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John Kerry on Iran: "We will stay focused on that with a laser beam"

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posted on Mar, 21 2010 @ 10:45 AM


We are focused on their breech of their nonproliferation obligations and we are focused on their failure to conform to the IAEA requirements with respect to their enrichment procedures and that is the focus of the sanctions nothing more, it's not to do with politics of their country it's not to do with their election, it is focused on their violations of the NPT and their refusal to comply and their movement towards the development of nuclear capacity, we will stay focused on that with a laser beam and I believe we are talking about sanctions that whether you use the word biting, crippling whichever they're gonna have an impact.

Is John Kerry referring to a space-based laser engaged in active remote sensing?

Active sensors are conceptually of two types, imaging and non-imaging.
In MASINT, the active signal source can be anywhere in the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to X-rays, limited only by the propagation of the signal from the source. X-ray sources, for example, must be in very close proximity to the target, while lasers can illuminate a target from a high satellite orbit.

The following is from a 2006 experiment showing a seed pod which has been imaged with a Terrahertz laser with a path length of ~ 23m.

While still in development these frequencies in narrow bands in addition to IR in narrow bands may be used to see through clouds, walls, clothing, skin, bone... whatever for pinpoint imaging from distances as far out as space. The following is a sample of how a given material can have different transmission properties given the frequency of light being used. Such absorption properties also lend themselves to the energy which is reflected back to the sender or to another receiver as a spectral fingerprint.

Atmospheric Transmission (absorption due to water vapor)

The Missile Defense Agency has an early warning missile defense system in development which will use a constellation of low-earth orbit satellites with IR sensors. The program started as the Space-Based Infrared System which was changed to the Space Tracking and Surveillance System after being acquired by the MDA. The following is the original SBIRS proposal:

The SBIRS Low program is expected to consist of about 24 satellites in low earth orbit. The primary purpose of SBIRS-low is tracking ballistic missiles and discriminating between the warheads and other objects, such as decoys, that separate from the missile bodies throughout the middle portion of their flights. It has two major sensors which it must coordinate with an on-board computer:

* a scanning infrared sensor, which is to acquire ballistic missiles in the early stages of flight.
* a tracking infrared sensor, which is to follow missiles, warheads, and other objects such as debris and decoys during the middle and later stages of flight. The tracking sensor will be cooled to very low temperatures.

SBIRS Low's original deployment schedule was 2010, the date when its capabilities are needed by the National Missile Defense System. The first SBIRS Low satellites need to be launched in 2006 if full deployment is to be accomplished by 2010.

My personal belief is the US already has a low-earth orbit constellation of remote-sensing satellites which are imaging our brains in real-time no matter where we are on Earth. A MKULTRA document from 1960 shows that the CIA has been engaged in corresponding research for the "recording, analysis and interpretation of bioelectric signals from the human organism, and activation of human behavior by remote means".

I imagine at this point the Earth is being mirrored as a virtual world (maybe something like a MMORPG), updated with real-world data from a vast array of sources i.e. all intelligence collection activities are merged into this mirror which can be probed and mined for answers. Perhaps Final Judgment is near...iron grip.

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