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Something you must know about the number and the mark of the beast :

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posted on Jul, 31 2004 @ 10:05 AM
It was asked.....

Where does it say anything about the largest city etc.. Is that a paraphrase. I know it help to come to ones conclusions, but with most science its the small facts that make discovery and the small edited one that make us learn nothing

I suppose I was not clear enough...the only way New York is connected with this, is that New York is the largest financial center in the world for buying and selling...surely it would seem that if anyone needs to buy or sell, they must go through New York....Hence...New York comes out to 666 if you equate the numbers with the a=6, b=12, c=18 and then add them up.

so, who knows...maybe New York has a place, but then again...maybe not.
we simply do not know yet.

For all we know...the mark can be the UPC it has 666 encoded on any foodstuff item you purchase in the store.

The first two bars equate to a "6"
The middle two bars equate to a "6"
the end two bars equate to a "6".

posted on Jul, 31 2004 @ 03:25 PM
Here are some things you may not know

Most of the background work has already been done, needed to facilitate =
a quick and smooth transition to a global EFT economy.=20

Reagan has been grossly underestimated by his detractors, consequently =
his efforts have made the New World Order a certainty in our near =
future. While the once vigilant slept in smug complacency, Reagan paved =
the way for the New World Order.=20

Reagan is credited with bringing down the Berlin Wall, and ending the =
Cold War. In fact, Reagan is still held in extremely high regard =
(virtually worshipped) , as the man who ended the likelihood of global =
thermonuclear war. One of the other titles bestowed upon him by his =
followers is The Great Peace Maker.

The same arrogant presumption's of Reagan senility while he was in =
office, also now keeps many asleep, and completely unaware of the danger =
they are in. In fact the Reagan team has exploited this, by now falsely =
claiming, that Reagan really does have Alzheimer's disease. I am certain =
that Reagan laughs about this often. The BEAST is not "gone", he is =
still busy working very effectively in obscurity, safely behind the =

Reagan accomplished most of the background work necessary, to facilitate =
a quick and smooth transition to a Global Government, with a =
standardized cashless EFT economy, and Reagan did so by setting in =
motion, the absorption and restructuring of existing National healthcare =
and retirement programs, which were already in place and by which the =
global numident system, will soon be implemented.=20

Reagan is also responsible for both the creation and implementation of, =
several international treaties and agreements, as well as overseeing =
agencies which have standardized International banking.

Reagan's work in bringing the European Union to fruition, with it's =
standardized Eurodollar, is another of his breakthroughs designed to =
implement a World Government. He paved the way for the New World =
Government, by also doing the following.

Reagan established diplomatic relations with The Vatican, ..... during =
his first term.=20

"By the end of this decade we will live under the first One World =
Government that has ever existed in the society of nations ... a =
government with absolute authority to decide the basic issues of =
survival. One world government is inevitable."=20
- Pope John Paul II

Reagan expanded our Social Security numbers from 9 to 18 digits, .... =
also during his first term.=20

If you don't believe me, look at any post Reagan era Social Security =
card. There you will find the usual 9 digits on the front, and an =
additional 9 'new' digits on the back, printed in red. 9+9=3D18, or 6 + =
6+ 6. Oddly enough I have been unable to find a single reference to =
these numbers in the SSA database, yet there they are.

Reagan also enacted a new Federal law, requiring that all Electronic =
Funds Transfer accounts, debit and credit cards etc., must use your =
Social Security Number as your account number.=20

Another law enacted by the Reagan administration, made it so you may not =
legally have a job or a bank account, without the 18 digit Social =
Security Number. Prior to Reagan this was not the case, and religious =
exemptions existed.


Count the number of letters, in his first, middle, and last name.

1.Reagan's name sums out as 666, merely by counting it.

2. Reagan was mortally wounded, before the eyes of the world, and he =
astonished the world when he survived it.

3. Reagan is credited with ending the cold war, and brining down the =
Berlin Wall, to usher in an era of peace free from the threat of global =
nuclear war.

4. Reagan is also credited with facilitating the formation of the =
European Union, and the establishment of standardized common currency =

5. Reagan dissolved posse comitatus statutes, which once prohibited the =
deployment of the US military to enforce civilian law domestically.

8. Reagan enacted dramatic new Federal Laws, which require our Social =
Security Numident to be our bank account and debit card number.

8. Reagan dissolved religious exceptions from the Social Security =
Numident system.

9. Reagan established diplomatic relations with The VATICAN, and =
essentially dissolved the Constitutional separation of Church and State.

10. Reagan expanded our Social Security Numident numbers to 18 digits, =
to become like his 18 letter name, which is clearly 666. =20

11. Reagan was succeeded immediately by a man having the same power and =
authority, who has a kind and gentle image like a lamb, and yet talks =
like a dragon, and who has also been calling fire down from heaven =
(BOMBS AND MISSILES) the world over.

12. Reagan is virtually worshipped, by a great many people, who still =
vigilantly guard his image, and to this day still refer to him as The =
Great Communicator and The Great Peacemaker.


Though God has not predestined us, He did create the space-time =
continuum. Where God is, there is neither time nor space, and so all of =
time is as a simultaneously occurring event before Him. Therefore He =
knows what we shall do, to ourselves, our world and each other.

The bible makes it clear, that true Christians, not Xians and churchy =
religionists, will go into hiding until the rapture at His second =
coming. When the time is right to drop out and take cover, the wise =
shall know it. The foolish however shall remain and attempt to fight a =
superior power, which shall utterly overwhelm them, as a calf is =
overwhelmed by a charging lion.=20

There is no pre Tribulation rapture


The US Government will soon announce the issuing a NATIONAL ID CARD =
Debit/Credit card combination, which all American citizens will be =
required to carry, and also that our Nation is switching to an =
Electronic Fund Transfer economy, and hard currency will no longer be =
honored. They will claim they have to do this to stop terrorism, and to =
protect our economy from counterfeiting.=20

Your Social Security number is already by Federal Law, your bank =
account, debit card and credit card number, used for all EFT =
transactions. The digits are merely jumbled up to protect your identity. =
This is called substitution cyphering.=20

If you participate in the economy, that is buy or sell anything, under =
the then new cashless EFT system, you will have taken the mark of The =


The war in the Gulf shall begin to greatly expand, as the draft begins =
again. There will of course be many more convenient acts of domestic =
terrorism also, as the entire world's economy begins to shake, in =
warning of impending collapse.

Very soon upon this, a very large meteor shall plunge into the Atlantic =
ocean, causing tsunamis of gigantic proportions, which shall result in =
tremendous damage to several of the world's largest seaports, among them =
New York Harbor.=20

Within 9 months, another large meteor will impact South America, setting =
forest fires throughout the Americas and causing also, a near nuclear =
winter, which shall endure for many weeks.=20

There shall be other impacts as well, and all of these shall be =
preceded, by a great raining of many small meteors the world over, which =
shall ignite many fires, and because they are filled with toxic metals =
shall also pollute much of the worlds fresh water, lakes, rivers and =
streams. Then for a long time after, shall rainwater be unsafe to drink.

These collision events, shall result in the loss of 25% of the earth's =
population, over a period of 1 year.

Then the "Patriot" Act will really begin to show it's teeth, as the =
numbers of those who are forbidden any kind of public transport, =
increases dramatically, and the same shall even be forced also to =
remain, within certain geographic regions.=20

Such shall also have their driving licenses revoked, and suffer also the =
loss of other "privileges", like any sort of work involving medicine, =
nursing etc., piloting aircraft, etc. Such shall be publicly labeled as =
suspect, and a potential threat to society.

Homeland Security will move glaringly into the forefront of everyday =
life at this same time, through the issuing of district boundaries and =
public notifications of restrictions, placed upon citizens of their =

There shall be short lived public protests, and grumbling in the press =
about these measures, although only very briefly. Since such new =
restrictions enacted will be apparently arbitrary, having been issued =
hastily without explanation or justification, finally at last shall many =
realize that things are very out of hand indeed, and more sadly, now =
well beyond their ability to change.

Then immediately, shall begin a brief period lasting for 20 days, which =
shall erupt into civil disorder and rioting in urban centers from coast =
to coast, which shall be squashed very viciously by active duty US =
military. The same being recalled to home, from their engagements in =
South America, with the enacting of Marshall Law here. This in response =
to the global stock market crash, resulting in economic chaos and food =
and water rationing, which shall begin shortly after the impact of the =
first meteor.

Nearly immediately following this 20 day period, shall the public be =
informed that the U S shall recall all cash money. paper currency and =
coin, and a National ID card shall be issued which shall also serve as =
the new National Debit System Card. From this point on, shall all =
transactions be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT), with no =
exceptions what so ever. Trading outside of this system by barter, or =
any other means, will be a Federal offense as a direct violation of anti =
terrorism statutes etc.

From here it is all downhill, and I take no joy in reporting this to you =
either. Those however who with a bit of wise forethought, had before =
these events begin to transpire, dropped out and hid away in wilderness =
areas, shall fare far better, according to the state of their hearts, =
and such as pleases God.

posted on Jul, 31 2004 @ 05:54 PM
The Svastika is actually a Hindu symbol, not Celtic.

Svastika Representing the Sun and it's energy, the svastika usually appears on doors or walls of temples, in red, the colour associated with good fortune and luck. The term derived from the Sanskrit 'svasti' is also repeated in Hindu chants. The arms of the symbol point in the cardinal directions which may reflect the ancient practice of lighting fire sticks in the four directions. When the svastika appears to rotate clockwise it symbolizes positive creative energy of the sun; the anti-clockwise svastika, symbolizing the Autumn/winter sun, is considered unlucky.

posted on Jul, 31 2004 @ 07:53 PM
So who will the next bearer of the beast will be? Bush? Osama?

The only way we know who will bare the 666 is the day it happens and im going to laugh my ass off to see who that person is and how scewed he truly will be come

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 08:45 AM
Revelation 13:16 says people will receive the mark of the beast in the forehand or in the hand.

What this means is, that the forehead represents the mind(Hebrews 10:16). A person will be marked in the forehead by a decision to keep Sunday as a holy day. The hand is a symbol of work(Ecclesiastes 9:10). A peron will be marked in the hand by working on God's holy Sabbath or by going along with Sunday laws for practical reaons (job,family,etc.). The sign, or mark, for either God or the beast will be invisible to people. You will, in essence, mark yourself by accepting either God's sign or mark, the Sabbath. or the beast's mark, Sunday. Though invisible to men, God will know who has which mark(2 Timothy 2:19).

[edit on 2-8-2004 by Ace Rockola]

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 09:15 AM
The "Mark of the Beast" are simply the numerical equivalent of the name NERO the Roman Emporer at the time John was writing on Patmos. This can be easily seen in Latin translations and Greek translations, where the number can be either 666 or 664. For anyone to attribute anything beyond that historical conotation to this passage is misunderstanding history and dogmatics.

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 10:53 AM
There is another possibility for the meaning of "666" which it appears would rather not be considered by most internet users, for obvious reasons. The book of Revelations is the most difficult of all within the Bible to understand, and likely for good reason. It is often the most simple things that elude us, and what follows is truly simple.

VaV =Hebrew and Arabic for the letter "W"

The numeric equivalent in both Hebrew and Arabic for the letter "W" is 6.

Access to the internet comes via the usage of symbology, i.e; WWW

The internet is the invention that marks the onset of the unifying of the 4 corners of the earth.

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 11:13 AM

Originally posted by idontthinkso
i think we all have the mark already...your can hold it in your hand as a card and your forehead is where your immediate memory is...kinda like your ram on your comp...besides...try to buy or sell anything of value without it...good luck...

So, only legal american citizens have the 'mark of the beast' then eh?

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 11:29 AM
Totally agree with ya Ace Rockoloa, the mark isn't a physical thing, its whether you actually do the stuff (like worship the beast) or actually believe the stuff (that means its in your head). The way to avoid the mark? Keep the 4th commandment...

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 08:30 AM
Ive gone over this several times, ill do it again.

The order of things to come:

1. The rapture of the true believers. Millions all over earth will disappear, vanish into thin air, and be taken by christ in his second comming.

Then, the anti christ will show up in the midst of all the chaos. He will be hailed as a messiah. he will unite the globe under one rule, disarm the nations, and sign a peace treaty with israel. Once this pact is signed, the 7 year tribulation begins.

The various judgements occur. the seal judgements, then the trumpet judgements, then the vials. after 3 1/2 years, the anti christ breaks his treaty with israel. he marches into the temple in jerusalem, gets possed by satan, and then the nasty stuff begins.

Then christ comes again at the end of the 7 years, kicks satans ass, and rules the world for 1000 years with all the belivers.

Mind you, im not christian, just raised in the insane church. I do remeber revelations being constantly preached and taught. I think i remeber that book more than any other.

the mark of the beast will be made on the hand or forhead. my belief this would be a barcode or chip. you wont be able to buy, sell, or work without it. and, it will be a concious choice. the SSN is not the mark of the beast, just a precursor to it, since we are given ssn's at birth, thus, no choice in the matter.

I believe some of the revelations, as i tend to study many prophecies in various religions, and they all hold a piece of the puzzle.

Only an insane person would believe a one world govornment is a good thing. Insane or purely evil.

posted on Aug, 4 2004 @ 03:50 AM

Originally posted by Skadi_the_Evil_Elf
Only an insane person would believe a one world govornment is a good thing. Insane or purely evil.

You are probably right, but actually I'm scared that instead of a world gov, we're going to have a world ruled by trusts and multinationale corps. I know understand why Roosevelt was so scared by trusts and made the anti-truts laws.

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