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Do you remember Dolores Barrios, the woman from the planet Venus???

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 05:28 AM
reply to post by Exuberant1

I read it somewhere on the internet that its called the mark of devotion(on the forehead),Mother Teresa had one too. Trying to find that webpage

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 05:49 AM
Regards the question whether there could be life on Venus, given the tremendous hot temperatures on the planet surface, we seem to be assuming that all life must fit with our dense physical model.

Theosophy posits the existence of higher planes above the dense physical called the etheric planes. These are still essentially physical matter but at a much higher more subtle level and vibration.

It's then theoretically possible and stated by some theosophists that life on other planets could exist at this level (including space craft and cities etc). The only way that we could see these craft or the beings that travel in them, would be if they lowered their vibration enough for our eyes and brains to register their presence. This could explain why some 'UFO's appear and disappear in an instant.

Wilhelm Reich a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst (1897-1954) had supposedly discovered one of these etheric planes, and called its substance orgone.

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 06:24 AM
i see a fake nose ! on dolores

let me explain as best i can and see if you can see it

I save it then i used a program to blow up the image and i see at the tip of the nose i see a overcast raised shadow shadows and on the sides of the nose you will see a shadow on the side ridges !

you will see when you blow it up you will see 2 small hole within the nostrils

( @) (@ ) < Shadow ! Should not be here unless it a over shadow of something raised Small Hole within the like double Nostrils

i will try to modify the picture so i can explain better in my next post

and the ridge is there as someone that did not have a bridge ! just think of someone that has no nose and a prosthetic was put on

this is what it looks like to me hope someone here sees what i see !" target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>

if she said she is not from Venus is she a pleiadian

she resemble's this Drawing of a pleiadian a named Semjase
could it be her look at the nose eyes eyebrows ! looks close to me
she is one of Billy Meier contacts a lot of claims his contacts was a hoax
not sure but the drawing does in fact look similar

the drawing here

there so many abnormal features she has as you pointed out
it makes you think twice about who you see and who you know of who they really are LOL I getting Paranoid !

Many of you have seen this Photo the Nordic Alien Anunnaki Female
with the bladerunner nexus 6 like description
and the photo contrast is high and brightness is high probably to distort the features ? well the video below so what she look like with it tone down abit and color filters interesting I posted this as she resembles Dolores Barrios and also one of her Buddies disguise in the glasses has the ridge on the bridge on the nose !

i found this Anunnaki Female Extraterrestrial Alien - PART 1 Brief analysis
the nostrils holes underneath the prosthetic looking nose could this be that nose is she a Anunnaki ? who knows the Nose !

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 06:39 AM
Regarding head ridges: The man with glasses appears to have it as well.

Dunno if it's a photographic/light/makeup/screwup thing or not- but it's iteresting that it seems to be a shared trait.

But what really interests me is the actual article itself.

At the end of the first day there was some commotion when the audience noticed the presence of two men and a woman with an exotic appearance. The rumor started that they were disguised Venusians. Those that Adamski had talked about a few hours before.

These people didn't start the commotion- nor were they interested in it. They said that they were not venusians. What's more; they weren't okay with being photographed, either.

Martins asked if he could photograph them, but they refused. They were bothered and tired of being called Venusians

Following this, the group was withdrawn from most of the members of the show, according to the account.

Pretty normal behaviour if you ask me. If someone walked up to me and asked me if I was from Venus one day, I'd say no. If they asked for my picture and dragged out all their friends to treat me like a display, I'd probably be unsociable too!!

Or call the cops.


The things that really draw me to this story aren't just the photographs, but the means by which they were supposedly taken.

If these three weren't interested in getting their photographs taken until the end of the last day- why then?

Why are (Who I pressume to be) Donald's glasses all wonky? (Aside from being twisted outward, it appears that the second lense may also be cracked. Was there a scuffle?) Why pose and smile for something they were clearly uninterested in?

Do I believe that the photographer snuck up on Dolores? Absolutely not. This isn't a walking pose. Nor is it a "I'm just catching my breath and enjoying the scenery" pose.

She's there, waiting, patiently in the standing photograph.

The facial photograph is so close that I find it hard to believe she would have been surprised at all if the guy whipped it out to take a snapshot.

As far as their facial features concern me:

All three of these people look like Brazilian to me. She's got a little bit of a masculine face, a high forehead, large features coupled with a small, blocky canvasse.

It's not a wonder they thought her alien- she looks exotic and foriegn. In a conference where they were being told that the venusians were tall, blonde haired, beautiful-- I can think of several people who would have probably been mistaken for said aliens.

Her male counterparts look far more "normal" than she does -if you nevermind the ridge on Donald's forhead. Donald appears to be handsome and perhaps a little timid. Bill looks young and a little bit awkward.

Neither of these are men I'd look twice at for being strange looking, or alien.

The Story's full of holes, the photo's are unexplainable and the aside from Dolores herself- the people are fairly unremarkable.

Oh to own a time machine. I'd love to know what really happened!

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 06:40 AM

Originally posted by TwoPhish
reply to post by Nola213

reply to post by thomas_

I find stories from 'yesterday' and especially our ancient past to be more credible than the ones told and spun today.

There was more of an innocence in yester-years. People didn't have a need to get their 15 minutes of fame like they do today. They told it like it was (or what they believed) and didn't really think of the consequences of being judged. Even as recently as the 1950's-60's.

But now, people have to STOP.......and think twice whether are not they want to share with others that they might've been abducted for example. We're living in very conditional, judgmental and isolated times now.

I think there was more truth yesterday than there is today.

I agree, but things weren't perfect either.

I would say that 1954 isn't exactly ancient past and even though people were indeed more innocent in certain aspects if compared to today standards certain aspects/things were already there. We are the ones that have the tendency to look at the past if it was way too different in terms of human character.

If today you say you were abducted by aliens people will either laugh or stay away from you. But in 1954 you would either become famous or be committed to mental institution.

So even by that time magazines already needed stories/headlines that would sell them. With that in mind a fantastical story like this would most likely sell a lot.

I'm not questioning the integrity of the reporter and even less the integrity of the magazine since I'm well aware that O Cruzeiro was the most prestigious magazine in Brazil from 1928 to 1975 when it's publishing was ceased.

But that doesn't prevent them to bend the story a little to raise to make it more attractive to it's readers and raise a discussion among those reading it.

Without reading the original article is hard tell, so I'll refrain from taking guesses regarding the validity of the story.

All I know is that the individuals in question here look like typical human beings from the early 50's. I see nothing odd in there.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 06:49 AM
reply to post by widdershins


I would also run as fast as I could if someone kept saying I was from Venus and asking to take a picture of mine to put on the cover of some magazine that would say I was from Venus.

Especially if I was a woman living on the early 50's.

Who by that time would buy woman cloths from a Venusian fashion designer?

I would say no one.

The girl would be execrated from society by that time. If that episode isn't what cause her to not leave any traces what so ever.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 06:56 AM
reply to post by thomas_

I knew I couldn't have been the only one thinking that! Honestly; I'm surprised she didn't end up calling the cops.

How horribly embarrassing would this whole thing have to be??

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 07:06 AM
Im sure i read somewhere that a face recognition software is being developed for socail sites such as facebook and twitter etc where youc an search for someone just using a picture. This was a few months ago, but havent heard anything since, anyone else heard of it before i go and search the net?

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 07:12 AM
First off I wanted to say thanks to the OP for a wonderful thread.

I personally believe that we occupy this planet earth with other civilsations ET if you will. Everything in my being suggest so. However, I have no scientific facts to back up my belief only a gut feeling.

Thats said the first thing I thought of when I first saw the women in the original post was this:

has anyone else realised that when ET characters are portrayed on TV they have defined features around the eyes and nose and their faces are quite often elongated, many eyewitnesses/abductees have reported these features, and quite curiously these were the times before the tv series people started to include them in their production(s).

This certainly is a very interesting case and one that has my undivided attention until that women and her 'friends' are found in the holllywood mountains sipping on a cocktail whiling the days away talking about the good old times.

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 07:22 AM
reply to post by K J Gunderson

I agree with you 100 percent but I'd just like to throw my experience in there. I saw something very strange in the sky, sat with a group of 8 people. For some strange reason I didn't open my mouth and tell a single person, so only the person to my left who had me in his line of sight saw I was looking at something.

That person to my left then asked "what are you looking at?" so I pointed totally gobsmacked and then he proceeded to do the same. Like a pair of idiots we both just sat and stared like a pair of gormless fools. The worst thing, and the part that relates to your post is that we both had mobile phones with cameras on them in our pockets.

And since due to our stupidity whenever I tell somebody of our experience we get almost laughed off, and only rarely taken seriously. And that's even though I always start of the sentence by saying "I'm not saying I saw little green men r anything, but..."

But where you point is concerned I agree 100 percent, I've got this story down as simply charletans taking advantage again. Although I ofcourse try to remain open minded to everything.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 07:26 AM
reply to post by widdershins

Make that three, I immediately pictured them acting out of embarassment and going along with it to ease their hurt. Sort of in the same vein why some black people use the word 'n-word'.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by ucalien

Good thread and a star and flag for you... if you look closely at the 2 pictures of the men you can make out that long nose bone on there faces too but look close...

Not sure if these people are from Venus but they are definately weird and unearthly in a way.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 07:54 AM
I always thought the picture of Dolores was Jill from Valent Thor crew, They have a similar look about them.

I think it was Clifford Stone once said that the Pentagon is terrified of the aliens that look like us. And if these are aliens then we are screwed!

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 08:42 AM

Originally posted by ucalien
reply to post by Arbitrageur

But now that we know that almost nothing can survive on Venus...even our engineered spacecraft can't survive there very long, I can't imagine any rational person still wonders if there's any humanoid beings on or from Venus. Maybe some kind of simple life form like a single-celled extremophile might survive floating in the upper atmosphere where it's cool enough for the water vapor to condense into liquid water? But nothing bipedal can live there I'm pretty sure.

All we know about Venus and our solar system, is information provided AFTER the superpower space running, right?? I mean, these information about planets temperature, density, atmosphere conditions, etc, etc, were gathered due the space researchers of Russia and USA. Do you put your hands on the fire, that 100% of these information are truthful??? I mean, we all know the space agencies have been lying about Mars, Phobos, our moon... We know that there are artificial structures there. Buildings, remains of ancient vehicles, remains of machinery. These facts already were confirmed by retired astronauts and former NASA employees. How can we be so sure that doesn't exist artificial inhabitable structures in Venus, in its underground or above its atmosphere???

because you dont need to be a scientist to work out how hot venus is.

earth gets pretty hot sometimes...go check out the equator...and we have a safety net around our planet (the atmosphere) ad we are a lot further away from the sun than venus..

so take into account how much closer venus is to the can straight away add a few hundred degrees heat to the planet. and there ya go...already unsuitable for human life.

and why wudnt you believe nasa if they say its hot? they might be lying about certain things...but what do you think they did....check venus out...find it was actually cold...and say "ok better lie tell the world venus is a freakin lava pit" i dnt see the logic in lying about it

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 09:38 AM

Originally posted by ucalien
reply to post by Nola213

Conclusion: Normal people.

Story blown up and out of proportion for any number of reasons. Again if you took an unknown Uma Thurman wearing rediculous long lashes, standing around at a UFO convention, acting odd, she'd draw ALOT of attention ,and over course of 2 days stories would start to build themselves. It's too bad back then they didn't know how hot Venus was.

The fact is that people here act like forensic experts, but they are SPECULATING about her eyelashes and eyelids. Some people here are ASSUMING they are fakes or the tiny balls in the corner of her eyes, are tricks of light and shadow. Nobody here was there, so any affirmation kinda "conclusive", sounds arrogant and even silly.
I noticed, that 95% of the ATSers that posted in this thread, didn't know about this case in Mount Palomar... If I was posted a pic of "Dolores Barrios", in other thread... something related to human biologic anomalies... and named the topic kinda something like "Woman, with double/triple lacrimal glands, from Eastern Europe, was the first case in modern medicine", a lot of people would buy it and research about such anomaly. But once the subject imply to admit the existence of extraterrestrial life and deal with possible weird anatomic characteristics, some people jump to "conclude" it's all about "tricks of light and shadow"...

Posting this in a different thread would not make your analysis any more accurate or scientific than you are complaining about others using here. All we have are old pictures and a bad story. All you have are old pictures and a bad story. You are complaining that people do not know enough to opine about the pictures and yet you feel you know enough to opine about the pictures. Do you see the mixed message there?

Do you honestly feel there is more evidence than not that these people were from another planet and took off in a UFO in front of over 1000 people?

Be honest this time though. Last time you responded, you came across as willing to defend this story at all costs with no real reasoning behind it so I am just asking a simple question here this time.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 09:41 AM
Does anybody not notice that the guy has the longated ridge too.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 09:41 AM
I was about to post the same thing Silicis n Volvo did. It doesnt take Nasa to tell us how hot venus would be just a little common sense.

Distance, atmosphere etc. Common sense tells you venus would be scorching.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 09:44 AM
reply to post by xfiler

While the idea of a different kind of life on Venus is entertaining and all, do you think they would like just like us with skin that looks just like ours and have to run, just like us, to where they parked their ship? If they were extra-dimensional, ethereal, whatever, then wouldn't there be a pretty slim chance of looking just like us? I cannot help but imagine that in order to live at 800 degree temperatures, you would either have to have no skin or unique skin. Just curious in respect to the response you and a few others have given.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by K J Gunderson

Is it just me or does any one else find her slightly sexy.....Where was she from again and when is the next flight :-)

I have to note thought that the research done on her abnormal facial structure is clutching at straws. I know a lot of people who have a strange non-human look about them. For a start you could take the singer 'Duffy' who looks like she has a smooth forhead and top lip...which almost make her look alien. What we have to remember is that there are many many faces , and we all have our own unique character.

Plus, Venus is like 400 degrees during the day and -130 during the night. Has no atmosphere, and is blasted by solar radiation.

Does not sound to me like the best place to house an organic life form.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 09:47 AM
Excellent post! Thank you for taking the time to do this..

First i would like to say that i am not one that just believes everything shes told or shown, i am not a skeptic but neither am i gullible..
There is, without question i would say, something very peculiar with all 3 of these beings, but it isnt entirely clear why to me.. the women is amazingly hot however! lol..but her eyes, lips and facial structure itself are quite bizarre..not saying this makes her an alien mind you.. but something certainly doesnt strike me as right about her and noted friends.. also being very fond of the female form i tend to take notice of stance, form, body language etc and i agree with you that, again it strikes me as peculiar but i can not give a reason why.. somehow it just doesnt fit.. and no, before its said, it is not the power of suggestion!
The nose ridge is quite interesting too.. though at first it looked like someone bent or folded the original photo slightly, causing it, but not so sure.. my new kitten has been nicknamed neander-cat because she has a very strange and uncommon brow ridge between her eyes.. and facial structure
Just my imput though its not at all helpful lol
thanks again for bringing this to the attention of those who hadnt before heard the story!

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