forgot.

Lets start with the number 12,nearly all religions have it with their disciples and whatnot.12 tribes of Israel and if we look at the oldest KNOWN culture to us.The sumerians and their tablets,as claimed by stitchin,but i also believe by other writings.There were 12 annunaki supreme gods who came down on earth,genetically engineering us out of their own and primate DNA.(Why would they leave these texts or evidence behind i don't know,i'll address that later on in the reply.)

Well here's the fun part,the ancient texts also say that annunaki gave us the astrological star map,with constellations and zodiac's.So around 2000 years,well that's about almost exactly the time it takes for a precession of the equinox to happen,in which we shift into a new astrological age.Clearly the next being the age of aquarius,the 11th one in the lot.Maybe the astrological age represents a wormhole opening between the constellation and our sun,or something very gigantic happening in space.Something that would allow the gods to visit us from their home planets.

And here we have 9/11...9+1+1=11 WTC shaped like 11,apollo 11,our sunspot cycle of 11 years,the mayan sun calendar with the era of the new GOLDen age,21/12/2012 on GMT 11:11 and adding up the date is another 11(2+1+1+2+2+1+2 ignoring the 0-s).I cant bother looking up more amazing 11 facts at the moment,but if you youtube it,it will cause some guaranteed brainstatic.Maybe each slave era or cycle,contains different numerical values and digits,to exactly reach their critical point with calendars and such during the end of the era.After which the new civilization is granted with new numbers that would create the same illusion with all of the 12 ages.

Now if we were created,to mine gold for whatever purposes.Then it would explain why the Rothschild families have stored up a claimed amount of 52% of the world's gold in their own vaults.If our global elite really are annunaki themselves,then we are royally doomed.If our elite are just cowards,and don't dare to displease the gods.Than it would explain the way our elite have been treating us for centuries.

It's highly possible that the laws of nature that we have been told are wrong and judging by how much knowledge is in the hands of the elite,i'm not amazed that it could be true.Gold could really have some unimaginable uses to us.

Now several great buildings on our planet are aligned to constellations,mainly known the Egyptian pyramids.The pyramid tips used to align with the constellation Orion during the equinox or astrological age of that time.If the 12 astrological constellations are compared to the 12 annunaki gods that came here...things start to get a little freaky.Perhaps each of the 12 gods reside in one of their home constellations,or all the 12 gods travel between them in a certain pattern.Whatever the case,i believe the 12 gods and the 12 constellations could give us some insight on where the gods came from or how this system works.

What is amazing is that earth is in the middle of all these constellations.And why would 12 gods from 12 different corners of the universe be so interested in our tiny little planet?If they engineered us,then there are clearly 2 explanations.

1)Either they are evil,greedy,careless creatures,who created us as a test.To see how well we would fair and eventually when the time is right,to come back and reap the rewards.Kill most of the humans,take back the planet and begin a "golden" age.With all the gold that we harvested for who knows what purposes.Perhaps spiritual enlightenment is very plausible.

2)Or they are good gods,and created us as a test,to see how far we evolve.To come back when the time is right,and to give us the gift of higher DNA strands and spiritual enlightenment.Taking some of the gold as a fee for creating us.Coming back to the texts,perhaps why they left them here is simply a sign of their goodwill.But then again,if they are allpowerful,they could have just left them here because they didn't care.

I doubt that annunaki came here during the Sumerian timeline.I believe this planet has had countless civilizations,all living up to their cycle,to feed the gods.And sumerians were just the last one with true knowledge,from their/this current era of recycling.

Nonetheless,whatever their purpose,or whatever the real truth.The connection between 12 zodiac constellations and 12 entities in countless religions,is very deep on it's own.If there are gods,then what better explanation would there be,than the fact that they live in the same universe and in real locations that we can actually see.Perhaps that is why zodiac defines your personality,if you were born in the certain time of the zodiac,the genes of that home constellation god's personality became active in you,thus ensuring that the human population would be diverse and not monotone.

I would like to hear anyones opinion on this,perhaps add something more mystical to it that i haven't figured out yet?

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