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Something you must know about the number and the mark of the beast :

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posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 06:58 AM
This is it. It's a personal story so there will be no link, in exception if I found something on the web about that. I'll try to be short :

My grand-father from mother was borned in Algeria, in 1924. He's muslims, and was baptised like muslim, I mean circumcized. He was from the kabyle tribe of AMAZIGH, in the Atlas mountains, and received an education with the "pres blancs" (White men, also called Toubabis, in North African dialect), missions monk who was charge to evangelize and give a basic eduction to "savage" from north africa. After what, he was engaged in PTT (actually France-Telecom), to work on the building of telephone lines, in "Metropolitan area" (AKA the France country). He was in France in 1940, when the germans invaded France. He was arrested and when germans saw that he was circumcized, they arrested him.

he was sent to camp, and this is where we will find the mark of the beast.

Germans used to tattoo on prisoners their immatriculation number on the right hand.

This is the mark of the beast, you see...

My grand-father escaped from camps with a group of french resistants. He was in a working camp, and he was lucky because it was only a few time before his transfert to a death camp. He came back in France, and joined the resistance until 1945. He met my grand-mother only after the WWII, gave born to my mother and her brothers and sisters, but it's another story. Actually, he is still alive, at 80 years !

He showed me these numbers...

I tell you this story because we have the obligation to keep the memory of what happened a day.

[Edited on 2-6-2004 by Nans DESMICHELS]

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 07:16 AM

Auschwitz/birkenau KZ :

Primo LEVI was an italian, atheist, from a jewish family deported and survival of Auschwitz.
The life and books of Primo LEVI at :

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 08:00 AM
i remember a woman in our neibourhood that had a number on her hand from auschwitz as she had survived it. I was very young but i remember she was the toughest woman around.
My grandfather survived dachau, he escaped 2 times, made it back to slovenia where he was betrayed by colaborators only to be braught back to dachau. They beat him with a dried bulls penis which is about meter long and by his stories hurts like hell. He was a very though man and a good worker, its the only reason he lived.

just so u know i remember too

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 01:20 AM
Nans...I believe that was the mark of the beast! AND I believe that it will be forced upon mankind again according to the scriptures.

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 01:32 AM
I don't believe that this was the mark, in particular because the Bible says that it will be required in order to buy and sell. Plus it said that the mark would be in the hand or the head.

The tattoo in Auschwitz was purely for bureaucratic reasons. The Nazis wanted to register every 'Jew' and make sure that none of them survived. Obviously they couldn't tell who was Jewish or who was Muslim and so they assumed that every circumcised male was Jewish.

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 02:56 AM
well..I have to post my bit on the mark of the beast. the bible says many things about the mark in Revelation chapter 13...
-it is a man's number....(SS NUMBER)
-it is the Mark of the beast(MARK OF BEAST)
-it will be used for buying and selling largest city in world for buying and selling is....(NEW YORK)
-those who get it will burn with hellfire. (NUCLEAR HELL)
-we are instructed to calculate the number...(COMPUTER)
The last thing we need to figure out this
Take the letter A which is the first letter of the alphabet...multiply it by 6 representing the devils number. Lets assign all the letters in the alphabet 6*the number of the letter in the alphabet.
C=3x6=18 (and so forth...)
z=156 that for all the letters of the alphabet...
we get numbers.
now...I challenge anyone to take the capital letters in parenthesis and add the values together...

COMPUTER= 18+90+78+96+126+120+30+108=666

All these words come up as 666.
well...If anyone would like to take the real challenge....
figure out what Santa Claus comes out to......

If you reverse the order of the Z=6 and A=156...the word INTERNET comes up as 666. not saying that this is the code figured out...but simply to say that the number will take wisdom to figure out.
Perhaps much greater wisdom than this above.

By the the guy who said that most of all the revelation prophecies have already been fulfilled...check your bible again. The current prophecy countdown is on hold between chapters 3 and 4 in revelation.
The word church disappears from the text and is seen no more until later on in the end of the book. Presumably because the church is no longer around (rapture).

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 08:04 AM
I'll give you my views about the mark of the beast.

First, the quote :

13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six.

I think this man is Adolf Hitler himself.

What was the third reich ? A pagan mystical dictatorial regime.

In my view, by reading scriptures, 666 seems to be a sort of state religion, a pagan religion, like naziism was, with a system of signs (svastika, but also some other signs), numbers... With a mythology, but denying religion, and of course the people of GOD, judes.

I had the chance to have an access to some WWII german documents. It's a friend of me who collect book and ancients document who show me these. I read some germans "comics", and also some mystical books. I know a bit german, but my friend helped me a lot in translation. There are more things hides about this period than you will ever imagine.

The naziism doctrine was a mix of buddism (arianism, the manu law), Northern europe civilizations and celts...

There was the svastika, the arain sign, true...
But there was also the triskele, a celtic sign :

666 >> You see, the triskele is composed of three 6 turning on the same axis...

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 04:42 PM
but what about that everyone needed it to purchase goods? what about the 200,000,000 army? the crown of twelve stars? seven year tribulation? perhaps hitler was a potential candidate, but that has come to pass. you need to take into account the entire revelations, not just one segment.

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 09:43 AM
Maybe the story is not finished yet...

The svastika got 4 branchs, the tryskele 3...

Who know ?..

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 11:20 AM

Originally posted by Nans DESMICHELS
Maybe the story is not finished yet...

The svastika got 4 branchs, the tryskele 3...

Who know ?..

i'll make this wordy so it doesn't get tagged as a one liner.....
maybe the yin/yang is next in the series? you need extreme polarisation to split a world apart.
anyone wanna FIGHT ME on that?

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 12:11 PM
Nans, I say a prayer for your father and the Hell he must have went through, On another note, One of the big points about the number is no commerce etc. There was NO economic reasons for this. If there will be a mark, (I think we have the ability to change our future) I do not beleive this is it.


Where does it say anything about the largest city etc.. Is that a paraphrase. I know it help to come to ones conclusions, but with most science its the small facts that make discovery and the small edited one that make us learn nothing

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 12:50 PM
The Mark of the Beast is not at all what you visualize it to be, for many people have misinterpeted the scriptures with there own fears, and it has been handed down through the generations as gospel that it is bad. For know that when the events happen it will turn out much different than you expect. Only those who fear the evil truth shall fear the future.


Mark of the Beast

Magician ai race kaliedoscope space
odd for space
tactician he ever space
being everlasting all sacred technical space

Another thing, the problem with the Jews is that they keep harping in about the holocaust, it is about time they let go of the past if they wish to claim their Greater Overall Destiny. For they bought it on themselves when they rejected Jesus, and the LORD has been trying to teach them a lesson ever since, but trying to get them to listen is like trying to talk to a brick wall, which they do so well. For the temple that GOD was speaking about is not to be made out of bricks and mortar, it was what they had to build in their HEARTS. For this reality is illusional and dynamic and every density you reside in is all about tests and lessons. And I am afraid that most of those of the Jewish Faith have not worked out what there LORD really wanted of them when they recieved the Promised Land which they kept hasseling Moses for over 40 years, for they have forgotten what Moses was trying to really teach them in all thier wanderings. They are just lucky that Jesus asked the LORD to forgive them for what they do to HIM, plus the LORD has compassion for even the most dumbest of people and shall also give mercy to those without honour so long as they surrender unconditionally to HIM. Bloody Lucky for such an undeserving mob of sheep!!


posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 01:40 PM
During my life I saw many people with those number tatoos on their hands, I think the nazis marked them for the same reason we mark cows...

Anyway, jedhihades, so you are actually saying that the Jews denied Jesus, and because of this god decided to murder 6,000,000 of them.
Well, I'm a Jew, and actually I don't believe in god. I don't think god exists, but to be honest, if I actually believed that god exists, I still wouldn't agree to worship and pray to someone as cruel and evil as god turns out to be (considering your statement is true).

There are many tribes in africa for example that worship many gods, pray to statues, etc. In my opinion they sin much more than the Jews have ever sinned, but for some reason god does nothing to them. I'm sure the religious people here have some great and sofisticated explanation to this nad other similar facts, but maybe it's best just to use Occam's Razor in this occasion.

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 01:44 PM

Originally posted by jedhihades
Bloody Lucky for such an undeserving mob of sheep!!


you obviously put your own judgement over the lord's. GOD thinks they are deserving, or IT wouldn't save the flock. no?

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 03:10 AM
true billybob, i feel that as a human, i have no right to project my own judgement onto others. and i just see those unfortunate to the fall will get back up. may those who've been slaughtered in the holocaust, and those who perpatrated it shall find peace.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 12:51 PM

Just think about that :


posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 01:06 PM
I read a article about a new chip a company called MONDEX is developing or developed( cant remember which), which has been speculated to be the mark of the beast.

Has anyone else read that article?

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 01:13 PM
Well i found a link explaining the MONDEX chip.

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 01:45 PM
Yes, I did some research on Mondex about 5 years ago. I had an online newsletter then. One interesting thing about Mondex is it is partially owned by "Mastercard" and the "Windsors". I have to look through my info to find the link.

Here is a bit of info...

Many if not most of MONDEX's original 17 or so financial backers are
from the London banking district belonging to the CLUB OF THE ISLES, a
HOUSE OF WINDSOR banking cartel that has a major choke hold on GLOBAL
economics. Through secretive meetings and strategic alliances these
powerful MASONIC institutions influence world politics, finances,
resources, and even the policies and structure of the UNITED NATIONS.
Their goal is a NEW WORLD ORDER based on one global government, one
global religion, and one global electronic economy.
MONDEX's logo contains 3 interlinked rings, a symbol only found in
occultic MASONIC orders. It's general meaning regards three gods or the
Egyptian/Pagan trinity especially in the Enochian Temple Magick rituals
of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Namely Isis, Osiris, Horus,
but originally in the Bible Ashtoreth, Nimrod, Tammuz/Baal. The Pagan
trinity are three gods manifested in one way whereas the Christian
trinity is one god manifested in three ways. This symbol was also used
by the Grand Lodge of England and the Order of Odd Fellows founded by
NERO in A.D. 55.

Another symbol utilized by MONDEX is the butterfly. This symbol has
numerous mystical meanings but the most prominent is that of capturing
the soul. The Greek word for butterfly and soul is 'psyche'.

"Originally a symbol of imprisonment and slavery, defeat. - The 'golden
chain' (in Latin catena aurea) was thought of in antiquity as linking
heaven and earth" [like the tower of Babel in Babylon] "This is Homer's
'golden chain', which God, according to the poet, ordered suspended from
heaven to earth. - In the symbolism of Freemasonry, the 'fraternal
chain' is the bond between brother Masons...understood as extending
across international borders and encircling the globe. ...the new
initiate, when he 'sees the light', see the brothers 'standing in the
chain'. In this connection, the symbolic chain often appears in the
names of lodges. - The linked rings of the chain signify a powerful and
lasting unity...or that in war...a stronghold has been broken through."
Dictionary of Symbolism - Hans Biedermann pg. 63-64

posted on Jun, 6 2004 @ 01:55 PM
Cocco, do we smell a conspiracy here?

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