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Hangar One

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posted on Mar, 19 2010 @ 10:10 AM
Hangar One Restoration Plans
Good news for the campaign to restore the legendary Hangar One as US Navy & NASA have now agreed in principle to re-cover the hangars toxic covering with a new teflon/ fiberglass fabric.
Such an undertaking for the huge hangar (1130 ft long x 310 ft wide x 200 ft tall) is due to begin in December this year. The hope is that the new covering can be put on at the same time the old toxic covering is removed, thus saving construction costs.
The only problem though is the cost which is estimated to be a minimum of $25 million and at present there are no funds. NASA is also said to be thinking about private funding for project, which could be a way forward.
Hangar One began operations in 1933, with its primary use to house the huge USS Macon airship.
In later days it was used as an aircraft hangar and was even considered for use as a space museum at one point
The save Hangar One committee have even compared Hangar One to the Colossus of Rhodes.
I don t know about those comparisons, but I am all for restoration of such an historical monument.

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