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WTC7 phoneboot explosion sound pinned to corner Murray Str-W.Broadway, 2 blocks from WTC7.

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posted on Sep, 17 2013 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by LaBTop

WTC7 in 7 Minutes - 9/11 Explosions not Fire :

Click the below link to start the video just a few seconds before that explosion thunders through the corner of West Broadway and Murray Street where these guys were standing at that phone boot :
If that doesn't work now in this new ATS format, as I checked it didn't, just go to the 1:32 / 7:08 time.
Will this link work here ?

This is the famous YT video with that INS guy in it, desperately trying to keep those firemen, AND THE CAMERA MAN, who wanted to run to WTC 7 after that huge explosion sound, at that phone boot, so they could not see the explosion cloud emanating from WTC 7.
And where exactly it emanated from.
That phoneboot was situated next to the Corner Gourmet at Murray Street with that phone boot to the left of it, see my opening post in this thread.

The one thing that suddenly struck me after hearing this explosion sound again after such a long time, is that in fact it is a DOUBLE thunderclap sound, which is a strong indication of a modern day thermobaric explosion. It doesn't sound or behave like an echo over that short distance.
The first "clap"is the small HE charge inside the TB container holding the chemicals, to form the next gaseous cloud that becomes statically charged by mixed-in other chemicals, which is then exploded by a small second HE charge that ignites the gaseous cloud, and that's the second "clap" you hear.

Someone with the right credentials should investigate this INS guy, and bring him in for some serious interrogation.

He clearly wasn't surprised by that thunderclap sound. He had a wristwatch on his bare underarm, so he knew exactly that that explosion was coming in just a few seconds. According to his body language and behavior.

posted on Sep, 17 2013 @ 03:55 AM
The more I look at that INS guy, the more suspicious he becomes to me.
He clinches to something in his right hand, a black thing with a piece of paper under it, so to see. In his left hand the phone. Then he says this and starts to give the phone to the long fireman :
"Here's one of the guys who can tell you I'm OK, alright? " He hands over the phone to the long fireman and he says to him :
"You want call your mother or something? "
Then the explosion follows.
Then a few moments later the INS guy comes in sight again, he now has the phone in his hands.

That long fireman should be asked if he ever got to hear a voice on that open phone line of that INS guy his 'mother'.... Also find that camera man and interrogate him seriously too, every other cameraman in the world would run to that corner to film what happened....

Several possibilities and scenarios here :

1. He's holding the radio trigger device in his right hand and pushes it. He doesn't had his mother on the phone, as he said, but his demolition team's chief.

2. He's not talking on that phone to his mother but to the demolition chief and in fact tells him that those firemen stumbling around too near to WTC 7 are now all around him including that annoying cameraman, then the chief tells him he's gonna blow the next charge (Thermobaric) to try to break the backbone of that huge 47 stories high steel building, and that the INS guy must keep those men, now gathered around him, at all costs, out of the way to an unobstructed view to WTC 7's lower stories. Then, when his chief hears him saying those next words in the phone, he knows he now can safely push the charge its radio trigger. BAAAH-BAAANG.

3. The second sentence of that INS guy is very suspicious, since he first ask that fireman to explain to his mother to tell her he's alright, and then as a distraction he asks the guy now nearly having the chance to say something or hear something from the person on the other side of the phone line, if he wants to phone HIS mother....
Then, after the directly following blast, he does not seem to bother anymore about his 'mother', PLEASE NOTE, just after she must have heard that huge blast sound through that phone line and must be worried to hell by now, but says only
"Don't worry about me. Need to make calls? "
which last words he asks to those bewildered firemen, (1:56 / 7:08 )

He could have said to not worry about him to his mother, but he doesn't seem to bother to explain to her anything further, which a mother for sure would have asked him after hearing such huge explosion.
His demolition chief of course only wants to hear if those fireman were not running to that corner, so that's why he asks with the phone still in his hands, if they need to make calls.

4. He and the cameraman were part of the ongoing cover-up. And the clean-up / round-up of all nosy persons hanging around too near WTC 7. So nobody could film or witness what happened on the lower floors of WTC 7, when they finally delivered the coup de grace blow to it at five thirty in the afternoon.

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