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secret projects..Are these scientifically possible

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posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 10:36 PM
You know how "onstar" for cars can remotely click open the lock doors?

Do you think its possible for secret gov't project to send signals(wave lengths) through the air so they can mess with our brain chemical and hormone levels and influence our nervwous systems? For instance make some body psychotic, or make them see and hear things.(effecting visual, hearing, senses...etc) One psychiatrist told me that when sane people are put in a strong magnetic field that they could become psychotic. I fear that gov't have learned how to put out magnetic waves among other things (I am not scientific, but I hope you understand what I mean)

Second, is it possible to take pictures or listen to you remotely without implementing special devices around you? When thinking about cellular phones and what they can do, I think that might be feasible.

I haven't looked around the site yet so I don't know if this had been discussed.

I have experienced something horrible and something strange in less than two years ago. I am still suffering from it. Before I go in detail I would like to know if aboves are possible. Hope I don't come across as too crazy or paranoid. I need scientific input. Thank you.

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 10:38 PM
How many forums are you going to post this in?

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 10:41 PM
I am starting to think that this whole site is a joke. Im not even going to try anymore, considering the fact that i just started under this name. Ahhhhhh, your all either little kids, or adults that have no backround in science, and are therefore DUMB.

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 10:43 PM
In a word, YES

That is why you need the AFDB

(the above was a purely facetious answer)

I don't think that EM waves can interact with brain function in the way you describe.

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 10:46 PM
Yea, whats with the tinfoil hats..........someone kept telling me this crap when my name was " MINION" sound familiar?...does to me

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 08:12 PM
Nobody out there knows about what I am talking about? I did not see any post related to my topic, yet.

Two scenarios
It is either I am truely crazy or what I said could be possible.
If I am crazy, then I don't feel so bad , but if what I said is possible, then what an horror for the humanity. I believed in God before all these happened me, but now I am confused.

What's happening to me must be top top security. There are so many mean, viciously mean strange things happening around me. I have not revealed yet the depth of viciousness of what has and have happened to me. I am not trying to spread propaganda....I am just worried for the future, and I want to warn people but I don't know how without being ridiculed like this.

I am being perfectly set up so that nobody will believe me.

But they did tried to stop my tape player. They messed with electronics in my house remotely. This is nothing compared to sinister things they did to me. Whose they? I don't know, all I can say its gov't and military.

Is there nobody who will take me seriously here.

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 09:09 PM
People don't suffer any Ill effect from MRI machines, They also do studies on small animals, insects rather, spiders and the such in high magnetic fields. Magnetic fields high enough that the insects them self become magnetized and levitate.
newer cell phones technically can track you and can be acctivated without your knowledge, but it is very improbable. I don't know of it ever being done. Any EMP sent out would disturb all electronics around you.
My experiance the tinfoil hats DO NOT work, unless it is acctual tinfoil and not alluminum foil. You have to hang metal clothe hangers (non painted) from your ceiling, and make sure to have jars of pennies along the headboard of your bed for added security.

Do you live near high voltage power lines? or live in an old house?

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 09:14 PM

Originally posted by ENCINO MAN
I am starting to think that this whole site is a joke. Im not even going to try anymore, considering the fact that i just started under this name. Ahhhhhh, your all either little kids, or adults that have no backround in science, and are therefore DUMB.

Your entitled to your opinion - No matter how wrong you are.

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 09:36 PM
well opening doors on a car can be done with almost every security system....some can even start the cars...start the all the the the doors and swing open....turn on the lights...everything and onstar can only open doors lol...well magnetic fields cant hurt you...we live in a magnetic field just sitting in front of our computer so what makes you think a little bit more is going to hurt us

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 09:40 PM

Originally posted by ENCINO MAN
I am starting to think that this whole site is a joke. Im not even going to try anymore, considering the fact that i just started under this name. Ahhhhhh, your all either little kids, or adults that have no backround in science, and are therefore DUMB.

No one is forcing you to stay, leave if you wish.

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 09:42 PM
I don't believe in tinfoil hat
I also don't believe in
1)time traveling
2)bermuda triangle
among many other things I have not experienced.
But I believe in what I experienced in flesh.

And what I experienced and experiencing is real.

I have a full normal life, I don't go around being paranoid and in fear anymore although it is still happening.


well, I don't know much about science and I don't know how they are doing it.
I am talking about severe very strong magnetic wave. but that's not important Not television, mri. plus satellite surveillance...

also believe that gov't trolls are working on site like this too.

[Edited on 2-6-2004 by guinnypig]

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 10:05 PM
quote: Originally posted by guinnypig
what I experienced and experiencing is real.

out with it, the suspence is killing me

[Edited on 2-6-2004 by deadcatsrule]

[Edited on 2-6-2004 by deadcatsrule]

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 12:03 AM
I can't start from the beginning right now because it is too overwhelming to put into words that does not sound crazy. Plus English is not my first language. Beginning was horrible, total nightmare. I don't know how to describe it. But I will briefly say little bit. I don't know how to say scientifically, I mean logically. Its like they can make your skin itch all over your body. Somehow they take imprints of physiological changes in your body area and memorize it like computer, like taking pictures but taking pictures of what's happening under the skin.
and apply to different parts of the body, MAKING the new target area to have the same original physiological state. imagine how torturing that would be, just think what they have done in the IRaq prison, sadistic torture and crazyness of it. They have done worst things to me as their guinea pig. for now, I leave it to your imagination. . I hope I am not wasting my time here, nor your time, making people think that this is just the crazy posting from crazy person. You are genuinely reading the post of top secret gov't human guinny pig in this age.(no matter how feeble this may sound), but I own't blame you if you don't take me seriously. I would not have taken somebody like me seriously in the past too.

Isn't there anybody here who have like doctor degree in physic? Who does not think what I am saying is too crazy or too far fetched? It is both amazing and frightening what I know and experiencing. I just hope that God of justice is really there and these evildoers to go to hell.

I read my own post several time, it sounds so crazy, but it is all true. I hope I am not doing this in futile, vain.

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 10:16 AM

I'm still a little lost as to what your ill experience is? Sorry, but could you elaborate a little more?

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 12:46 PM
I have posted in nwo board..the thread started by el--tempo? it would not make sense either there,,God help me. I am a bad story teller, and the story itself is too bizaare. anyway, thanks for being polite

posted on Jun, 11 2004 @ 01:46 PM
It is all to obvious the government tampers with out "freedom of speech" by deploying various standards against us in secrecy.

posted on Jun, 11 2004 @ 07:00 PM
I have a degree in physics, research experience, and a little more than basic biology and chemistry.

However I think you need someone into psychology most likely.

There are mental disorders that cause reality to not make sense and you to experience things that ARE real, but only to you.

I know everything happening seems real, but if everyday people seem to be "in on it" or you are being "attacked" then you probably need some for of medication.

As for your main questions, yes it is possible to effect your brain with EM radiation. However is there any good reason any conspiracy would include making your life unpleseant.

Chances are you just need some meds.

posted on Jun, 12 2004 @ 10:17 PM
I truely wish that I was the only one mad and that medication will take care of everything.

I am tired of convincing people they increased their level of torturing me. I should be afraid of them and stop posting about them.

us gov't is truely evil. they would do evil things if they can get away with it. like what they did at iraq prisons..and what they are doing to

let's just wait and see what happens in the near or far future....

posted on Jun, 12 2004 @ 11:02 PM
Wow, you really really need to try to see a psychologist. First, how do you know the U.S. government is the culprit? Second, read what you have typed from our perspective, to us it sounds as if you are schizophrenic (a psychotic disorder characterized by loss of contact with the environment, by noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life, and by disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feeling, thought (as in hallucinations and delusions), and conduct -- called also dementia praecox). If you are not a "troll," you have my sympathy, and I hope that you find help/peace -- good luck.

I am starting to think that this whole site is a joke. Im not even going to try anymore, considering the fact that i just started under this name. Ahhhhhh, your all either little kids, or adults that have no backround in science, and are therefore DUMB.

This seems to be a more recent problem, i've noticed a lot of either young people/non-english speaking people/just plain idiots or trolls posting lately.


posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 10:27 PM
To listen to you remotely simply requires a Laser bug...they beam the laser on your window...and the vibrations of sound vibrates the window...and then the window modulates the laser...and that signal is processed to demodulate it and extract the audio. It is also possible to use a laser to do this that is not in the visible light spectrum, hence...impossible to detect unless you have infrared sensors setup.

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